Annie Roberts – A Safe Haven

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Monday, January 6th, 2014

“Being a mother has nothing to do with where your child came from; it’s about love.”

Annie Roberts’ life was forever changed when she spent a summer working in an orphanage in South Africa. The orphanage was for AIDS-abandoned children, and she went there to help as part of a college scholarship program. She comes from a family who has a history of adoption, and she has also volunteered in other orphanages, including one in Mississippi. Still, this particular orphanage in South Africa had a profound impact on her. Years later, she still values the experience as something that has motivated her to dream of eventually funding future adoption agencies. While that is still a number of years in the future, she is already laying the groundwork that will one day allow her dream to come to fruition. Meanwhile, at age twenty-eight, she is a busy working mother of two, and is still expanding her family.


Annie at the South African orphanage

When Annie was nine months pregnant with her second child, she became curious about a close friend’s Rodan + Fields® business. “This was someone who is a very trusted friend and mentor, and because she was doing this business it piqued my interest. It didn’t take me long to join her team when I saw the full potential of what this business opportunity could offer.” Impressed by the products and the Doctors behind the brand, she decided to start her own Rodan + Fields business.


Annie Roberts

Annie and her husband

She liked that the business model was based on relationships, and the idea of being a brand ambassador for great products  made it all the more appealing. Already in a successful career, her motivation to start this new venture initially came from nothing more than the excitement of doing something new and fun with a friend. “I knew the business opportunity had financial potential, but I originally just hoped for a little bit of extra income. I mostly liked the idea of having my own business and having fun with it, and having something to share with my friend.”

That original short-term idea has since shifted, and Annie’s Rodan + Fields business has exceeded her expectations, both financially and on a personal level. Eighteen months after enrolling as  an Independent Consultant, her business, which she still works in part-time hours around her career and motherhood, has become something much bigger. She hopes that the residual income she is creating now will one day provide the funds to support willing parents who are seeking to adopt.

“My vision of how I will make adoption easier for people, whether it is through an agency or a non-profit of some kind, is still a fledgling dream. I am not sure exactly what I will create, but I know what an amazing agency can do, and I am definitely interested in giving them my time, energy, and support.” She also plans to fund orphanages and other organizations that create safe places for children to go. “I would strive to be a part of creating safe havens for children who need care no matter what, and my Rodan + Fields business will make it easier for me to do so in a much larger capacity.”

Annie Roberts

Annie, helping others

Annie’s Rodan + Fields business has already allowed her and her husband to give more freely, and the residual income it provides has taken a lot of stress out of their lives. “We aren’t always on a budget now, and that allows us to provide so many more options for our kids and their future.” Her business has also meant that they don’t have her husband’s law school loans to worry about, and at the young age of twenty-eight, it’s a relief to know there is no debt looming ahead. She can focus on more important things in life, like family.

Annie Roberts

Annie and family

“My business has been rewarding in so many ways, and it has both inspired and surprised me. My team is the most supportive and encouraging group of women I have ever worked with, and I love the sense of community we have.” She notes that just like her, many of her teammates are already pursuing their own careers, and working this business around their lives is seamless. They are mothers, educators, engineers and professionals of all kinds who share a common goal of improving their lives, and making someone else’s a little better along the way. “Whether I can use this as a vehicle to help a child find a parent, or help make it easier for potential parents to bring children home, being able to play a part in that on a larger scale will be a dream come true for me.”



9 responses to “Annie Roberts – A Safe Haven”

  1. Thankful for your heart for the orphan. My husband and I are currentlyin the process of adopting. May God bless you and your family !

  2. Arden Wimberly says:

    Love you so much Annie and so proud to have you as a friend and mentor!

  3. Kerry Slaughter says:

    Annie is truly one of a kind. Getting to know her and calling her friend has been one of my favorite perks in this business. Her success is not at all surprising. She is a blessing to those on her team and even to her peers – like me. Keep it up Annie – can’t wait to see what you do next!

  4. Pam Kelly says:

    Thanks you for sharing your very motivational story. I am going to pass it on to some friends who are still wondering about Rodan + Fields and if this is for them.

  5. Dianne Dickey says:

    Hi Annie such a beautiful story. The Lord will bless you in so many ways.

  6. Danielle Osbrach says:

    Annie you are such an inspiration to us all and I am so amazed to have you as one of my leaders! I can’t wait to make a difference in others lives through R+F!

  7. Lisa Ross says:

    So proud of you Annie, and so thankful for your example. Oh, to think of how many people your story will impact and inspire! Congrats.

  8. Wesleigh Gary says:

    Annie you are a constant source of inspiration. You always lead by example and integrity and to see how much you have grown in your full time job and in this little side business is so impressive. Many congrats!

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