Ali Aldrich – Creating a New Path
Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Ali Aldrich was raised to believe in herself. Her parents taught her and her two sisters that if they were passionate about something, they could always achieve it with hard work and persistence. Throughout her life, Ali adhered to this philosophy and always applied herself. She was determined to attain success and wasn’t afraid to put forth the required effort.

Her diligence began to pay off at an early age—she became valedictorian in high school, went on to earn a master’s degree in accounting, and eventually obtained her CPA license. “We were taught to value academic excellence and saw it as a way to land a secure job with benefits.”


By starting her own business, Ali found that she could create her own path to success without sacrificing the things that are important to her and her family.

Ali considered herself lucky when she landed a job working for one of the largest banks in the world. Unfortunately, over time, she saw firsthand just how much emphasis was being placed on the bottom line and observed the all-too-common lack of loyalty between companies and their employees. Ali’s opinion of the traditional “path to success” began to change.

Ali became even more dissatisfied with the corporate world when, in 2010, she and her husband had their first daughter. It became clear that their jobs were not compatible with the lives they wanted. “Everything felt rushed and hectic. I knew I needed a change, or I would eventually look back and regret not taking the time to enjoy my life.”

3-Ali with her Mom, Dad and 2 sisters

Ali with her Mom, Dad, and two sisters.

Several months later, Ali’s sorority sister invited her to attend a get-together and introduced her to the Rodan + Fields® opportunity. Within 15 minutes of listening to her friend talk, Ali was convinced the opportunity was for her. She enrolled as an Independent Consultant. “For me to sign up so quickly was very out of character, but I saw that, with R+F, I didn’t have to walk away from my job. I could build a business on the side and then make my own decisions.”

Ali only had one reservation: what would her father think? Growing up, Ali had watched her dad build his own successful business as an entrepreneur. But she also saw how much traveling he had to do and how stressful his job was. “I was so proud of my dad and wanted to be just like him, but seeing firsthand the stress that went along with being an entrepreneur, I took his suggestion to stay away from doing my ‘own thing’ and, instead, get a good job with stability and benefits. Once I was in the corporate world though, my thought process began to change and I realized the ‘old school’ success path of a nine-to-five career was not best for me and my family.”

Any reluctance she felt disappeared when Ali realized that the Company provided all the tools and support she needed to build her own business. “The groundwork was already there; I just needed to work it.”

5-ali with Lexus

Ali with her Lexus.

Ali started building her business, working just a few hours a week. Not long after, Ali’s mother joined her as a Consultant, and their team continued to grow. In September of 2013, Ali achieved Level V status, and it suddenly became clear that her goal to replace her job was becoming a reality.

In a little over two years, her business had far exceeded her original goals and, this past July, Ali left her job at the bank. The day she quit, Ali felt as though a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders. “It is so empowering to have the freedom to live the life you choose. I had become an entrepreneur. When my dad called to say that he couldn’t be more proud of me, it left a lasting impression. I felt reassured, once again, that I was on the right path.”

blessed by the friendships

Ali feels blessed for the valuable friendships she has gained since starting her business.

Ali is grateful for the changes her business has enabled in her life. She no longer feels rushed on a daily basis and can savor her time with her two little girls. “It’s amazing to be able to work around my schedule and have the chance to witness all the milestones with my youngest. I didn’t have that with my older daughter. I now have flexibility that I didn’t know existed.”

Because her business is so relationship-based, it has encouraged Ali to connect more with others. The friendships she has gained have added to her quality of life and shown her that she needs people outside of her family. “I overlooked that before. I felt so busy that I didn’t make the time for other relationships. Now, I am constantly meeting new people. It’s such a blessing to be able to help and inspire others. I was missing that before.”

1-Eric and Ali with their 2 girls, Elyn & Adele

Ali with her husband, Eric, and their two daughters, Elyn and Adele.

Ali’s inspiration frequently comes from her team, and she is so proud of the caring, nurturing environment they have created. She is extremely passionate about lifting others up and inspiring them to dream bigger and work for their goals. “I couldn’t be successful without my team. I am proud of our success and the way we have achieved it. I love teaching others to have confidence by believing in them until they believe in themselves.”

4-Team Pic at 2014 Convention

Ali with her Team at the 2014 R+F Convention.

Ali’s business has opened her eyes to a new way of achieving success. It has also taught her not to be scared of trying new things or of creating her own path. Ali strives to keep things in perspective, knowing that the tone of a team comes from the top and that a positive attitude can change the outcome of any situation.

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5 responses to “Ali Aldrich – Creating a New Path”

  1. Tammy Krack says:

    Loved your story, Ali, very motivating!

    God Bless!

  2. Congratulations!! I love your story!! says:

    Congratulations!! I love your story!!

  3. Jillian Dana Scandura says:

    There’s Nothing -NO THING- this woman cannot achieve! She is a veritable magic wand!

  4. Carter Benton says:

    This is just exciting!! Congrats on your many successes!!

  5. Debby Hill says:

    Great story…Thank you!

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