Ali and David Box – Teamwork and Leadership
Monday, February 10, 2014

“A leader is someone who has the ability to recognize and effectively use their strengths, while showing others how to find their own individual strengths, and guiding them to reach their full potential.”

Ali Box

Ali Box is without question a strong leader and role model to hundreds of people across the country. She and her husband David work as a team, and have been partners in both business and in life since their early days in the pharmaceutical world. In 2005, Ali retired from pharmaceutical sales in order to be home with her children, but when she discovered Rodan + Fields® in 2009, she saw an exciting opportunity to start on a new career path. She began in January of that year as an Independent Consultant, and in 2010, David joined her in her business. The couple has since grown their Rodan + Fields business to include Consultants nationwide, and David has left corporate America behind, directing all of his professional attention toward their Rodan + Fields team. Together, the pair is inspiring their peers and potential business partners to reach new heights, not only at a professional level, but in their personal lives as well. They have been growing their business for five years now, and Ali says the time has flown by. “I am surprised at how fast the time has passed, because I’ve been enjoying every minute of it and it has been an amazing journey.”

Ali Box

Ali sharing a few words of wisdom

Ali and David balance their individual strengths to work together as a team in shaping their business, which is what Ali coaches her team members to do. “Learning what your strengths are and playing to those is what is going to make you stand out, and that’s what drives your success. Everyone is unique, and there is no one magic ingredient in this business that brings success. You bring yourself, because you have your own story to tell, and you are the secret sauce.” She encourages her team to embrace their individuality, and then work together to lift each other up. She also reminds everyone she coaches that positive thinking is imperative. When someone comes to her with an issue they’re struggling with, she focuses on getting them to see things through a positive lens, because that’s the best way to solve a problem.

Besides being an optimistic leader and problem-solver, another one of Ali’s strengths is her confident stage presence. “One of Ali’s main strengths is that she is a great presenter,” David says of his wife. She is a poised and articulate public speaker who is full of energy and enthusiasm, and she has a way of drawing people in. Her stage presence is magnetic now, but she confides that it wasn’t always this way. “The first time I spoke on a stage, I was terrified. I was literally shaking. But I just kept doing it, and I stayed positive and told myself this was just a hurdle to get through.” She has since conquered that hurdle, and her ability to push forward and challenge herself and others is another aspect of her charismatic personality. She enjoys coaching people and watching them slowly emerge from their shells. Her advice will resonate with anyone who has a fear of public speaking. “No one wants to see you fail. You have to remember when you get up in front of an audience that they came because they want you to do well.”

David utilizes his strength as a planner to help their Rodan + Fields business run more smoothly, and also to enable other Consultants with families to get the most out of their own Rodan + Fields businesses. “A lot of people who are involved in this business have families, and family is of utmost importance to me. One of the greatest benefits of doing this business for me personally is becoming a better husband and father, and getting to schedule my working hours around my family. Likewise, I make sure that I create flexibility for my peers, and schedule meetings and calls around their family time.”

Ali Box

The Box Family

Ali and David agree that a significant key to their success is to always treat their Rodan + Fields business as exactly that – a business, not a hobby. “Even if you’re doing this ten or fifteen hours a week, as we did when we first started, we always made it a priority in our lives. I may have children in school and a full plate of activities, but I have always been the CEO of my business, and I approach it from that frame of mind.”

When asked what she and David are planning for the future of their Rodan + Fields business, Ali was quick to answer. “I am already completely satisfied with all we have accomplished. I am excited about what is ahead, because we are continuing to build a legacy for our children and reaching out to many more people who will be able to create a better life for their own children. I can’t imagine anything better than loving what you do and living your life’s purpose.”

Ali Box

A Growing Team Unites

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8 responses to “Ali and David Box – Teamwork and Leadership”

  1. Such an inspiring story (and the most adorable family pics)! So happy for you and David and your whole team who gets to learn from you. Here’s to your continued success!

  2. Thank you both for your leadership! We would not have this opportunity if you had not jumped in and built your business. We are on Angie Hesser’s first generation, the seeds you sowed are still producing a harvest!

  3. Joy Rose says:

    Thank you for sharing about overcoming fear of public speaking! I know I will get there. So happy for your family and the time freedom that Rodan + Fields is providing!

  4. So grateful and proud to be a part of your Team, Ali and David. You both have set a great standard for all of us and we appreciate your leadership and example. Your family is beautiful.

  5. Lisa Hill says:

    I have watched Ali & David grow as national leaders as well as build a substantial business over the past few years. I respect them highly and commend them for their leadership not only to their team, but to the entire company. I love this company because of the results it gives those that invest their time and energy into growing a business with Rodan+Fields. Congratulations Ali & David on your success! You definitely deserve it!

  6. You both continue to inspire me! Congratulations on all of your success!
    Best wishes for your future!
    Candi Jerkins

  7. Love you both!! Thank you so much for your friendship and leadership!!! LOVE seeing Joe made the family pic!!! WOOF!!!

  8. Love your story ! I remember the first time I met Ali and heard her speak at Lake Mary, FL. She and David are great and I am so happy for them !

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