Amy Stumler – A Joyful Balance
Friday, October 10, 2014

In the fall of 2013, Amy Stumler accepted a job in Indiana and prepared to move her family across the country from Hawaii to the Midwest. Although she was sad to leave some incredible friends behind, Amy was excited that she and her husband, Isaac, would be able to raise their two little boys closer to their families. She was also grateful that she was able to transfer and continue her ten year career as a director in higher education. As Amy adjusted to her new situation she found that it was difficult to balance her career and her family in the way she had hoped. She didn’t have time for everything she wanted to do and so she decided to pray for a more family centered life.

Amy loves

Amy loves that her business enables her to seamlessly balance a career and her family life.

Before she left Hawaii, a good friend had shared the Rodan + Fields® business  with Amy. “The opportunity came into my life at what would seem to be an inopportune time. We were in the middle of selling a house and moving across the country, but I saw the potential and thought that maybe this was coming at just the right time.” Amy knew she couldn’t pass up the chance to explore a new venture that had the possibility to create the balance she’d been hoping to find.

As Amy settled into her new home and adjusted to the new job, she began building her R+F business as well. As she shared the opportunity, Amy quickly realized that her business was becoming so much more than she imagined. It not only allowed her to connect with old friends that she had lost touch with, but it helped her form friendships with new people in the neighborhood. “It’s been extremely rewarding to connect with so many people on a deeper level and build a community of friends in a new place.”

Amy is grateful that her good friend, Natalie, shared the business with her.

Amy is grateful that her good friend, Natalie, shared the business with her.

Although Amy loved her career in education, she knew deep down that there was a strong desire to devote more of her time to her husband, kids, and volunteer work. “I really wanted to be home with my little one and wished I could be there when my oldest son got off the kindergarten bus. I couldn’t do that when I was working long hours each day.” Amy finally decided to quit her job this past July to solely focus on her R+F business. She had been scared initially that she would have to sacrifice some of the aspects of her professional life that she enjoyed, but was pleasantly surprised to find that her business provided her with the opportunity to coach a team and hold a leadership role, things she has always been very passionate about. “I absolutely love how I’ve been able to channel my professional life into my business. My life is now more balanced in the way I want it to be.”

As she continues to grow her business and her team, Amy is grateful that she is still challenged professionally on a daily basis through opportunities that the Company provides via training and coaching to develop her knowledge of the network marketing industry.

Amy with some of her team members, Alicia, Shannon, and Linda, at Convention.

Amy with some of her team members, Alicia, Shannon, and Linda, at Convention.

Now that Amy has found the work-life balance she had been craving, she finds that there is more joy in her day. “There was always stress while trying to work to support my family, but also be there for my kids and be the mom I wanted to be. My business has taken that stress away because I can do it all on my time.” Her business simultaneously fulfills her career oriented needs and helps her be present with her kids.

“I used to volunteer a lot with various organizations. When we had kids, I scaled back my involvement because there was less time for it.” The flexibility she now has provides Amy the freedom to include things in her day that she had previously sacrificed. It’s comforting for Amy to know that she can fit in exercise, volunteer work, or more time with her family and still be working her business throughout the day. She is amazed that she can fit it all in and never feel like she is neglecting any responsibilities or missing out on the little joys of life either.

After finding the sense of balance she had been missing, Amy loves giving other people the chance to rediscover the joys in their own lives as well. “The bond I feel in R+F is so empowering. It’s such a cohesive and collaborative group of people that strive to work together and raise each other up.”

Amy enjoys the collaboration collaborating with her team.

Amy enjoys collaborating with a team and helping others achieve success.

As she adjusted to a new home, the support of her R+F community definitely eased the transition. Amy is grateful to have found a community that is so encouraging when it comes to helping each other reach their goals.

The transformation Amy has already seen in her life drives her to keep going. She is excited to continue sharing her business and looks forward to the ways she will continue to grow and develop in the future. “This opportunity has allowed me to live the life I want to live. I didn’t want to just be home, I needed to have professional development in my day as well, and getting to do what I want on my time is priceless.”

Amy is so grateful for the balance she has found and the additional time she has to devote to her family.

Amy is so grateful for the balance she has found and the additional time she now has to devote to her family.

Amy’s business has taught her that you can have it all if you are willing to work hard and be coachable. She has found that the most incredible part of her R+F business is that she can customize it to fit into her life. “You can have all the joys in your day, all those things that mean the most to you, without sacrificing things like professional development. You have the ability to find your own balanced success.”

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8 responses to “Amy Stumler – A Joyful Balance”

  1. Jessica Badgley says:

    So proud of you and to know you!
    I love that this business has brought our friendship together.
    Wishing you continued success!

  2. I am so happy for you! God answers our prayers and meets our needs so perfectly. Your family is so beautiful!

  3. Carol Sommers says:

    Amy, thank you for sharing your story and for being a positive influence. I am excited to be part of your team!

  4. Congratulations, Amy, on being able to have it all! Your story will inspire many.

  5. Melissa Rus says:

    Amy- What a great story! It is very encouraging to me as I find myself in a very similar situation with a VERY recent move and small kids that I want to be home with. My new business is growing so quickly and is already a huge blessing to me and my family!

  6. Dinah says:

    Rodan + Fields = Freedom! I’m so happy you found the balance between work and life !

  7. Melanie Shipps says:

    I am so blessed that we connected when you moved to Indianapolis! Love our “playdates” and our “work dates” and all the fun stuff in between! Love you, friend! So proud of you for taking that leap of faith and leaving your job to focus on the biz! Glad we can do this together 😉

  8. Rita says:

    Thank you!! A friend posted your “before and after” on her timeline. Your amazing results prompted me to give her a call and join her team. So, I owe you a huge THANK YOU!

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