Andrea Judd – Finally Seeing the Potential

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

Andrea Judd’s Rodan + Fields® journey began in October 2011 when her best friend, Holly Reed, became an Independent Consultant. The two became best friends years before through Holly’s husband, and Andrea was among the first to hear about Holly’s new adventure.

“I first learned about the Company when Holly went to her now-Sponsor’s business launch, intending to do no more than drink her coffee and show her support. But she called me afterward, completely gushing over the phone about her excitement. I’m a stubborn and opinionated Italian, so my skeptical mind immediately thought she was crazy. Still, as her best friend, I was determined to support her regardless.”

R+F Consultant Andrea Judd headshot

A helping hand

Despite her reservations, Andrea immediately stepped up to help her friend be successful, starting with purchasing products. “I was Holly’s guinea pig for REVERSE Lightening, and it completely transformed the appearance of my skin. I stopped wearing concealer and liquid foundation and became a full believer.” Andrea also helped organize Holly’s first business launch, posted about the products, and continued sharing the business with friends for two years without actually becoming an Independent Consultant herself.

“I was so happy to act as her personal recruiter, but I always said that I’d never go into the business myself. I thought it wasn’t my thing—that sales wasn’t something I could do. I felt so comfortable being Holly’s promoter, but feared that I wouldn’t be able to share this opportunity for my own benefit. I told her, ‘If I join you in business, I’m afraid I’ll stop talking to people!’” At that time, Andrea had not yet realized how the business could work for her, too.

R+F Consultant Andrea Judd with best friend Holly

Andrea and Holly Reed (RFX Circle Acheiver) in Cancun on a team LV retreat

Never say never

In August 2013, an unexpected combination of events brought Andrea to reconsider the opportunity. Her husband left his job as a worship pastor and physician so their family could do volunteer work in Guam. Upon returning home, Marc picked up work at various urgent care facilities in the area, but the family felt stretched thin. “We homeschool our two kids, and Marc’s new schedule was just not enjoyable for me. We all missed having him around, and I realized quickly that we needed to make a change.”

Putting aside her hesitation, Andrea called Holly to really learn about the Rodan + Fields business. As someone who hadn’t yet found an occupation that she was truly passionate about, Andrea was taking a big leap of faith. “I was very scared at the time, but I reluctantly jumped in. I was the only one who felt that way, though. When I told my mom, she said ‘Finally! You’ve been practically doing this for two years already. I have no idea why you didn’t say yes in the first place!’”

R+F Consultant Andrea Judd with Level V leaders

Andrea with other LV leaders (Shannon Grier, Kendra Gutschow, Debbie Pierce) celebrating LV in Las Vegas with Louis Vuitton gifts from sponsor, Holly Reed

A life-changing realization

In the beginning, it took Andrea a while to feel comfortable with sharing the products she loved on her own behalf. But after a couple months of Holly’s encouragement and a meaningful training call led by Jacquie Qualls, Andrea finally came into her own. “Everything just clicked. I finally understood what an amazing thing I had gotten ahold of with Rodan + Fields. My belief in the entire business changed, and I no longer felt guilty about sharing when it might benefit me. I wanted to speak out because I realized how huge and important this opportunity could be for everyone else! When that happened I couldn’t help but share it with the world. Now I’m reaching out to anyone and everyone and not letting anyone fall through the cracks.”

R+F Consultant Andrea Judd with team members

Andrea with other LV+ leaders in Cancun for Holly’s Team LV Retreat

Where she’s aiming

Andrea has accomplished a lot with her business, but still maintains that “I’m not a success yet—ask me in another year! There are so many goals I still haven’t met. I’m hell-bent on hitting Premier by the end of this year, I’d love to hit RFX before my daughter graduates, and I plan on only going up from there.” She dreams of taking a celebratory trip to Italy with her husband after hitting that milestone, plans to continue building an international team by following the coaching of her best friend, and encourages members of Team BB (beautiful blessings, or “bella benedizioni” in Italian) to follow her lead. Andrea envisions doing a lot more with her team members to give back to their community—specifically to organizations that help support victims of human trafficking.

As for Andrea herself, her ‘why’ of giving her husband more time at home with their family is still going strong. “Eventually I’d love to give my husband the option to go part-time if he chooses. Early on in my journey, I realized how my R+F business allows my daughter to pursue her passion of competitive figure skating. In the beginning, I didn’t know that would be my ‘why’—but it’s been a huge blessing nonetheless. R+F obviously fits in well with our schedule. I do a lot of work while I’m at the rink supporting my daughter, and it’s great to have that flexibility.”

R+F Consultant Andrea Judd with her family

Judd family [Jeremy, Andrea, Marc, & Ella Grace] vacationing in Sun River, OR

All in all, Rodan + Fields offered Andrea the opportunity to find her passion. “I didn’t even know that I wanted and needed this opportunity, and I’m just so grateful for R+F and the incredible people I’ve met along the way. This journey brought me entirely out of my comfort zone and into a brand new way of living.”

To contact Andrea about joining her team or purchasing products, connect with her here.


Tell Me More…

Where do you draw your inspiration from in life? I draw my inspiration from those I surround myself with. God, family, friends—in that order. 

Have there been any especially significant people in your life? Many people, but for sure my BFF & sponsor Holly Reed, for both my R+F journey and life!

Best meal you’ve ever had? Any meal that involves good bread is my best meal! I. Love. Bread. Bring on the carbs!

What is your dream R+F trip destination? Sonoma (then Maui, then…). I always keep the next possible trip in front of me! I already have very specific plans for Italy when I hit RFX Circle.




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  1. What an inspirational story! I loved that you helped your friend start her business and were so supportive! What an amazing testament to your friendship and mindset! SO happy you all are finally endeavoring together!! All in!

  2. Holly Reed says:

    I’m SO PROUD of you!! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Lisa Markel says:

    Beautiful & amazing story ❤️ When you said “felt guilty about sharing when it might benefit me” …that REALLY struck a cord with me & I realize that also holds me back!
    Thank you SO much 🙌

  4. You are very powerful because of your honesty and love for God,for your family, for helping others. Grateful for your leadership!

  5. I am interested in your product.

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