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Posted by Rodan + Fields on Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

Amanda Kessler always had an idea of what her life was supposed to look like. As many of us do, she pictured a family, a dependable career and a lovely house on a nice street. There would be the morning rush, and days of work that may be grueling, but they would be worth it because that is what people do. They work for a living, and they keep up with the pace. She never dreamed of any other kind of life for herself, because she never imagined there could be an alternative.

Amanda has practiced law over thirteen years, and she is good at her job. It is a challenging career, but also a rewarding one. In fact, it is everything she thought she should do, and she never thought of pursuing anything more. Besides, she barely had time for more than her work and her family. When she heard about Rodan + Fields®, she didn’t immediately jump at the opportunity. In her words, “It just didn’t fit into my idea of what my life was supposed to look like.”


A couple of years ago, when Amanda’s daughters were one and three years old, on top of being a mom, she was engrossed in her law career. She heard about the Rodan + Fields Independent Consulting business opportunity through a friend, but the idea sounded foreign to her. She never imagined there were options out there that would give her the financial freedom this kind of business opportunity could offer, and also confides that she didn’t feel like she had the skill set to go out and start something on her own. Yet, she lay awake at night thinking. What if there was a life she would miss out on if she let this chance pass her by? But reaching for that life meant she would have to reach beyond the familiar, and step outside her comfort zone. It meant she would have to challenge herself and dare to explore uncharted territory that didn’t include the picture of what life was necessarily supposed to look like.

For the first time, she dreamt of a life outside of what she had always considered to be the norm. She dreamed of an extraordinary life, one with trips to new destinations and the best colleges for her little girls. This business opportunity, would allow her to expand her income and provide all that. It would give her a life outside of the cookie-cutter one she had come to expect, with potential that could go beyond the comfort of her law career. The more she questioned herself, the more she realized that it wasn’t too late to change her direction, and add in something new and different that made her feel excited to be alive. All she would have to do is invest a little of her time. But time is precious, and she questioned whether she had any to spare. In the end, this busy attorney and mother of two decided that she didn’t have time not to pursue this.

“I thought of my favorite quote by Earl Nightengale, which I keep up on my wall: Never give up on a dream because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.”

The Kessler Family

The Kessler Family

Two and a half years later, time has passed, but it hasn’t passed her by. Amanda did not give up on her newfound path, and today her life is not the picture she had originally imagined it would be. It is a bigger, more rewarding, and more generous picture. She still practices law, and works her Rodan + Fields business around her life in a way that she describes as seamless. “What I really want people to realize is that even if you have a very full life, without room for a pea on your plate, you can do this.”

Even as an attorney whose schedule is always full, the business naturally incorporates into her life, whether she makes a twenty-minute phone call at lunch or takes five minutes before bed. Her advice for other women who already have active careers it to never underestimate the power of five minutes. With those spare moments, Amanda has gradually built her business and expanded her Rodan + Fields team. She says all it takes is consistency.

“I’ve watched my mentors create lives for their families beyond their wildest imaginations, and I realize that this is not for just for a few people who happen to get lucky. This is possible for anyone who commits to the same consistent activities day after day.”

It is the day after day that has changed the most for Amanda since starting her Rodan + Fields  business over two years ago. It’s no longer about the grind of the daily routine. Now, she feels more assured of her family’s financial future, but she also closes her eyes at night and rests peacefully, not having to lie awake and wonder what she might have missed. When asked how she defines her own success, her answer is simple:

“Success to me means going to sleep each night knowing I have done all that I possibly could for my family, my community, and myself.”



4 responses to “Amanda Kessler – Life Outside The Ordinary”

  1. Congrats on all your success !

  2. Kim Krause says:

    Amanda Kessler is the real deal and an inspiration to all who know her!!

  3. Amanda Kessler says:

    A friend just suggested I give an update…way overdue! My business continued to grow steadily, and in October 2014 I was out-earning my 15 year law practice, and “retired” about 25 years ahead of schedule. I still work my R+F business part-time, now completely around my family. The rewards have continued to blow me away – the latest being my new Lexus! But the best part is the incredible team I’m a part of. I’ve never been surrounded by more genuine, supportive, lovely and often hilarious people. All working toward a common goal. It is such a gift!

  4. Joni Lee North says:

    So proud of you and your success. To think the little girl who caught my wedding bouquet has two young girls herself.
    Great job.

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