April Scheuneman – Building Confidence Through a New Adventure

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Thursday, February 16th, 2017

We all feel overwhelmed at times, and a new challenge or a new passion can sometimes redirect our paths and ease the effects of anxiety. When pushed out of our comfort zones we often surprise ourselves with how much we really are capable of, and how we really can overcome those things that scare us. April Scheuneman has experienced that firsthand, by embarking on a new and exciting adventure that has helped her conquer her fears while building a fruitful career.

april scheunemanA welcome change

Before she started with Rodan + Fields, April was spending most of her time at home with her three children. She’d left work unexpectedly in 2009 due to a traumatic experience with a colleague, which had caused her a great deal of anxiety and stress. She loved the time with her children, but she also knew that she needed to overcome her social phobia—she just wasn’t sure how. Getting back out into the world seemed so daunting. “I had spent a lot of time at home with my children, and I wouldn’t really go out much. I knew it would take a lot to overcome that.”

April's Family, December 2014

April’s Family, December 2014

One day in 2015, her childhood friend Brianne Bier reached out to tell her about a skincare company, Rodan + Fields, which had just launched in Canada. Eager to try the products, April put in an order for a mini facial, and sent Brianne some referrals who she thought might be interested, too. Brianne was immediately impressed by April’s enthusiasm, and suggested she sign up as an Independent Consultant herself. Realizing then that this was a great opportunity to challenge herself to overcome the anxiety that had been holding her back, April seized the chance. It was perfect timing: her twins were starting school that year and she would have less on her plate, so she dove right in. She ordered a business kit and her business “just kind of took off!”

Facing her fears head on

Within two months, working about ten hours a week, April had earned back the cost of her business kit, and proved to herself that she could succeed and prosper with her new venture. She also quickly realized what her business could do for her personal development, in allowing her to rebuild a social life and regain her courage. “My R+F business got me back mingling and getting to know new people. It got me back out into the world.” She quickly built a large and reliable Preferred Customer base, and this solid foundation has been key to her success. Their loyalty, she says, reflects that people really trust her. “My friends, whether new or old, trust me, and know I wouldn’t involve them if it wasn’t something I truly believed in.” In building her R+F business, and interacting with her colleagues and clients, she has overcome her fears and achieved goals she had thought were impossible. “I’m doing things that I would never have done before. The people I have met through this business have inspired me, pushed me out of my comfort zone, and boosted my confidence enormously.”

April and her husband

Loving her life—and the love of her life & best friend, Shawn

Last year, April earned a training session with R+F’s local Regional Director, Kerri Stone. This was a huge honor for April. During their session, Kerri suggested that April speak at a Rodan + Fields event the following day about how she had developed such a strong core of PCs. It was a terrifying idea for April—she had always been afraid of public speaking, even in high school, where she “was happy to lose marks if it meant not having to speak in front of the class.” But Kerri believed in her, and urged her to try it. So April did it, and it was a momentous occasion for her. “I had never spoken in front of anyone, and only had a few hours to prepare. It was a huge challenge for me.” With Kerri supporting and guiding her along the way, she faced her fears. “It was very emotional, and I had tears running down my face throughout, but I got through it.” Since then, she’s spoken in front of other Rodan + Fields Consultants at a business launch, and is proud to say that she now has much more confidence in her abilities, and is looking forward to the next challenge. “I am ready and able to do it again when the time comes.”

A new lease on confidence

Over the past two years, April has steadily built her business, working ten hours a week from home while looking after her children. She has made many new friends, and rekindled old friendships from her youth. “My R+F business has helped me to not be scared anymore. It’s really nice to reconnect with old school friends, and to be able to help people address their skin concerns.” After she gave another talk at an R+F event, a woman in the crowd stood up and said that without April’s inspiration, she never would have joined R+F, and never would have improved her own situation. “That brought me such joy, to find out I was touching people’s lives without even knowing it. It gave me amazing confidence.”

R+F Consultant April Scheuneman

April and her children on their 2016 family vacation

Now that her youngest has also started school, April is using her newfound confidence to spread her social circle even further, and revels in her ability to be involved in her children’s school lives. She volunteers there as an educational assistant for an hour a day, helping out where she is needed, and recently became president of the school council. “In my previous life, before R+F, these achievements would have been unimaginable. They would have been a terrifying prospect—but now, they’re a great joy.”


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  1. Tonia Dimitropoulos says:

    I am so inspired by all your stories.
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  2. Raewyn says:

    Great to hear a fellow Canadian success story April! So glad you’ve made a comeback after your employee experiece and been an inspirational speaker for us as well. See you in Vegas!

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