Dianne DeLongchamps – Destined to Pursue Her Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

Posted by on Friday, October 9th, 2015

While searching for a job post-graduation, Dianne DeLongchamps was presented with an opportunity to work with a forward-thinking entrepreneur who had started a computer company out of his garage in Texas. Unfamiliar with the industry, and unsure if she had the knowledge or skills to be successful, she politely declined. Several of her friends, who had said, “yes” to the opportunity, went on to build successful careers and extraordinary futures with this startup that grew to be a global company. Twenty ... Continue Reading


Chris Denton – The Freedom to Fulfill Professional Aspirations

Posted by on Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

They were stuck in Guatemala. They had only expected to be there a month—two at the most. But Chris Denton and her husband, Shaun, were caught up in a complicated adoption process that drew out their visit into a two-year stay. As the situation transformed into something they’d neither prepared for nor expected, they both made the difficult decision to resign from their corporate jobs in order to personally facilitate the adoption process. They eventually returned to the states and ... Continue Reading


Lisa Hill Smith – Never Give Up or Give In

Posted by on Monday, October 5th, 2015

It had been five years and, despite her progress, Lisa Hill Smith still didn’t feel like she was where she ought to be. As she continued to build her business, it always seemed as though everyone was a few steps ahead of her, but she reminded herself to avoid comparing her own journey to those of others. When her efforts began to yield results, she finally felt successful and, as she looked back on the road she’d traveled to conquer ... Continue Reading


Kris Heithoff – Success Lies in Personal Growth

Posted by on Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

As the scope entered the patient’s mouth, an image appeared on the screen. Kris Heithoff wasn’t squeamish about observing a surgical procedure. In fact, she was fascinated that such a tiny camera could display the inside of a stomach so clearly. Kris had been excited to accompany her uncle, a sales representative in the medical field, on one of his office appointments. However, she hadn’t anticipated that it would influence her future. But that day, Kris realized how captivating she ... Continue Reading


Shawn Alexander – Gaining Control and Taking Charge

Posted by on Monday, September 28th, 2015

A single mother working to put herself through dental school, Shawn Alexander was both exceptionally busy and stressed, and her future was uncertain. Yet, she wasn’t about to let adversity hold her back; she was determined to make it through this difficult and financially trying time. Although Shawn maintained high spirits, there were moments when it all seemed too much, and she wondered how she’d pay for the coming week’s groceries, or whether she could afford the mortgage. But she ... Continue Reading


Lane Koch – Turning Someday into Today

Posted by on Friday, September 25th, 2015

Campaign operatives rushed around hurriedly. Votes were tallied as the excitement rose steadily. Entering the banquet hall with her father, Lane Koch immediately felt the energy in the room. Her parents had always been civically involved, but it wasn’t until she attended this particular election watch party that she began to think a career in politics might be rewarding. She ultimately pursued that path and realized she’d found something she loved. But when it became difficult to find a balance ... Continue Reading


Anastasia Paras – Cherishing the Uniqueness of Your Journey

Posted by on Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015

It wasn’t easy, especially with the sun beating down on her so strongly, but she pushed forward, using her legs to pedal harder and faster. Once she arrived in Los Angeles—having completed a seven-day, 600-mile charity bike ride from San Francisco—Anastasia Paras was confident that she could take on any challenge she set her mind to, no matter how big or daunting it seemed. From then on, Anastasia accepted every new phase of life with open arms and greeted obstacles ... Continue Reading


Staci Haire – A Passion for Others and a Desire to Help

Posted by on Monday, September 21st, 2015

Ever since she was young, Staci Haire was positive she didn’t want to be a teacher. While she admired her mother’s decision to teach, she was determined to find her own career path. Her passions didn’t lead her far from education, however. Over the years, she became increasingly aware of the fact that not everyone’s family could provide a stable upbringing like the one she’d been lucky enough to have. This realization instilled in her a desire to help children ... Continue Reading


Lorraine Holland – Finding the Freedom to Pursue Success

Posted by on Friday, September 18th, 2015

Lorraine Holland loved setting the bar high and working hard to accomplish her goals. Whether it was landing a promotion or helping to launch a new marketing campaign, she consistently pushed herself to achieve and grow. But after leaving her job, she struggled to find another outlet by which to direct her ambition. She felt frustrated with her situation—until she discovered an entrepreneurial endeavor that would allow her to work from home and achieve the type of professional fulfillment she’d ... Continue Reading


Marnie Clark – The Unlimited Potential of Fulfillment and Purpose

Posted by on Wednesday, September 16th, 2015

Sitting at a stoplight, Marnie Clark looked on as an excess of cars rushed across the intersection, not unlike the ideas that were racing through her mind. A flurry of business concepts spun around in her head, as she daydreamed about alternate career paths. It wasn’t that she disliked her work, but her job had become nothing more than a means to a paycheck, and she wondered what else was out there. Unfortunately, she lacked the resources to take on ... Continue Reading