Alicia Schachter – A New Avenue to Help Others

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

Helping others take control of their futures was a huge part of Alicia Schachter’s career, and it was an aspect that she missed wholeheartedly when she decided to stay home with her children. She wasn’t sure if there was another opportunity that could provide that same sense of fulfillment until she discovered Rodan + Fields®. Impressed by the Company’s team culture, she decided to start her own business. As new opportunities arose to help her Customers and teammates, Alicia realized that she was still able to touch people’s lives in a meaningful way—and her business was the avenue to do it.

Alicia with her family

Alicia with her husband, Tyler, and their children.

Assessing the situation

For eight years, Alicia and her husband, Tyler, worked together in business development for higher education. “I loved helping people enroll in courses so they could earn degrees that would help them further their careers. And our job also gave us the opportunity to travel.” Alicia and Tyler began their careers in Arizona but were able to work around the country, including Massachusetts, Hawaii, California, and Washington D.C. They even took on a contract job in the same field that allowed them to live in London, England for a year.

A month before they returned to the United States, their priorities shifted suddenly when Tyler’s father passed away. “We were reminded of how short life can be and how important it is to value the time you have with family.” They planned to spend some time taking care of his estate before jumping back into work, but in the midst of it all, they found out Alicia was pregnant. Tyler then accepted a position as the account manager for a large business. “We decided I would stay home. But, we knew that downsizing to a single income was going to be a big adjustment.”

Evaluating options

In addition to the financial strain, Alicia was worried about not having a professional outlet. “I never thought I’d want to stay home because I loved working and contributing to our family, but things completely changed once we brought our daughter home.” Deciding she no longer wanted to sacrifice her time for money, Alicia wanted to find a way to work from home.

A few months later, Alicia noticed that one of her former coworkers, Amy, was posting about her R+ F business on Facebook. Alicia was interested in learning more, but also a bit skeptical. “As Amy shared more information, a few things caught my attention. I loved the way the Doctors stand behind their products by offering a 60-day money-back guarantee. I was also impressed with the Company’s plans to go global. What made the biggest impact on me was the fact that Amy’s team was led and trained by one of the top earners in the Company. The help that Consultants receive from above really blew me away and it was obvious to me that this opportunity was different—the R+F culture was so strongly centered around collaboration and team support.”

Local Team

Alicia with some of her local team members.

Ready to enroll

In March of 2014, Alicia enrolled as an Independent Consultant and began using the REVERSE Regimen. “After a few weeks of using R+F’s products, there was a significant change in the appearance of my skin. Now, I no longer felt like I needed expensive dermatological procedures.” Before starting her business, however, Alicia didn’t know much about skincare. “I never realized how many people struggle with skin conditions. I love sharing a product that can actually make a difference for others by helping them feel more confident in how they look because when you feel good, you do good.”

For the first few months, Alicia worked her business on a very part-time basis. “My schedule was pretty full, but I knew I could fit it in around my life and make it work.” That summer, she attended the R+F Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. “That was such an eye-opening experience for me. I witnessed the incredible leadership this Company possesses and it was so exciting to be surrounded by such inspiring people and to see the caliber of men and women this opportunity attracts. Seeing where the Company was headed confirmed that I’d made the best business decision of my life. It was then that I truly saw the opportunity I had in my hands for what it was and I was thrilled for the future.”

Convention Pic

Alicia at her first R+F Convention with business partners, Shannon Draper, Amy Stumler, and Linda Smith.

Testing her skills

In July of 2015, Alicia achieved Level V Title status, working 15 to 20 hours a week. Shortly after that, she and Tyler welcomed their second child and Alicia was able to take some time off from her business while still earning an income because of the solid foundation she had built. “The fact that you can take time off and go at your own pace is one of the most incredible things about this business. Some people build slowly and steadily and some choose to run with it. I love that it’s a level playing field and how you build is completely up to you. There aren’t many opportunities that give you that kind of control.”

Alicia is looking forward to expanding her organization and creating financial freedom for her family. “Tyler and I love to travel, and we want to be able to show our kids the world without stressing about how we’ll afford it.” Alicia is grateful that the flexibility of her business also enables her family to say “yes” to more opportunities. “Tyler was recently given a promotion that required us to relocate to San Diego. Since my R+F business is completely virtual, I can just take it with me wherever I go.”

Alicia and Her Husband Tyler

Alicia and her husband, Tyler.

Exceeding expectations

The time freedom that Alicia’s business provides allows her to keep striving to put her family first and the ability to maintain a work-life balance has given her peace of mind. “Owning my business has given me a sense of purpose outside of being a mom, which I was missing. It enables me to continue developing myself personally and professionally, and I feel like I am able to be more present as a mom and wife when I have an outlet to pursue my own aspirations and work toward my own goals.”

Most importantly, Alicia finds her business fulfilling as it gives her a chance to help others. “I love motivating people to push past their limits and pursue their dreams. I’m honored to share a business opportunity with others and hope that they are open to hearing about it because it can improve their lives by providing more options for their families. It really is a vehicle to create the future you want. Not only has it given me the chance to dream again, but it’s empowered me to be a better person, a stronger leader, and it’s shown me that no matter what my circumstances are, I have the ability to help others.”

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