Andrea Schaff – Exemplifying the Power of Goals

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

Their tiny hands are constantly into something new, and it seems there’s always something that needs to be cleaned from underneath their fingernails—whether its spaghetti sauce from last night’s dinner or sand from this afternoon’s trip to the playground. Keeping up with three small boys is no simple task, but in between racing toy cars around the living room floor and rescuing the neighborhood from evil, dressed in their superhero capes, the Schaff boys often squeeze in a game of Rodan + Fields®. They take turns selling each other skincare products, never forgetting to add in the eye cream and always following up for refills. It’s a common childhood game—imitating their parents and reenacting their perception of “grown-up” professions. But for Andrea Schaff, this means watching her sons pretend to be Consultants for her R+F business. It also means that they are inadvertently learning the valuable lessons that she exemplifies as a goal-driven entrepreneur with a thriving business.


Setting an intention

In July of 2010, after the birth of her second son, Andrea was preparing to go back to work in the pharmaceutical sales industry. As she studied to prepare for the new job she had accepted, her husband interrupted to tell her about a Company called Rodan + Fields. He’d learned about the business opportunity from his friend whose wife was a Consultant, and he wanted to gauge Andrea’s interest in starting her own business. “I thought he was crazy—I had no interest and was too focused on getting back to work in the industry I knew, so I dismissed the idea.”

Four years later, Andrea found herself looking for new opportunities. She’d had a third child by this point and was feeling rather burned out in the pharmaceutical world. “The nature of the healthcare industry had become a bit volatile, so I decided to see what else was out there.”  She had a year left on her contract and was ready to stay home with her kids, so she began researching businesses that would afford her that luxury. She presented a few options to her husband, but he saw flaws in several of the business models—the main one being that many would take her away from the family even more.


Andrea with her three boys.

In her search to find something that would be worth her time, but not dominate it, Andrea heard mention of Rodan + Fields, and recognizing the name, decided to learn more. “This time around, I was in a place where I was open to something new and ready to listen.” It didn’t take long for her to see how special the opportunity was. “For me, the ability to work around my kids, never miss a thing with them, volunteer at their school or in the community, and still do everything else I love to do—all while bringing in an income for my family—made it a no-brainer!”

Working with purpose

Andrea enrolled as an Independent Consultant in January of 2014 and, within 30 days, her business was profitable. “I jumped in and gave it my all—as I do with everything I take on.” Eager to educate herself about the business, she even drove from Louisiana to Mississippi for a Corporate Training Event in that first week. As she listened to people discuss programs and incentives, Andrea was impressed, but she wasn’t sure how likely those achievements were for someone like her. “But as soon as I started working, I realized the reality of it, as my business started to take off.”

Andrea continued to achieve milestones and constantly set bigger goals for herself, and five months in, she had surpassed her part-time pharmaceutical salary. A year later, she achieved Level V, working her business 10 hours a week. In the near future, she intends to retire from her pharmaceutical job, now that she has fully established the foundation for her business and has replaced her income. “The potential with this business is amazing—no matter who you are or when you start, there is so much you can achieve if your drive is strong enough.”


Andrea with some of her R+F team.

Extending her ambition

Andrea immediately recognized how her business could be an extension of her passion for serving others. Her career has always revolved around products intended to help people, but with R+F, she actually gets to see the results. “It’s an incredible process to witness how lives are changed from using these products. And it’s so rewarding to have a part in helping people feel good about themselves and to gain confidence—that is what pushes me forward each day. There is nothing like seeing people learn to love themselves—that is inspiring.”

With a background in sales, Andrea’s initial focus was on sharing the products, but as she eventually began to add business partners and develop her leadership skills, she found that building her team was far more rewarding than she expected. “When I saw what it was doing for other families—not just my own—that was a turning point for me. I realized that this was so much bigger than I’d imagined. Whether it’s working to help a teammate achieve a goal or building a relationship with someone who has allowed me into their life, what starts out as skincare grows into so much more.”


Andrea celebrating with her mentor and business partner at her Lexus event.

Conquering milestones

Andrea’s business keeps her motivated to constantly set and strive for new levels of success, knowing that she is not only helping her family, but having an effect on so many others as well. She is also motivated by the various opportunities and incentives that the Company offers, and recently, she earned an incentive trip to Mexico. “With three small kids, those types of vacations are normally not feasible for us. So I marked it on my calendar and decided I was going to work really hard to earn it—and I did!”


Andrea with her husband and their children–they are her motivation for success.

Over the last year, Andrea has found a sense of peace, and is comforted in the fact that she is providing for her family and setting a strong example for her kids. “The course of my life has prepared me for where I am today. I’ve worked past fears, doubts, and pushed myself outside of my comfort zone. Seeing my boys pretend to be R+F Consultants tells me that they’re paying attention—they’ve seen how far I’ve come, and they’re watching me go after a really big dream. I hope they take that mentality and carry it into their own lives. I want them to dream big, believe in the power of goal-setting, and know that, with hard work, they can achieve anything.”



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  1. Kathy says:

    Love Love this wonderful article. I am so proud of my beautiful daughter and all her accomplishments especially her Rodan + Fields business!
    Love you!

  2. Alexandra O'Gorman says:

    Andrea ~ I’m so happy for you and all you’re creating in your life! Congratulations on your successes and your lovely family too. Sending you much applause, Alexandra

  3. So cute, love how the boys are playing R+F!

  4. So happy for your success, Andrea. What a great story to share with others! Thank you!

  5. Andrea, thank you for sharing your story. You have a beautiful family. I’m afraid to fail with my own business and am having trouble setting goals. Any advice?

  6. Sarah Beyersdorf says:

    You are an inspiring lady!

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