Adrienne Whatley – Regaining the Time and Freedom to Focus on Others
Friday, December 26, 2014

After six years in the banking industry, Adrienne Whatley was frustrated that she had no free time. When she had her first child in 2008, she decided to leave her job and stay home. For the next four years, she looked for a professional opportunity that would allow her to work from home. “I could never find anything that had the brand recognition I was looking for and I didn’t see others having much success with any of the opportunities I had come across.”

In the meantime, Adrienne got involved in her community by volunteering and devoting herself to children’s ministry to keep herself active. In 2012, Adrienne’s sister called her and told her she had found a business opportunity with Rodan + Fields® that she thought Adrienne should seriously consider.


Adrienne is grateful for the time freedom she now has to devote more of herself to others.

She had recently given birth to her second child and was hesitant to jump in. She turned down the opportunity several times, concerned about already balancing two kids and volunteer work. “I didn’t see myself having the time to start a business. I knew the time requirements involved with owning a business, on top of the fact that most businesses suffer a loss in the first two years. I thought it would take forever to be successful.”

For two months, Adrienne researched the Company and eventually saw the business potential her sister had seen. She decided to enroll as an Independent Consultant. “Once I was involved, I was so mad at myself for not jumping in sooner!”

Adrienne loved that she could work her business online and that it allowed her to be mobile. “I couldn’t have imagined how incredible it would be to have a business I could take anywhere I went. I could fit it into the nooks and crannies of my life.”


Adrienne loves that she can create her own schedule and can now spend more quality time with her family.

In the beginning, Adrienne anticipated that she would do well, but only on a small scale. However, within six months of building her business, she achieved Level V status. She is amazed by the customer base and team she has built, which has expanded into 29 states. “It just goes to show that you really get out what you put into this business. I love having the opportunity to show the power of determination and hard work.”

When Adrienne started her business, her husband, a 20 year seasoned locomotive Engineer for a Fortune 500 Company, was on a leave from work due to an injury on the job…and would not return. “It has been an unbelievable blessing to see what I have been able to do for my family; I never dreamed it was possible. Every day I can drop my little girl off at school and am there when she gets home. My family is together, and we don’t have to answer to a boss or request time off if we want to go somewhere. We never had that with our corporate jobs. The complete change in our family’s life is incredible.”


Adrienne is so proud of her team and the effort they put in to earn a Lexus.

Adrienne is honored to be connected to a brand that produces such effective products. “I am amazed by the Doctors’ generosity. You don’t find companies that are so concerned with everyone’s success the way R+F is. There is so much support within this community, and everyone is willing to help each other reach their goals, whether they are on your direct team or not.”

Having suffered from cystic acne herself, Adrienne knows how incredible it feels to find a product that works. “I know there is always someone out there who can benefit from what I have to share, whether with the products or the business opportunity, and that gives me the motivation to keep going. I love what I do and what it does for me. It makes me happy. How could I ever walk away from something that has so positively changed my life and given me the chance to take back my time so I can do what’s important to me?”

Her business has also helped Adrienne give back and focus more on others. “When I had a job, I used to think, ‘What can it do for me?’ I think that’s natural because we are always thinking about our own life and our family’s well-being. R+F enabled me to see that it’s really about others.” Before this, Adrienne had never been involved in a work environment where her success was directly connected to the success of others. “When you are able to help others, you see how that is the true meaning of life. I feel so fulfilled at the end of each day because I have, in some way, helped hundreds of people attain better skin and more.”


Adrienne and her husband.

Adrienne’s goals are now largely focused on helping others achieve their goals. The team culture inspires her to keep building and sharing. She is just as excited about their journeys as she is about her own. “To see others experience success is so powerful and to have been a part of it is very meaningful to me.”

Adrienne has learned that there will always be ups and downs, but it’s continuing on the journey that counts. “Often, when we look at others’ success, we think we couldn’t achieve what they have. Yet, at the end of the day, what you put in, you get out. You have to believe in yourself because if you think, ‘I can’t,’ then you won’t. But, if you keep working and start fresh each day, never letting yesterday affect today, over time all the little milestones you reach turn into that big goal you set out to achieve.”

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6 responses to “Adrienne Whatley – Regaining the Time and Freedom to Focus on Others”

  1. Mary Ann Benedetti says:

    LOVE! Hugs

  2. Cassandra Fontaine says:

    Ahhhh, I love you, Adrienne! You’re such an amazing leader!! A true inspiration!! You and your entire family, feel like family. I’m so blessed to be a small part of your world! I thank God you said, “YES!”

  3. Susan King says:

    I can’t wait to meet you on the 14th of July in Hattiesburg.

  4. Desiree Beech says:

    Love you Adrienne

  5. Natalee Long says:

    I had the privilege to listen to you speak in a Kingsport, TN last night (10/26/17 – Team Willis) about the successes of the Rodan & Fields business, as well as your own personal successes, as a result of putting your faith in the Lord to make this brand your own! It was amazing to hear what you have achieved through this unique business, as well as inspiring and heartbreaking to see where you had to build yourself up from. I am an individual interested in the business and came to listen to what you had to say that would determine whether or not I would take the plunge. To be honest, I’m scared and nervous, but now I know, like so many others and yourself, that I’m not alone in those initial and skeptical feelings about R&F. I want to be successful and join the business in helping others, whether it be just the skin care side or creating their own empire. Thank you for sharing your story and I will be leaning it on it often to keep me motivated to be successful throughout the business’ journey!

  6. […] thankful for all of her achievements, she doesn’t let them distract from her work. “My mentor, Adrienne Whatley, would tell me, ‘Nikki, you have accomplished this achievement, and you didn’t even know it!’ […]

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