Alex Agosta – Broadway to Businesswoman
Thursday, February 1, 2018

As a native New Yorker with an all-consuming Broadway career, Alex Agosta was living her dream life. “My passion is, always has been, and always will be theatre. I started my career in PR and I never thought I wanted to do theatre professionally, but once I had a boring 9-to-5 job I really missed being in a show!” When Alex took an internship in company management, she transitioned beautifully into a career managing Broadway shows. It was fulfilling, challenging, and exhausting all at the same time.

“I loved being in the theatre industry, being part of the show, and participating in the close-knit community. What I didn’t love was working nights, weekends, holidays, and everything in between. I questioned if that schedule was sustainable. But I kept going because I had worked hard to get there, I was making good money, and this job fulfilled the part of me that wanted to be involved in Broadway.” When Alex’s daughter Annabelle was born, the questioning voice grew louder, and she was finally forced to consider making a change.

R+F Consultant Alex Agosta headshot

Living the life

Alex wanted to spend more time with her baby, but struggled to find an alternative option. “I was not willing to move from the city, even though that would have lowered our expenses a lot. I grew up in Manhattan. It’s a part of my identity, and I’m so proud to be from New York City. I needed to make more money, but didn’t want to work nearly as much. I really didn’t know what to do.” When she saw Lore Cardella posting on Facebook about her Rodan + Fields business, she was immediately interested.

“I reached out to ask Lore about R+F, even though I didn’t have sales experience or a passion for skincare. Initially I decided the business wasn’t for me. I thought about enrolling for eight long months, and really began to consider it once the bills started rolling in. Ultimately we didn’t know where that money was going to come from — Rodan + Fields then became our first plan.” Alex called her friend and signed up as an Independent Consultant in November 2012, with the hope of supplementing her theatre career and helping reduce her husband’s law school debt, making their city life more sustainable.

R+F Consultant Alex Agosta and her family in Central Park

Alex and her family in Central Park (Matthew Raney Photography)

Early challenges

Alex launched her business with theatrical excitement and shared her new skincare business with her extensive network. “I didn’t have a super-fast start, but I was consistently earning a little money right away. My overarching goal was to lose the ‘feast or famine’ dynamic I held with my theatre job, and to stop overlapping shows. Eventually I wanted to actually take time off between shows so I could spend more time with my daughter.” Alex took her first brief break from Broadway that very winter, and putting in at least 15 hours per week, achieved Level V within three years of starting her business.

Alex continued following the roadmap laid out by the Rodan + Fields incentive programs, working very part time around her existing show schedule. “I was exhausted and wanted to spend more time with my daughter, but we really needed my income. Hearing the stories about Consultants walking away from their jobs, I just didn’t think that was possible for me.” Alex came to Lore when her business plateaued, wondering if this career was actually going to happen for her and her family. “Lore said to me, ‘The only reason I think it wouldn’t happen is because you’re asking me that question.’ That was a game changer that really shifted things.”

R+F Consultant Alex Agosta and her sponsor, Lore Cardella

Alex with her Sponsor, Lore Cardella

New perspective

When Alex realized a lack of belief was holding her business back, things started to change in a big way. “With help from my power partner Silvia Bonachea’s booming business in Puerto Rico and the rest of my team spread out around the US and Canada, we propelled ourselves to Lexus in December 2016. That just goes to show how crazy awesome this business is — I used to think Lexus seemed completely wild and unattainable!” When faced with returning to the grueling Broadway schedule once again after an amazing Premier V incentive trip, Alex decided enough was enough.

“I was trying to do it all, but really felt like it was too much. I was burning the candle at nine ends — not just two. I had to give up something, and I definitely wasn’t giving up my R+F business, because I knew the more I put into it the more I could get out.” That day, Alex made the biggest choice of her career. “Sitting at my desk, I realized I didn’t want to be here doing this anymore. So I quit in May 2016, knowing we would be okay because of my Rodan + Fields business.”

R+F Consultant Alex Agosta and power partner Silvia

Alex and her power partner Silvia Bonachea at an incentive trip in Miami

Feeling the freedom

Today Alex enjoys being home with her now two children, going to the theatre for her own pleasure, and pressing forward with her entrepreneurial career. “Life obviously looks very different now that I work on my own schedule! And while I loved feeling connected to the Broadway community, now that I made the break, I 3000% do not miss it. Once you have a taste of freedom from that stressful life, you don’t want to go back! I still have so many friends in the business and maintain that special connection, so I know that piece of my heart is full and complete. I’ve worked on 16 Broadway shows with amazing people and I’m happy with that.”

In 2018, Alex dreams of achieving even more of the good things that R+F has to offer. “I want to achieve RFX and travel the world, and I want that same freedom for every member of my team.” Above all, she aims to share this transformative experience with those around her. “I love showing my daughter that I can be there for her while doing meaningful professional work. I’m teaching her that nothing extraordinary happens when you live in your comfort zone. The path to success and achieving amazing goals might be hard, and quitting is definitely easier. But in the end, the hard work is so worth it!”

To contact Alex about joining her team or purchasing products, connect with her here.


Tell Me More…

What is your favorite R+F product? I’m obsessed with the Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex!!

Have there been any especially significant people in your R+F journey, or life in general? My husband is my rock. And my power partner Silvia Bonachea. She introduced my business to an entire network of amazing women who completely changed my life.

Favorite trend of all time? Is the popularity of burger places a trend??

What is the best business advice you were given? Take it one day at a time.


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4 responses to “Alex Agosta – Broadway to Businesswoman”

  1. Silvia says:

    Great story about commitment, grit and perseverance! Thank you for your guidance and leadership and always encouraging others to go for more. Crazy to think this is still just the beginning! Congrats Alex!

  2. Marilen Toro says:

    Congrats Alex ! You have been a great inspiration and help in my journey ! Thank you and a big hug !

  3. Karla Montijo says:

    Alex is not only my sponsor but my friend!! She has been an inspiration for so many including ME nd my Puerto Rico born team. She has collaborated with us even from the distance and with culture and language barriers. Her leadership will change so many lives!!

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