Amanda Grask – Carving Her Way
Friday, October 4, 2019

Growing up with two working parents in Iowa, Amanda Grask had once believed that there was a set, predetermined path for her life. With her father an agronomist and her mother a dietitian, she saw how even though they lived comfortably and were happy with their careers, “they worked on someone else’s terms, working hard to just move up the ranks. That was the only thing I ever knew – to go work for someone else.”

After studying journalism and mass communications, Amanda earned her MBA and went on to start a career in public relations for Subaru-Isuzu Automotive. The experience gave her a new sense of what was possible in a career and introduced her to different working styles and people. She later went on to work for Wells Fargo, focusing on corporate and international communications. Though she enjoyed her work, the birth of her daughter created a desire to be more present at home. Yet, because her family couldn’t afford to lose her income, it wasn’t looking like that decision would be available for her. “I’d always thought that I’d be able to make the choice to work or stay at home, but financially, that just wasn’t the case.”

Finding New Opportunities
While working at Wells Fargo, Amanda noticed a family friend posting about Rodan + Fields on social media. “I was intrigued, which was interesting because I wasn’t really into skincare. I definitely was not a salesperson, either. When I heard about the Doctors and their credibility, though, I had this gut feeling that said, ‘I need to look into this more.’” She reached out to her friend and offered to help host an event, where she “didn’t even purchase any products,” but was eager to learn more about the possibilities of the business. The event sparked even more curiosity in her, and after doing additional research, Amanda took a leap and signed on as a Consultant in December of 2011.

Within her first month, she hit Executive Consultant (EC) and soon after, was bringing on new Customers each month by talking about the products to everyone she knew. However, it wasn’t until she met with one of her friends during a work trip in Chicago that the true value of leading with the business became clear. “She told me she wanted to join me in business – all on her own. She had a vision of what this could be, and when she joined me, we locked arms and said, ‘we can do this.’ From then on, I started introducing the business and reaching out for business partners because I knew if I wanted to leave my job, I would need to build a strong organization.”

Resolving a Purpose
Meanwhile, Amanda was struggling to have a second child. After two failed rounds of in vitro fertilization (IVF), she decided she didn’t have time to waste in growing her R+F business. “The realization that my daughter was going to be my only child, and that my time with her was ticking away, put things into perspective. I knew I had to do this [business] for her.” Voicing this for the first time to fellow Consultants at an R+F event in Des Moines, she says it “hit me hard and I when I left, I stepped up my game.” Using the recently announced Lead the Way program as a vehicle, Amanda used her “new energy and fire” to build her team and reach Milestones. But then in April of 2014, she unexpectedly discovered that she was pregnant. From that moment, she was determined to never go back to her corporate job and instead chose to make being with her children her priority. “This was my miracle baby and I was on a mission. I would not go back to work after having this baby and would never take him to daycare.”

Amanda with her family.

Seeing Another
Ultimately, Amanda achieved her goal and after her maternity leave ended, she was able to make the decision to walk away from her full-time job in 2015. Now a Premier EC Leader and R+F Car Program Achiever, she says that the time she has with her two children is invaluable and she’s proud that her choice shows them that you don’t necessarily have to follow a traditional career path. “It’s so empowering for them to see that there is more than just working for someone else. For them to see their mom as an entrepreneur is incredible.” Plus, she enjoys the unexpected gain of support from her team and wider R+F community, where personal empowerment is centered no matter the person and their journey.

“[My previous jobs] opened my eyes to international business. I wasn’t exposed to a ton of diversity growing up, and it opened me up to the value of diversity in the workplace. Now I have an amazing team, with such diverse backgrounds and experiences. I have team members who have gone through divorce, lost their parents, lost their spouse, but there is a common theme: we want to show that we can be present, build something big and leave a legacy. We cheer each other on in business but we also support each other in life.”

Amanda celebrating with her team in Nashville at R+F Convention 2019.

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3 responses to “Amanda Grask – Carving Her Way”

  1. Kelly Siudzinski says:

    Great story! Thank you.

  2. Karen Downing says:

    Congrats. Amanda. Interested in. Rodan and. Fields please call me. 479-573-4115. Thanks. Karen Downing. Skin Artist..and. Image Consultant

  3. Rachel Deacon says:

    Soooo powerful Praise God!

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