Amy Cassidy – Becoming the CEO of Her Own Life

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Monday, February 8th, 2016

Amy Cassidy sat in the middle of her living room floor, playing with her two children. It felt incredible to offer them her full attention. Just months before, life had been much different. She was often distracted, her focus always being pulled in countless directions. Eventually, she grew tired of the endless multitasking necessary to balance her hectic schedule. Ready to make a change, Amy pursued a business opportunity that empowered her to take back the reins and establish herself as the CEO of her own life. Before long, she’d gained the freedom to prioritize her time and focus on the things that were important to her. The best part was that she and her husband could finally sit down and engage with their children the way they’d always wanted to—no interruptions, no distractions—just fully focused family time.

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Recognizing an opportunity

After earning her master’s degree from Vanderbilt University, Amy became a nurse practitioner, whose writings have been published in various medical textbooks. In January of 2013, she saw that her friend, Wendy, was posting on Facebook about her Rodan + Fields® business. “She contacted me and said she thought I would be good at it myself, but I told her I was too busy with a full-time job and two small children. My time was maxed out, I wasn’t looking for additional income, and I didn’t know anything about skincare.”

As time went on, Amy watched Wendy’s business grow via Facebook. “I saw her post about how her R+F income was helping to pay her mortgage, car payment and school tuition for her kids. I was impressed by how successful she’d become.” Amy was living in Phoenix, Arizona, and Wendy was in Nashville, Tennessee, but Wendy planned to visit Phoenix in September of 2013. “She knew I wasn’t interested in the business myself, but she asked me if I would at least gather some friends who might be interested as a favor to her. So, I sent out a few invites and there was an overwhelming response from people who wanted to know more. I quickly put two and two together and realized that if this many people were interested, there was definite potential for success. I never regret trying something new; I only regret not taking advantage of an opportunity. So, I called her up and said I wanted to enroll as an Independent Consultant myself.”

Reevaluating her focus

Amy jumped in, trusting the reputation of the Doctors and confident that her friend would coach and support her. “Honestly, I was so timid at first. I didn’t know how to approach people about this opportunity, and I wasn’t allowing myself to step out of my comfort zone.” Not long after she started her business, Amy came home exhausted from working six consecutive 12-hour shifts at the hospital. “I hadn’t seen my kids in almost a week because they were still sleeping when I left the house and in bed by the time I got back. I was frustrated, and I’d had enough—I wasn’t living the life I wanted. My job was no longer allowing me to focus on my priorities.”

Amy decided to shift gears and approach her business with a new determination. “I saw the potential to gain the freedom I wanted. I just needed to find my passion and channel that into what I was doing.” She decided to tap into the training resources provided by the Company and her teammates. “It was really inspirational to have the support from others who were experiencing such success. I looked at their success as my potential.”

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Amy with her husband and their two children.

Stepping up to the challenge

By focusing on consistency, Amy saw her organization grow steadily. In April of 2014, working 14 hours a week alongside her full-time job, she achieved Level V. Fourteen months after starting her business, still working part-time hours, Amy was able to replace her salary and retire from her career as a nurse practitioner. This past year, her husband was able to leave his real estate team in order to practice from home and select the clients he works with. “It’s been so nice to be together as a family more often, and it’s so empowering to know that we decide how we spend our time. We’ve also been able to take some trips that we couldn’t have afforded before.” Last year, they traveled north to stay in a cabin for her father-in-law’s birthday, and were even able to visit their favorite Mexican resort nearly every month of last year.

Amy’s R+F income is also enabling her family to give more generously. She is currently working with several local charities and nonprofit organizations in Arizona. “I love that we are now able to live and give freely and serve causes that are important to us by donating our time, as well as our resources.”

Embracing her new position

Amy has always been passionate about helping others and has found that her business enables her to do that every day. “As a nurse, I loved providing for others during a time of need, but my business also fulfills that nurturing part of me because I can now help people in other ways—whether it’s to address a skin concern or to create a Plan B.”

Amy also enjoys the collaboration of working with her team. “The friends I’ve gained are incredible. It feels great to work with people who share my positive attitude and are dedicated to encouraging, praising, inspiring, and challenging one another on a daily basis. It’s so rewarding to be able to help others find financial freedom and fulfill their dreams by empowering them to build their own businesses.”

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Amy with her teammates at her Lexus event.

Cherishing the change

Amy is grateful for the freedom her business has provided and is looking forward to a future she never imagined possible. “Time is one thing we can never get back. I am now living an entirely different reality than the one I would have had if I’d continued on the path I was on. I had every excuse in the book when I was first introduced to this business, but I still saw the potential and am so glad I decided to give it a try. I truly believe in what this opportunity can provide for anyone who is looking for more—I am living proof of the amazing things that can happen. Now, I can help others take control of their lives and create that for themselves as well. It just requires setting all of your objections aside and allowing yourself to take a closer look at what is possible.”

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