Alta Seludo – Building Strength and Purpose
Thursday, November 21, 2019

“You don’t get to pick the hands you were dealt but you can choose how you react…I want my children and future generations to know that if they go after their goals and life knocks them down, they have to keep getting up – even if they’re scared. That’s what shapes us into the person we’re meant to be.”

Alta Seludo understands how the past has shaped her strength, resolve and purpose. As a first-generation child to hardworking parents and the youngest of three girls, her life was stable. That suddenly changed when, at just 13, her physician father suffered from cyanide poisoning that left him physically disabled. Two years later, their mother was struck by a drunk driver, leaving her with life-long health complications and pushing Alta and her sisters to be both caregivers and providers for the family. “My sisters and I had to grow up very quickly and we lived in survival mode. It’s where my strength comes from.”

Though challenging, Alta’s experience caring for her parents ignited a passion in her for helping others and she dreamed of pursuing a career in nursing. However, her life took an unexpected turn again when she became a mother at 18. She put her nursing career plans on hold and found herself in mortgage sales, working long hours so that she could provide for her family. “I was a single mom and caretaker to my parents. As my children grew up, they would see me leave for work in the morning and knew they wouldn’t see me again for 12-14 hours.” As time went on, Alta continued her busy routine and caring for her parents but in 2009, after they had both passed, she knew it was time to pursue her calling and enroll in nursing school. However, her journey to her ideal career wasn’t quite what she expected.

In 2012, Alta married and was working full time in the healthcare industry – living the life she’d always dreamed. Her children were older, and the family was comfortable. But it wasn’t filling her cup like she’d hoped – she was working excessively long hours and didn’t feel she was helping people. “I felt like it was more about making money than patient care; I couldn’t give quality service to my patients.” Eventually, her stress led to facial hives so severe they landed her in the hospital. While scrolling through Facebook from the hospital bed in recovery, she came across a friend’s post on the Rodan + Fields SOOTHE Regimen and wondered if it could help with her dry, sensitive skin. “I was hesitant to reach out. However, I was desperate for something to help with my skin.”

Alta loves being able to work her business alongside her family.

To her surprise, the products did the trick. “My skin drank this stuff up. It was so sensitive [after treatment] that I could only tolerate putting coconut and avocado oil on it, so the fact that I was able to find something to soothe and strengthen was huge.” Even more exciting than her results was the opportunity her friend presented when she reached out to tell Alta about the business. “She felt it allowed her to be a more present parent and had made the decision to leave her job…I wanted my own time back. I’d already missed too many moments with my own children. [When I was considering joining], I looked at my husband and asked, ‘Will the second half of my life look exactly like the first – being away from the people I love the most?’”

Alta decided to make the leap and started her own R+F business. It didn’t matter that she wasn’t “a skincare type of chick” and hadn’t had experience with the business model. All that mattered was that she “saw R+F as a way to get my life back” by helping her get to a place where she could reduce her workload. She dove right in, listening to her Sponsor’s advice and putting in a few hours a day around her already busy schedule. With hard work, she achieved a new level each month, hitting Level V in her fifth month. “I built my business in my car while commuting and stopped wasting time on things like the TV or radio to spend every spare moment learning, understanding, building and talking to others about the opportunity.”

“You never know what life will throw at you; it’s short. My parents’ lives both changed forever in their forties and now they’re gone. I didn’t want to be 75 and look back and say, ‘Where did my life go?’ when all I’d done was work. I saw R+F as a vehicle to get my life back.”

Alta makes creating a motivating, supportive team community a priority.

Through creating her Consultant community, Alta began to see how R+F was another avenue to help others. Many of the people on her team have faced similar struggles and have been able to change their lives through the business. “When a struggling single mom has the potential to make some extra income, that’s huge. We can touch people in that way. No other job has allowed me to impact families the way this business has.” Alta was able to make that impact in her own life when she made the decision to quit her job in 2016 and commit to her R+F business full time.

Now an Elite Leader, she’s built a team that cultivates personal growth and supports each individual. Though Alta’s business has allowed her to work alongside her husband and children, what’s even more incredible is how it’s let her finally take a step back and enjoy life with her family. “This business allows me to say ‘yes’ to the things I used to say ‘no’ to. I’ve told my children ‘no’ their entire lives. I missed most of their milestones as they grew up because of work – and now I’m making up for all the years that I said ‘no’. Today, I say ‘yes’ to everything because I said ‘yes’ to R+F.”

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20 responses to “Alta Seludo – Building Strength and Purpose”

  1. Jen Newsome says:

    What an inspiring story!! She is an amazing person and incredible leader ❤️ I’m blessed to know her!

  2. Jen Alanes says:

    So inspiring!

  3. Vanessa Thomson says:

    Alta, I am so amazed by you every day!! Thank you for such fierce leadership and being an amazing force of inspiration. What an honor it is too have you as a leader. Love your story❤️

  4. Thao Dinh says:

    You are such a resilient woman! I had no idea there was more to your story, and I am now even more inspired by you and how far you’ve come. 💗 It’s amazing what one decision backed up by massive action can do to change the course of your life and others around you. Thank you for being such an inspiration for all of us.

  5. Leah Andal says:

    So inspired by this amazing woman right here!! Absolutely blessed to know her and her incredible family ❤️.

  6. Aimee P. says:

    Strength is built in challenges. I’m so proud of you Alta! For using your challenges to make CHANGE vs be a victim. You’re an inspiration to me & so many others…keep being the blessing you are!! 💖

  7. Beautiful and inspiring story. So happy for you, Alta, and your family! Keep it going, rock star!

  8. Jana Thune says:

    You’re Such an inspiration Alta!

  9. Julie says:

    Day one when I met you Alta you have been a big inspo to me and I saw you inspiring so many around you. Proud to know you & blessed to have you part of my life! Xoxo

  10. Julie says:

    Day one when I met you Alta your story inspired me and so many around you. Blessed to call you my friend! Xoxo Julie

  11. Vickie Bonham says:

    Alta, always motivating, sharing, caring and leading the way with determination and persistence..We are so blessed to have you as our leader..Hugs and love.

  12. Jenny Bursack says:

    Motivated and inspiring leader! This woman hustles like I’ve never seen before! It generates from within, with sheer passion! She makes straight IMPACT when relating to individuals- not just impressions. That’s something you can’t help but admire! It is an honor and privilege to work alongside Alta! You GO girl!

  13. Lisa Settembrino says:

    Alta is an amazing woman. I am honored to call her my friend.

  14. Stephanie mcdaniel says:

    Oh my gosh! So deserved! And a truly beautiful story. So fortunate to be part of the tribe/community that she created. She has taught me so much – maybe some that I didn’t want to learn but she knew better than me. But, the life friendships and personal growth were so unexpected and I forever grateful that I stalked her on Facebook and finally reached out then said yes! 🙏❤️

  15. Marie Walti says:

    I love your story and it’s been a joy to get to know you personally. You always find a way to turn a challenge into an opportunity. Love locking arms on the sidelines and challenging our comfort zones and crushing goals together.

  16. Brittney Cobb says:

    So grateful you took a chance on yourself & said YES to an opportunity that in turn opened the door for so many others. Our lady doesn’t define us, it simply shapes us and projects us into our own life’s purpose. You’re amazing and I love you friend.

  17. Melissa says:

    Alta you inspire me and have changed my life. You are an incredible mentor to so many including me!!!
    Love you.

  18. Jamie Blais says:

    Alta, your story has had a incredibly profound impact on me, far beyond just inspiring me in my journey with Rodan+Fields. I am so proud to see you bravely opening your heart and sharing it here as well, so that your strength and resilience can give hope to so many others as it has done for me. My dear friend, may God continue to bless you and may your light shine brighter every day!

  19. Kristen Chandler says:

    Alta your story continues to inspire me! So proud of your grit and determination in tackling life’s obstacles. We all have choices to make when things don’t go our way or tragedies occur. Thank you for the motivation! Congrats to you, Alta, and all of your deserved success! 💕

  20. Dinah says:

    Alta, I love your story and this business !!!! It’s such an inspiration to those who want to take their lives back and live life on their own terms !

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