Amy Margolis – The Healing Power of a Career Change

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Thursday, December 22nd, 2016

The loss of someone close to us is a life-changing event. It can make us take a step back and reassess our priorities. For many, it’s an opportunity to make changes in our lives, and although we are at our lowest point, some positive can come of our grief. We learn valuable lessons from our pain and anguish, lessons we can use to better our lives going forward.

Three years ago, Amy Margolis’ life fell apart. Within a span of six months, her grandfather, mother, and father all passed away, before she could catch her breath or begin to process her grief. It made her feel lost, adrift in the world without her solid foundations to depend on. It took time for Amy to get through that grief and come out the other side, but when she did, it was as a more determined and resilient woman.

For Amy Margolis, being a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant was an opportunity to leave grief behind her.

Learning painful life lessons

Amy had been extremely close to her parents. They were a great source of support throughout her childhood and into her adult life. She would call them a few times a day, whenever she needed to talk, and for advice when she had her own children. When they were gone, she felt like she had no one. “It stripped me of the support system I had always known. I felt alone, scared, and angry.” When someone is physically ill, it’s difficult for them to give their whole attention to another. Amy notes that when we are emotionally ill—heartbroken—it’s very similar. “You can’t be the best version of yourself. If I’m not feeling good about life, it impacts my kids, and I want to be healthy and present in their lives for every possible minute.”

Before her tragedy, Amy had been an assistant principal of a large school. In the wake of her loss, with a new perspective, she saw that such a demanding job left her little time and energy for those who deserved it most: her family. Amy was resolute in not returning to her position at the school—she wanted to spend her time where it counted. “You get one chance—there are no do-overs.” She also knew that she could not remain entrenched in her grief. She needed a purpose, and in order to be the best for her kids, she sought something to lift her up, to give her hope and drive.

As a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant, Amy has found emotional freedom, a chance to heal by helping others, hope, and the opportunity to dream again.

This photo was taken just a couple of weeks before Amy started her Rodan + Fields journey. Her hands were full, but her heart was broken. This journey has brought her emotional freedom, a chance to heal by helping others, hope, and the opportunity to dream again.

Mending a broken heart

While Amy was going through her darkest moments, her old college friend Katie Wood reached out often to check in on her and attempt to lift her spirits. On one of these calls, Katie suggested that Amy try something new, something that she believed could change Amy’s life for the better. What Katie proposed was that Amy set up her own Rodan + Fields skincare business. Amy was intrigued. “Katie was presenting me with an opportunity to change my focus and do something positive for my family.” Her husband was also very encouraging. Being an investment professional himself, he knew the earning potential and could also see that his wife would benefit from a new adventure.

Less than a year after her father passed away and while she was still juggling a newborn baby, Amy started her R+F business. Within two months, she had hit the Fast Start Program and within a year she had reached Level V. The change she felt and saw in herself was miraculous. “I went from a point where I could barely get out of bed to take a shower, to being the boss of my own successful business.”

Amy at a celebration with some of her Rodan + Fields teammates.

Members of Amy’s personal Team Renew (Krista Damann, Mary Brown, Kirsten Meyers, Tracy Robb) with her sponsor Katie Wood and her sister Erin Connor during their Lexus Celebration in Boston.

Taking back control

Now, less than two years after starting her Rodan + Fields journey, Amy leads a team of over 30 women around the country. “It feels good to wake up every day and have some control over where my life is going,” she says. Working from home about fifteen hours a week, she is able to put her family first, which is particularly helpful in her situation. “Without a family support network, I need every ounce of flexibility possible.”

Her experience has taught her that things can change in a heartbeat, and that we need to cherish every moment. “I want my kids to have as much of me as possible for as long as possible.” With her R+F business, she is able to be present as her children grow up. She revels in the convenience of her new career and the freedom it brings, and says she’ll “never go back to the old way.”

For Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant Amy Margolis, family matters most.

Amy’s world, her everything.

Sharing the secret to a happier life

The whole Rodan + Fields journey has been a cathartic process for Amy, “I do believe R+F has given me an outlet for my healing,” she says with relief. She has learned important lessons about the value of family, and while Amy dearly misses those that have passed on, she has emerged from her grief a stronger person. She has come a long way in the past three years, and looking into the future, Amy is keen to spread the opportunity R+F offers. “I want to share this with as many people as possible, to show them that they too can improve their lives as I have.”

Having the power to help others while also helping support her family is rewarding and exciting, and Amy thrives on that excitement. She is happy to say that the new life she has begun is a perfect fit. “People say life-changing, but this truly is the real deal. The only thing I regret is not having started sooner!”


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2 responses to “Amy Margolis – The Healing Power of a Career Change”

  1. Christine Pontbriand says:

    Amy, Thank you so much for sharing your story! This resonates so much with me! Almost 3 years ago I lost my husband of 27 years very sudden, I woke to him passing in my arms. He wasn’t sick, and we were planning retirement, not loss. It was a just a year after I lost my dad. I felt the same way, the lost of my best friend, my partner, my lover, my children’s father in one clean sweep. I then took and early retirement because I just knew the value of time. R+F has been life changing for me so far, (just a bit over a year in.) Love your story, so beautiful and inspiring!

  2. I can relate having lost my Mother exactly 3 Months ago today. I was very close to her and she taught me many valuable lessons in life. My life was shattered the day she went to be with the Lord, after all, I’m human. After her burial, I left California and came back to Texas and I felt lost. It took me a while to put myself together again. I know my mom would’ve wanted me to keep going in life and keep striving for the best. I know she would’ve wanted me to pick myself up and not let this tragedy of losing her stop my life. I did just that when I joined R+F. I am now learning of new strengths I never knew I had. And I promise you with certainty, that she is always next to me cheering me on.
    Thanks mom, losing you meant finding myself. R+F is helping me do just that.

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