Alison and Mitch Groder – Thriving Through Transition

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Transformations within us and around us are inevitable. We age, fall in love, get let go from jobs, and discover new passions and talents within ourselves all the time. Whether we choose to resist or go along with the constant string of events life throws our way, they happen regardless. Some of the twists are thrilling, while some are unexpectedly scary. Alison and Mitch Groder are grateful to have found a means to stay grounded and find security through both the joys and tribulations their lives have steered them through.

Alison and Mitch are so happy they've found a wa

Alison and Mitch are so happy they’ve found security with their business.

“I feel like our generation is one of transition. Whether it’s getting married, having kids, changing jobs, moving… all these different changes and adjustments.” Alison reflects how her and Mitch’s life together has also been one of inconsistency and change. Between relocating four times in the last three years for Mitch’s career in aviation and the birth of their baby in March of this year, their Rodan + Fields® business has been the constant force for them, carrying them through the transitions.

Alison began a career working as a mobile crisis psychiatric Social Worker after graduating from NYU. Shortly after, the recession hit and Mitch was laid off from his job as an airline pilot. He was hired with a new company which led to a re-location in Montana and, unfortunately, both of them took pay cuts. At this time, Alison was already starting to value the idea of a job with more flexibility. “Thinking about long term plans, we needed something to change and I liked the idea of being my own boss so I could work around our future family.”

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Alison and Mitch enjoy sharing their business with others wherever they go.

Three and a half years ago, after they’d been married for a month, Alison met Nicole on a flight back to Montana after a trip. Nicole mentioned R+F and Alison was immediately intrigued. “I didn’t know anything about direct sales, but I had used the Doctors’ products and I knew the business opportunity was something big and that it would be a door opener for people. I was inspired by what Consultants were doing already and excited that I could be one of the first to share this with my network. I wanted to do something different and not follow the traditional business model. This was that opportunity.”

At the beginning, it was more Alison’s adventure, but Mitch was incredibly supportive from the start. “I wasn’t personally on board right away because I was trained through high school and college that you go out and you work for a company. But, the more I looked at the way Rodan + Fields was structured, I realized that owning a business is way more powerful than working for a company. It took a few months of research to figure out how powerful this is, but I found that the path to financial freedom isn’t necessarily to work for someone else, but working for yourself.”

Within a year of working her R+F business, Alison was able to leave her career in Social Work and more than replace that income with her R+F earnings. “As my business grew, I started to realize what we had on our hands. It really provided for us in a time of uncertainty, as we were moving so much with Mitch’s job. Being able to leave my job was definitely a defining point for me. I proved to myself that I can design my own schedule. I’ve always wanted to do that. And finally having a feeling of security was such a relief. I could take this career with me, no matter where we went, moving or traveling.”

Alison and Mitch love being able to travel.

Alison and Mitch love being able to travel.

After a few months, when her earnings became a significant portion of their income and were paying the bills, Mitch decided to join Alison. “He’s out and about, meeting new people anyway, so he is able to incorporate it into his life despite a demanding career in aviation. He really excels at sharing the business opportunity because he’s a friendly guy anyway. It fits into our life so well and we can share it by just having conversations with people, which is something we love to do. We’re always trying new things and love to have new experiences. We love the type of lifestyle it allows us to have and the best part is showing others they can do it too.”

Vacation and travel lovers, the time freedom their business provided was so significant to them, as it allowed them to take trips when they wanted to. “Up until the baby, of course,” Alison laughs. They are also grateful that they’ve removed the financial stress in their lives. “It’s still work, but it’s so rewarding. The ongoing search for people who also have big visions and the fact that we keep growing gives us a lot to look forward to. We know our business will carry us through.”

Their business has provided plenty of personal development as well. Alison is passionate about what she’s doing and enjoys feeling like she is helping and inspiring others. Volunteering is also extremely important to her and having her own business has enabled her to be able to give more of herself in that way. “I’m becoming a better version of myself. Being a part of this can transform how the rest of your life looks, personally and professionally.”

Their short term goal is to put enough money away to fully fund their kids’ college educations. Long term, they want to be able to travel and spend time doing the things they’re passionate about. They are constantly inspired when they hear stories from team members. The little anecdotes they hear from their team members about being able to send kids to summer camps or take a vacation that wouldn’t have been possible without R+F are so rewarding. “It makes me want to inspire others to do whatever they dream,” Alison adds. “So many people get stuck in a way of following the traditional business model and end up settling. If I can help people to look beyond that and try something new, that would be success. Live with no regrets and let go of fears! Our generation likes to work hard, but we like to do it on our own terms. I love that I can pick this up and do it when I want, and now, work my schedule around our two month old. I proved to myself that if I keep my head down and keep building this, it can turn into anything that we want.”

Alison and Mitch with their new baby.

Alison and Mitch with their baby girl.

Mitch agrees that, “It’s never too late to start. The business is evergreen and there are so many untapped markets.”

Alison encourages those around her to not be intimidated by uncertainty or a busy schedule, noting that their biggest month yet was the month they had their baby. “That was really exciting because it shows the power of this business model and that you can work it into your schedule. It’s paying off and we are looking forward to the future. It’s allowing us time to be with family, be available when life happens, and remain confident that we’ll be able to persevere through all of life’s transitions.”

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  1. Jen Griswold says:

    Love love love you two! And that adorable baby…..

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    Great story!! Happy for you both! What a great future for you and your babay girl!

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    Congratulations to both of you on building a life of family, travel, and adventure on your terms! Love to you all!

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    what a beautiful and fun loving family..

  5. Love your story . .. congratulations on your great success!

  6. I enjoyed meeting you at Convention! Congratulations on your consistency and “showing up” each day with no reluctance. I wish you the very best personally and for your beautiful family.

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    Amazing story!! Congratulations on all your successes!!

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