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Posted by Rodan + Fields on Monday, September 23rd, 2013

Amy Smith was developing real estate in Nashville when the economy took a turn for the worst. In 2009, she and her business partner had stopped taking a salary, but they hung in there in hopes that the market would come back stronger by 2011. Amy determined to the weather the storm, and wait it out. But weathering the storm meant she would have to give up her life long passion of showing horses, which she could no longer afford to do under the circumstances. Horse shows had been an integral part of her life since she was six years old, so when in 2009 she was forced to leave it behind, a part of her felt missing.


 Then she got a phone call from a friend who knew how much she must miss her passion, and the call changed everything. Knowing Amy wanted to be able to show her horses again, her friend had phoned specifically to share a means toward that goal. She shared with Amy the Rodan + Fields® Company, explaining how she could sign on as an Independent Consultant to get back on her feet and back onto the show arena. Amy says of the phone call:

“I got it right away. I knew this was my next business.” She got it because she has owned several businesses in the past, and is a seasoned serial entrepreneur. Before her career in real estate development, Amy owned a travel agency and then an advertising agency. The initial appeal of Rodan + Fields for her was that she could work part time hours while continuing the real estate projects she already had underway. She joined Rodan + Fields that April, and achieved Level V status in less than four months. Four years later, she has worked her way to a six figure income and is a Lexus Achiever. She says of her experience, “Rodan + Fields gave me the flexibility to not worry about my future when my partner and I decided in 2011 not to go back to development.”

Amy at a recent horse show

Amy at a recent horse show

But even better than the freedom to not return to real estate, Amy had the freedom and ability to go back to showing her horse, which she started doing again in 2010. Now her goal is to give her husband the option to retire so that he can pursue the things he loves most in his life, too. She says that something she never expected to happen was that this business would allow her to make a huge impact in peoples lives.

“So many people in this world don’t know what happiness is anymore, because they’re either stuck in a job they hate, are on the hamster wheel, and forget to look outside and see that there is so much more to life than what they’re experiencing right now.”

Amy and friends at a Lexus party

Amy and friends at a Lexus party

Transitioning into working her Rodan + Fields career full time has been a huge change for her, and has greatly shifted her entire perspective. The biggest shift for her was realizing that in this type of business, you become successful through team effort. It was a big change for her to go from having employees, hiring and firing people, to working with a team in a more collaborative way. “It’s like leading a volunteer army,” she says of the experience. “I was no longer giving people a job and doling out paychecks, I was now showing people how to be successful on their own so that they can achieve their own unique goals. This business has taught me how amazing it is to give back, and that’s something I want to do more and more of now.”

She plans to not only help her team in their future goals, but those outside the business as well. Amy’s sister unfortunately passed away from breast cancer a few years ago, and because of the time and financial freedom she has gained from her Rodan + Fields business opportunity, she plans to start a foundation in her sister’s honor.

“I wake up everyday thinking, whose life am I going to impact today? And I didn’t always ask myself that question.”

Before Rodan + Fields came into her life, she was so entrenched in building companies that she didn’t see the full spectrum of what matters. Now she says her perspective has changed, and her joy has changed. She sees herself 10 years from now living life to the fullest, showing horses as long as she is physically able, and helping many more people with whatever their needs are at the time. Most of all, she sees herself being happy with the person she continues to emerge into, day by day.

“Growing and becoming a better person everyday is amazing.”



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  1. Leigh Barnes says:

    “We love you Amy … Your an Amazing Leader” thank you for all you do as a Top leader and a friend !

  2. Kathy Wheat says:

    Amy – you are such an amazing leader and an inspiration! Thank you for all your help! 🙂

  3. Amy…. your leadership builds leaders. We all admire your efforts daily. Blessed to have you dear friend.

  4. Cindy Rose says:

    This is amazing! Of course, I already knew you were amazing before I read it! : )

  5. Tami Fugitt says:

    Thank you Amy for all you do!!! YOu have been an incredible friend and mentor.

  6. Molly Kemski says:

    I am so honored and proud to call you my friend, and even more honored to have you as my mentor. You are truly Amazing!

  7. Paul Thomas says:

    Amy Smith you are an amazing business women and mentor. Thank you for the positive reinforcement. You ROCK!!

  8. Amy…you are an amazing leader, mentor, and friend! Thank you for all that you do!

  9. Amy

    I am constantly amazed at my good fortune to have met you and have your Leadership to model as I grow my business with you.Thank you for your abundance, positive reinforcement, tireless mentorship and FUN!

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