Ashley Boyer – Stretching the Imagination and Achieving New Balance

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

We never know what we are capable of until we try something new. Maybe it’s something that was never even on our radar, that we never imagined we’d be interested in (much less excel at). But once we get started, we really surprise ourselves. Sometimes all it takes is an extra little push to get us to realize our own potential.

Ashley Boyer and her husband met in law school, and both went on to work in the legal profession—Ashley as a public defender and her husband Tim as a prosecutor. Between work and raising their two young children, Thomas, 3, and John Daniel, 2, Ashley kept busy, practicing yoga to find and maintain balance and calm. For years she was content with her full life and had no intentions of shaking things up or trying something new. But then an opportunity came along that she just couldn’t pass up.Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant Ashley Boyer

A journey of self-discovery

Over the years, Ashley had watched her sister Jennifer’s Rodan + Fields® business grow. She was impressed by her sister’s success, but didn’t feel the business was for her. In June of 2014, Jennifer sent her some products to try out. But even after using the products and experiencing great results, Ashley still wasn’t interested in becoming a Consultant.

But then things changed when Tim lost his job. They reevaluated their income and realized that they had very little savings, and lots of bills to pay each month. They had law school loans, a mortgage, and their youngest son, John Daniel, only 6 months old at the time, was very ill. He has a primary immunodeficiency disorder, and the medical bills were stacking up.Tim fortunately got a new job within three weeks, but it was a very scary and stressful time for them both. Ashley says it was then that she decided another stream of income was necessary.

R+F Consultant Ashley Boyer and her family

Ashley and her husband, Tim, enjoying Halloween this year with Thomas and John Daniel.

After racking her brain, she saw what had been in front of her eyes for years. “There it was, sitting on my countertop all along.” So in September of last year, she took the plunge and started her R+F adventure as an Independent Consultant. “I ran with it and never looked back,” she remembers with enthusiasm.

The benefits of flexibility

It was an incredible feeling for Ashley to discover a side to herself that she never knew existed. She never thought that she had it in her to be a successful entrepreneur, and her R+F experience has given her such valuable rewards that she doesn’t know how she lived without it.

Her transformation was not a tough one, and she attributes this to the quality of the R+F product. “The product speaks for itself—once people try it they are sold,” she enthuses. She describes her role with R+F as “more like sharing a favorite recipe with friends” than being a “salesperson.”

She still works as a full-time public defender, and works her Rodan + Fields business 10-15 hours per week around her existing schedule. She works in the evenings when the kids go to bed, or when she has a free hour or two during the weekend (her children’s nap time has become precious R+F time). She has made great relationships with women all over the country, and her experience helping people has been inspiring.

Having her sister work in the same business as her (Jennifer is now an RFx  Consultant) has been a great advantage, and a lot of fun. Although they live in separate states and don’t often see each other, they now interact much more regularly. Also, as of last month, Ashley’s husband Tim has become her R+F business partner, making this even more of a family endeavor.

R+F Consultants Ashley Boyer with others

Ashley, her first business partner and college roommate, Emily Kain-Meissner, and sister RFx achiever Jennifer Wall at a team retreat.

A more comfortable position

Now that Ashley has a steady stream of income from her R+F work, she can relax and breathe more easily (precisely what her yoga has long been encouraging). The extra money allows her to travel and see her family more frequently, and she hopes to take her children around the United States as they grow up. Her R+F business has also helped to relieve the pressure of her law school loans—in fact, she even has earnings left over now to support charitable causes. And there is one worthy cause which is very close to Ashley’s heart.

Rodan+Fields Consultant Ashley Boyer and children

Ashley’s favorite times are enjoying her children.

Ashley’s mother, Lynn Daniel, founded and runs a charity food pantry and drug rehabilitation program in Monroe, Louisiana. Ashley brims with pride when she says “my mother is the strongest, most determined person I know.” And now, with the extra financial freedom that Ashley has gained from her R+F business, she is proud to be able to help her mother continue this amazing work and look toward a future in which Ashley and her family can enjoy more time in each other’s company doing what they love.



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