5 Ways to Grow Your Rodan + Fields Business

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Tuesday, September 4th, 2018

Looking for ways to grow your Rodan + Fields business? Whether you’re in your first month as an R+F Independent Consultant or you’re an experienced leader, we all can learn from the challenges and successes of others in the greater R+F community. Below we’re sharing five ways R+F Leaders have successfully met their goals in this business, in hopes that their tips will help you get organized, narrow your focus, and stay on track toward growth.


#1: Practice self-discipline

Setting boundaries to guide your life and your business is one crucial way to make sure you balance your time appropriately. This change takes a healthy dose of self-discipline — but Kelli Chunn explains an easy way to get it done:

“Working from home, you have to be a little bit more disciplined — which will keep people from assuming you are a lady of leisure, with unlimited free time to do whatever they’d like you to do! When I first came home I set up an office space and I set my working hours. I’m now pretty efficient with my personal business.”

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Kelli and the Team SMILE family at her Lexus Celebration.


#2: Set a schedule

In a similar vein, it’s much easier to achieve your daily goals when you find a schedule that works for you, your business, and your family. Molly Mosher learned firsthand how to choose the schedule that works best for her personality:

“Know yourself really well, and figure out how you can be most successful and productive. For some people, fitting business into the nooks and crannies works. For me, it makes sense to try to work a scheduled amount of time each week, and if I can’t make that work then I piece it together. You have to know yourself as an individual. Consider when you’ve been really successful in the past, and how that looked. How did you structure your work time during that period? Model your R+F schedule after that. It’s just about figuring out what works best for you.”

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Molly spending time with her biggest ‘why’ — her family.


#3: Own your new identity

Being a business owner is a fantastic line to add to your resume — but Elizabeth Gisclair encourages her team members to display that identity loud and proud in their daily lives as well. She affirms you can grow your business through presenting yourself as an entrepreneur first:

“No matter what else you’re doing with your life, put entrepreneurship at the forefront whenever you present yourself. You’re not just a stay-at-home mom and I’m not just a nurse practitioner. We are business owners first. I think that’s more intriguing to people and it shines a light on you as a successful and confident person. You’ve won more than half the battle right there. Once you’ve owned your identity as an entrepreneur, just follow the Rodan + Fields roadmap. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel — just continue with the tried and true methods of this business.”

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Elizabeth and some of her fellow business partners hosting a GoNaked Biz Opp. — June 21, 2018.


#4: Stay consistent

Owning your own business involves many daily tasks, consistently done. You’ve got to put in the work, and many Rodan + Fields Independent Consultants swear by putting in the same small efforts consistently over the course of months or years. As business owners, we’re playing the long game — and Hannah Williams explains how she stays motivated:

“I definitely think you can gain momentum by staying consistent with your business. Even in the hard times, even when you’re traveling, even when summer comes — just keep reminding yourself of your long-term goal. The little things you do every day can add up to big things in the end! It’s also important to stay excited about this opportunity and to continually remind yourself why you’re working hard. Don’t lose sight of why you’re doing this — whether it’s for you, your family, other people, or all of the above.”

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Rodan + Fields Consultant - Hannah Williams at Convention

Hanna enjoying her time at Convention 2017.


#5: Get clear on your “why”

Once you’ve got a handle on your work schedule, your identity, and your long-term goals, it’s time to take your business to the next level. Often, this kind of achievement comes from a shift in perspective. Kristen Ludwig explains how she reframes her daily work with Rodan + Fields:

“Thinking back on what has helped me achieve success as an Independent Consultant, it’s hunger and heart. If you’ve got the hunger and the drive, you’re going to make this business a priority and you’re going to work hard toward making success happen. It’s all about what you prioritize. But the most important thing is putting your heart into this business. You must have the heart to help and serve others. You’re helping people with their skin, and more than that, you’re helping empower people to become entrepreneurs. Hunger and heart is truly what this business boils down to.”

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Rodan + Fields Consultant - Kristen Ludwig & Lexus

Kristen Ludwig and her hard-earned Lexus.



One of these strategies may be exactly what you need to help your Rodan + Fields business achieve the growth you’ve been dreaming of. As an Independent Consultant, you have total control over how hard you work and where you’re headed — so take stock, set a new goal, and implement some of these tips to help achieve your dreams.


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