Ali Wilson – Linking Arms Together
Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Even if you have started out on one path, no matter how fulfilling, when opportunities arise that present new challenges and rewards, it may be time to shake things up and start something new.

Ali Wilson was going strong as a PR professional turned full-time mother in Auburn, Alabama when she was presented with an opportunity. She jumped at the chance and ended up landing in the midst of a community that helped to change her life for the better.

R+F Consultant Ali Wilson

Jumping in with little hesitation

When Ali was approached by a friend in October of 2013 about the Rodan + Fields® business, she was “in the throes of typical mommy life,” diapers and all. She had never heard of the products before, but due to her background in PR, she recognized and appreciated the brand equity that the Doctors had earned over the years. She trusted them, and immediately wanted to get involved.

“It was in my prime of craziness with mommy hood, but I was really intrigued when I learned about this opportunity. I was eager to jump in because of the media attention that this company was getting.” Ali knew that this was a business based on strong products that practically marketed themselves.

Her husband Brad, a financial advisor and Ali’s biggest cheerleader, believed in Ali from the very beginning and she took his advice. Ali laughs as she describes her initial “why” for joining the business: “You know what, I could always use some extra money for a ‘shameless shoe fund.’ That would be incredible!”

R+F Consultant Ali Wilson and her family

Family is everything to Ali. Although her and Brad’s hearts and hands are full, they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Reaching success in surprising ways

Ali ordered her Business Kit, started using the products, and “realized that they were fantastic.” She admits, “I really thought that I had good skin before, and I soon realized it was not fabulous. After my third child was born, I realized how uneven my skin tone was and how much help I needed.” Ali started using the REVERSE Regimen and saw how it improved the appearance of her skin. She was amazed at the difference between what she once thought was great compared with what she now saw in the mirror.

She was as excited about the products as she was about the Doctors behind them. “I tell everybody—if I didn’t sell these products, I would still use them. I love them that much.” Her enthusiasm transferred quickly into her business and things began to transpire for Ali. She fit in orders, client calls, and training during nap times, and attained a level of success that she never anticipated. “I developed a passion for the products and began sharing them with everyone I knew. The products started to change the appearance of my skin, and in the process, the business started changing my life.”

Within six months of signing on with R+F, Ali hit Level V and just fourteen months later, working 15-20 hours per week, she achieved Premier V. However, Ali’s material success stands second to the personal satisfaction she now feels in her work. “The earnings that I make now have surpassed that of my former PR job. Earning extra is great, but when you’re doing something that you love, it makes all the difference in the world.”

R+F Consultant Ali Wilson and her husband.

Brad, Ali’s husband, is her best friend and biggest supporter.

Creating a supportive community

Ali says she “had no intention of growing a team across the US and Canada”—but that’s exactly what happened. She signed her sister-in-law as a business partner during her first week in the business, and her team grew from there. Ali is thankful for the “crazy fun culture” that has developed around her and her team members.

“Not only do I love the business—I love the relationships that I’ve made Downline, Upline, and Crossline. They’ve impacted me professionally and personally. It’s definitely been a life-changing venture in that respect.”

R+F Consultant Ali Wilson and friends

R+F Center for Leadership at the home office in San Francisco.

Ali’s main objective from the beginning, once she saw the full potential and decided to aim higher than just new high heels, was “linking arms with everybody and doing this together.” She is grateful for the close-knit and diverse community of Team Wilson’s Winners. Their bond has formed a support system that Ali never knew she was missing. Now she enjoys playdates, cocktails, and training opportunities with a team of women and men that have found the delicate balance between family and working life together.

“I never thought that I yearned for and needed these relationships, but I was missing that piece of relationship in the working world. I love my kids, but I wanted to listen to something else besides cartoons all day.”

The infectious drive of her team members has inspired Ali to aim for earning a Lexus this year. “We are a team of really big dreamers. We’ve got big goals. I believe this is going to be our year. It’s a driven culture that we have, and that’s a big part of my story now and why I’m doing this.” She encourages everyone to “dream big and make it happen.”


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