10 Tips and Tricks for Rodan + Fields Consultants

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Tuesday, September 4th, 2018

When you’re working diligently as a business owner, connecting with others every day, attending events, and making every effort to pursue your goals, it can be difficult to imagine new ways of improving your process. That’s one reason the Rodan + Fields community is so beneficial. We share our tips and tricks in an effort to raise each other up, lock arms, and match efforts across the nation.

If you’re looking for a practical action item to add to your business practices as a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant, give one of the following ideas a try.


Lindsay Ratcliffe with Team Illuminate on a retreat  February 2018.

Tip #1: Attend weekly training calls

“Use the training resources provided for us. Still, to this day, I never miss a training call on Sunday night! It’s a weekly revival for my business that completely rejuvenates me.”

-Kelli Chunn

Tip #2: Keep things in perspective

“If you need a confidence boost for sharing this opportunity, remember that our product is something everybody uses. I always tell my team that. Everybody washes their face — they might as well use what you sell.”

-Janey Reichardt

Tip #3: Know who you’re calling today

“Use your waiting time wisely. Every single day I leave my house with a post-it note with 3 or 4 names on it — those are the people I reach out to whenever I had a spare moment. I wrote follow-up messages sitting at the doctor’s office. I spent my long drives working my business, listening to training calls, and absorbing everything I could.”

-Cristina DiMarzio


Missy van Putten and Team True celebrating success and friendships at a team retreat in Charleston.

Tip #4: Set healthy boundaries

“In the past, I was very random about my business and worked with no rhyme or reason. I didn’t have a schedule every day. But I have recently really tried to block out time during my day that is specific to Rodan + Fields business. I don’t work on my recruiting business. I don’t wash the dishes. I don’t tell my kids to get off the Xbox. I think what’s changing for me is setting and adhering to those office hours.”

-Missy Van Putten

Tip #5: Plan for the week ahead

“It makes sense for me to make an outline plan for my day, and to work my business from a numbers perspective. Let’s just say I want to reach out to 150 people a week — if I’m working Monday through Friday, then that means reaching out to 30 people who are interested in the business each day. Then I set my schedule for setting up reach outs. Figure out your numbers and then work backward to determine what you need to do today. For me, this system works better than just being willy-nilly and saying I’ll work when I have time.”

-Molly Mosher

Tip #6: Stay excited

“Always present your business and our products in a very positive way. Don’t let the fear of what other people might think hold you back. If you knock on the proverbial doors every single day with the same enthusiasm you had in the beginning, I truly believe you’ll have better success.”

-Elizabeth Gisclair


Kirsten Schubbe, Rachel Reichardt, Sara Hanson, and Janey Reichardt at Convention 2018 in Las Vegas.

Tip #7: Take your time

“While having a big dream is great, you really don’t have to have a big intention when you start this business. When I started, I really had no idea my business would ever grow to what it is today! Just put your head down and do the work. You can always figure out your journey along the way.”

-Melody Adams

Tip #8: Find your tribe

“I love working with people who are hungry like I am. Together we discuss the honest truth about what it takes to succeed in business — because it’s not always easy. I just love that I’m able to be real with my team members. It’s really cool to find like-minded hustlers who really want this and who see Rodan + Fields as their vehicle to get them where they want to go.”

-Wendy Grimm

Tip #9: Develop a partnership

“Find a power partner! I have a couple of power partners who have been incredibly helpful to me in business and in life. My best friend Jackie and I started this thing together not knowing what we were doing, and we’ve come a long way. Another power partner of mine is Blair Donovan — our businesses are very much in a similar place right now, and we collaborate a lot around strategy and growth. She walked side by side with me through my Lexus run and was a phenomenal support and a huge motivator for me.”

-Lindsay Ratcliffe

Tip #10: Try, try again

“I went through a lot of life changes during my business journey, and those experiences actually encouraged me to circle back to people who said ‘no’ to Rodan + Fields in the beginning. My circumstances drastically changed since I first reached out to them. Maybe theirs have too!”

-Kristin Gummer


Wendy and her team at the 2017 buildOn fundraiser in Wrightsville Beach, NC.


One of these tips and tricks may be the difference between where you are and where you want to be as a business owner — so go ahead and give them a try this week as you go into your business-building activities. With a supportive community of Independent Consultants who are willing to share their pathways to success, being an entrepreneur becomes that much easier.

Have tips of your own to share? Sound off in the comments below so that other Redefine Your Future readers can benefit from your experience!


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