Britney Spees – Going Further Together

Posted by on Friday, September 4th, 2015

Britney Spees had always been a hard worker and was confident that, by utilizing her hard earned skills, she could accomplish anything that was set in front of her. As her career developed, she discovered that she truly enjoyed helping others succeed as well. She thrived on building relationships with coworkers and clients in order to determine what best fit their needs. After several years out of the workforce, Britney learned of a unique opportunity to start her own business. ... Continue Reading


Jennifer Wall – Channeling Passions to Pursue Educational Dreams

Posted by on Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015

Whether standing in front of a classroom teaching young children to read, sharing a fun fact she’d learned with a friend, or expanding her own knowledge reading a book, Jennifer Wall has always been extremely passionate about education. And after years of teaching, it felt like she had it all—a job she loved, a happy marriage, and a baby on the way. But her perspective shifted after the birth of her daughter, when she realized she didn’t have the flexibility ... Continue Reading


Priscilla Romero – Building Businesses as Her Means to Help

Posted by on Monday, August 31st, 2015

Surrounded by cardboard boxes and piles of clothes—stacked and strewn haphazardly across her bedroom—Priscilla Romero idly tossed a blazer into one box, musing on her upcoming college experience. What classes should she sign up for? Which ones would equip her to help the world the most? There were still goodbyes to be said, books to be purchased, and boxes to be moved, but despite the many uncertainties that awaited her, she did know one thing for certain: one day she ... Continue Reading


Sarah LeBlanc – Learning to Re-Apply Her Teaching Talents

Posted by on Friday, August 28th, 2015

Once a booming metropolitan region at the onset of the 20th century, Detroit has since been through some difficult times. Yet, the spirit of its residents has remained loyal, and city pride has kept Detroit a center for business, culture, finance, and transportation throughout its rehabilitation. As a resident of the Motor City, Sarah LeBlanc developed a deep connection to Detroit, relating to its struggles, and finding parallels in her own life as she channeled that characteristic Detroit determination to ... Continue Reading


Anna Perry – Embracing a New Challenge and Rediscovering Herself Along the Way

Posted by on Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

One January morning in 2014, Anna Perry awoke well before her alarm and, like a child on Christmas morning, nearly sprang out of bed with excitement. She was feeling giddy as she welcomed the day with youthful anticipation. Two days earlier, she and her husband had spontaneously planned a ski trip to North Carolina to surprise their children—it would be their fist time on the slopes and she was eager to teach them how to ski. The trip, however, was ... Continue Reading


Lesley Schmeckenbecher – Choosing to Change Her Route

Posted by on Monday, August 24th, 2015

Lesley Schmeckenbecher had always envisioned that one day she would have a family. She imagined raising her children to be strong, independent individuals—and she hoped she would be able to set a good example. Her goal was to teach them that they could achieve anything they wanted, as long as they worked hard. However, the life she’d pictured for herself seemed to fade as the years passed. Rather than progressing, Lesley felt like she was taking steps backward. She didn’t ... Continue Reading


Kim Harper – Making Things Happen

Posted by on Friday, August 21st, 2015

When an artist initially envisions a piece, they may have a clear mental picture of the finished product. Throughout the process, however, as the artist is both inspired and influenced, the design often changes and adapts. Nevertheless, they maintain control of every color chosen and each brush stroke that glides across the canvas—ultimately creating an intentional work of art. Kim Harper envisions her life as a painting and yet, for years, she felt that she wasn’t holding the paintbrush. It ... Continue Reading


Kittye Mason – Giving Her All and Making It Happen

Posted by on Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

Kittye Mason never liked when her mother left for work—but she loved hearing about what she did while she was gone. Growing up in Mississippi, Kittye admired her mother’s work as a nurse and longed to one day put on a pair of scrubs herself. She could feel how passionate her mother was about her work and hear the fulfillment in her voice when she spoke of her career. Inspired and determined to achieve that for herself, Kittye chose to ... Continue Reading


Kristy Jeansonne – The Freedom to Serve

Posted by on Monday, August 17th, 2015

Hearing her text message tone, Kristy Jeansonne reached for her phone, hoping for good news—and she was not disappointed. She smiled to herself as she read the words of gratitude and excitement from a teammate who, with Kristy’s encouragement, had achieved a major milestone in her business. Helping others has always been Kristy’s driving force. Whether volunteering with local organizations at her church or for events at her children’s school, she’d devoted the previous ten years of her life to ... Continue Reading


Melissa Darnell – An Intentional Change for a Higher Quality of Life

Posted by on Friday, August 14th, 2015

A blur of business suits and briefcases rushed past in both directions. The street was clogged with crowds heading to their offices in the towering glass buildings that make up that ever-recognizable New York City skyline. Hands flailing in the air, hailing taxis. The foul smell of exhaust and the honking of car horns would be overwhelming to anyone unaccustomed to the fast-paced city life—it was sensory overload at its finest. But for Melissa Darnell, it was just another day. ... Continue Reading