Allison Eastman – Standing on Her Own Two Feet

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Tuesday, October 10th, 2017

To go it alone as a single parent is a daunting undertaking that can be challenging to even the most intrepid among us. Allison Eastman, however, has faced that challenge head on, and with the help of her recent business achievements is single-handedly forging a brighter future for herself and her children.

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Shaky first steps

When Allison and her family moved to Seattle in 2012, she started her own hair and skin business and her high-end facials were a popular service. Over the years, she heard the name Rodan + Fields® mentioned with increasing frequency, always with glowing reviews. So, in 2015, she decided to try the products herself and bought the REVERSE™ Regimen. “By the third day I was already convinced of the product’s effectiveness, and after two weeks I noticed a difference in my skin’s appearance that even my high-end equipment hadn’t achieved. From then on I was sold.” She bought a business kit in order to spread the word to her clients and friends, slowly introducing the products into her facial service, figuring that they would help boost her business. But that strategy didn’t go exactly as planned.

R+F Consultant Allison Eastman with her family

Allison works so her kids can explore and develop their talents.

“When I looked at my monthly figures, I realized business had dropped significantly. I quickly figured out that my customers had stopped coming in for regular facials because the R+F products I had sold them were producing such great results. I had really shot myself in the foot!” She rang her Upline, Sarah Beyersdorf and explained her concerns. Sarah told her not to worry, and to concentrate on the positives. “She suggested that I get to work with my R+F business, and focus on the fact that my clients were loving the products. Without Sarah and her continuous support and advice, I wouldn’t be where I am today.” Allison heeded her advice, dedicated at least five hours a week to her R+F business, and within six months hit Level V. By December of 2016 she was able to re-focus her efforts on her R+F business and increase her hours to 15 per week. Her success couldn’t have come at a better time for Allison and her family.

R+F Consultant Allison Eastman on vacation

Being able to take her business on all their adventures is a huge blessing for Allison and her kids.

Taking things in stride

In March 2017, Allison and her husband split, and she became a single mom to her three children. “I didn’t see it coming—it came as a real shock to all of us.” Fortunately, her Rodan + Fields success helped her overcome that shock. Being the leader of a thriving team of Independent Consultants had taught her a lot, and bolstered her confidence. Speaking at R+F Leadership Redefined events in front of hundreds of people had taken great courage, and unwittingly prepared Allison for the trials ahead. “I had to be my own attorney, so I stood up in court and defended myself. Before Rodan + Fields, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do that.” That self-belief gave Allison the strength to prevail, and to take firm control of her and her children’s future.

Now, Allison shares her time between home-schooling her children and working her R+F business. She is disciplined with her work hours and allocates time each day for R+F. “I set hours and stick to them. In the mornings, when the kids are doing their schoolwork, I work a couple of hours, and that focused time really pays off.” She also works her business on the go and revels in the freedom that a digital business affords her. “I get some of my best work done in the ballet car park, or when my son is at piano lessons.”

R+F Consultant Allison Eastman and team members

Allison and team members celebrating Sarah Beyersdorf’s Lexus at a team beach retreat.

Stepping eagerly into the future

Her kids, Allison says, are the inspiration for everything she does, and she is delighted to be such a present mom. “We swim, hike, and travel together. Two years ago, if I had become a single mom, I don’t know what I would have done, but now I’m proud to be able to provide a stable life for us all.” Allison is eager to show others that they too are capable and worthy of having success on their own and that they shouldn’t have to depend too heavily on anyone else to succeed in life. “I want people in the same situation to use my story as inspiration to know that they can and will overcome any obstacle.”

In May of this year, Allison hit Premier V, and her team continues to expand across the country, and beyond. Before the Australian launch in September 2017, she already had 30 pre-enrollees ready and waiting to swell the ranks. Allison hopes to use her position to help others who may be in a similar situation to her, and in the future plans to set up a fund to assist single parents with the costs of raising their children. “In the meantime, I plan to keep going strong with R+F, and help as many people as I can along the way!”


Tell Me More…

Trait you most admire in others? Loyalty.

Most memorable gift you’ve ever received? A large portrait of my kids. It’s everything.

Dream vacation? Disney cruise for my kids or Europe for a month.

What is your best R+F experience? When I realized I was capable and worthy to get up and speak at Rodan + Fields events.

What was the biggest R+F hurdle you overcame? Learning to ignore what others think of me. See you at the top!




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