April Johnson – Have No Fear

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

Changing careers can be incredibly daunting. It’s often difficult to imagine doing something totally new, something you’ve never even dreamed of doing, and something completely different from your current life. This situation may be intimidating—but it can also be extremely rewarding.

A positive individual with a thirst for new experiences, April Johnson was making the most of a difficult situation in her career. Working as a part-time nurse, while battling cystic fibrosis, was starting to weigh heavily on April’s body and mind. Despite her condition, April was unwilling to let fear hold her back and embraced change when a connection introduced her to a whole new opportunity.

Consultant April Johnson And Husband

Serving others in a brand new way

Growing up, April frequented the hospital’s cystic fibrosis clinic, and knew that she would one day become a nurse herself. As an adult, she felt a deep sense of accomplishment doing something she was good at: working with infants in the NICU. However, the stress of nursing, and accepting patients’ difficult prognoses, was starting to negatively affect April’s body and her emotional well-being. She loved serving others, but the stress was causing her health to suffer and her skin was breaking out with adult acne. “I want to love nursing, but it’s so hard on me. I’m to the point where I don’t love it anymore, because of the negative impact it’s had on my personal health.”

Determined to make a meaningful living, April looked to transition to a less mentally and physically draining career. It was around this time that April’s former dance teacher introduced her to Rodan + Fields® skincare products and recommended the UNBLEMISH Regimen. She was amazed at its transformative success on her skin’s appearance, and needed very little convincing that the business might be the transition she was seeking. In February of 2016, April became a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant and started helping people in an entirely new way.

Consultant April Johnson Swimming

April Johnson swimming while on vacation

She started her R+F business quickly, purchased the largest enrollment kit available, and earned back her investment in just two months, working 5-8 hours per week. “I like to plunge into things without knowing what’s going to happen,” she says, and she means it. With her one-year anniversary approaching, April was surprised to find “I’m actually kind of good at this, and I love it!” April hopes to get her business to where she can stop working as a nurse altogether, making Rodan + Fields her full-time career by the time she and her husband have children. She’s excited about working in a fulfilling profession that leaves plenty of time for her family.

April’s new path has also helped her recognize a “hidden potential” within herself. “I didn’t realize how much it was going to change my life and my perspective of who I thought I was and what I could become. Now I own a business! That’s something I never thought I could do.” Now, this passionate introvert who struggled early on even talking about her business, is finding the courage and confidence to reach out and begin building her team in earnest.

Consultant April Johnson Eating Ice Cream

April Johnson and husband enjoying ice cream

Enjoying a brand new community

April didn’t build her new life entirely on her own, however. She gratefully mentions that team leaders Katie Gibson and Melissa Delk and Sponsor Julie Sizemore truly helped pave the way for her own success. April notes, “They’re such good leaders, and they’re honestly the reason I do so well!” She tries to emulate her role models’ genuine and authentic approach to the Rodan + Fields business every day.

When advising other aspiring Consultants, April says that “training calls are one of the most motivational things” for her. Every week she listens in on one of these training sessions, which inspires her to continue with her work. Katie’s bi-weekly coaching calls and Melissa’s encouragement helped April gain confidence. She recommends “getting plugged in” to various R+F training opportunities as a way to feel encouraged and inspired by the successes and advice of other Consultants in the field.

Being connected to the Rodan + Fields community also helped April on a more personal level. She’s making meaningful connections that have helped break her out of her shell. She especially enjoys participating in a personal development book club with Melissa and other team members each month, which adds a whole new layer to her success story.

Consultant April Johnson Snorkeling

April Johnson enjoying the ocean with her husband

A brand new outlook on the future

“It’s crazy what my R+F business has done for me,” April marvels. Her newfound confidence has changed her career path for the better and introduced her to a community of lifelong friends, and her earnings are assisting her and fiancé Austin in paying for their quickly approaching wedding. April looks forward to raising a family within the supportive Rodan + Fields community, and to where this inspiring career path may take her.

“What’s great about R+F is it’s another way for me to feel like I’m helping people,” April explains. She gets to help others boost their confidence as the appearance of their skin improves, just like her own did. She also loves watching her team members succeed in other areas of their lives and move forward with their businesses. This career shift made April excited about the future again. “It’s a whole different kind of helping people,” April laughs, and she’s happy to be making a difference in the lives of those around her.


The information, materials and views provided by a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant during this presentation are her or his own and do not necessarily represent the views of Rodan + Fields. Rodan + Fields makes no representations about the accuracy of the information. The stories shared may be atypical experiences among Consultants who join the business. Actual earnings vary significantly, and no income is promised or guaranteed. Potential Consultants are urged to perform their own due diligence prior to making any decision to participate.

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For information regarding earnings under the Canada R+F Compensation Plan, see the Income Disclosure Statement. We estimate that in Canada the typical plan participant will earn between $1,700 and $2,000 CAD per year.



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  1. Lisa O'Hara says:

    Loved this!! It covers all the aspects of how and why people should become a consultant with R+F!

  2. Jaye says:

    Great account of how adding Rodan and Fields to an already full plate could actually result in reducing stress!

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    I love everything about this. April is the prime example of how a positive attitude, dedication and passion can turn into. I am so proud of you April!

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