Ashley Jett – Believing in the Possibility of More

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Tuesday, July 5th, 2016

Ashley Jett had a happy, fulfilled life. She was content staying home with her kids and didn’t feel the need to add anything else to her plate. When she learned of a business opportunity that she could work on her own terms, around her schedule, she figured she’d give it a try. She hadn’t planned to build a large organization, but as her business grew, she saw the potential to create something substantial for her family. With a newfound belief in herself, Ashley set out to achieve more than she’d ever imagined possible.


Ashley with her husband and children.

Trying something new

Once they were married, Ashley and her husband, Lane, moved every two years for Lane’s job. In each new city, Ashley found herself working at various insurance and mortgage companies. Then, in 2005, she became pregnant with their first child. Lane accepted a new job in Fort Worth, Texas, so that Ashley could stay home and, three years after that, they had twins.

In 2014, Ashley noticed that a friend had posted on Facebook about Rodan + Fields®. “I had bad sun damage, so I decided to try the REVERSE Regimen.” Ashley was impressed with the results. “I had no intention of starting a business or building a team, but I figured I might as well get a discount on my products.”

Embracing the opportunity

That May, Ashley enrolled as an Independent Consultant. A few weeks later, a friend, who had been using the UNBLEMISH Regimen for her acne, called to say she wanted to join her in business. “That really motivated me to run with the opportunity. She became my power partner, and it’s been incredible to grow our organizations together.”

With a degree in sociology, Ashley has always gravitated toward service-oriented positions. “At first, I was worried about the idea of sales, but I quickly realized that it’s not about selling. It’s about sharing something I love and then getting to provide great service to my Customers…and being a leader and mentor for my team.”


Ashley with her R+F teammates.

Encouraging growth

Six months into her business, Ashley attended a Lexus Achievement party for one of her teammates. “That truly changed my belief in what was possible with this opportunity. I never doubted the Doctors or the business model, but I didn’t really see myself going for those huge milestones. But, when I met all of these incredible people who were achieving amazing things and who were just like me, I realized this opportunity was huge and success was completely within my reach.”

In December of 2014, the Jetts relocated yet again, this time to Little Rock, Arkansas. “We had to make some adjustments that we hadn’t planned on, but thankfully, we had my R+F income and the transition went smoothly. With each move, my children’s education remains a top priority, and it’s been a relief to not have to worry about finding a school. We can now afford to send them to the school of our choice.”

The following July, working 10 to 15 hours a week, Ashley achieved Level V Title status. “This experience has completely changed what I’m able to do for my family—we’re now saving for our children’s college tuition and are able to send them to camp this summer. And my R+F income is paying for our annual beach trip this year.”


Ashley at the R+F Home Office.

Lane’s job will require another move to Dallas, Texas, this summer, but Ashley is confident that the move will only expand her network and help her grow. “The last move showed me how easy it is to take my business wherever I go and since it’s virtual, my Customers and business partners don’t have to live close.”

Gaining confidence

Ashley’s business provides her with a sense of accomplishment that she didn’t realize she was missing. “As a mom, you don’t always receive recognition for what you do, and I forgot how nice that feels. With R+F, I’m rewarded for my achievements, and I’m surrounded by such positive, uplifting people who are constantly cheering me on and inspiring me. My teammates’ encouragement gave me the confidence I needed to succeed, and now I look forward to passing that gift on to others who need help believing in themselves.”

Having something of her own has also given her a way to set an example for her children. “It’s important that they’re seeing me build something on my own terms that’s helping our family—after so many years of giving my all to only them, it’s good for them to see me doing something for others as well.”


The Jett Family.

Exceeding expectations

Ashley’s business gives her the chance to open people’s minds to something new. “We all have things we secretly wish were different for our families—whether it’s being able to pay for our children’s activities or taking a vacation or just having a little extra each month. We often don’t talk about these things openly because we’re scared to admit that we’re looking for a change. For anyone who’s ready to believe that there is more out there for them, this opportunity can help you achieve it. It’s all about mindset. Once you believe in yourself, you really can accomplish whatever you set out to do.”

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  1. Michelle Johnston says:

    Love your story! Especially what you said about “mindset” – it is so true! Congratulations!

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    You are a joy and such a wonderful friend! So happy for you and your beautiful family!!!

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    Great story! So happy to hear about your continued success!

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    I love your story!

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    Your story is inspiring. It’s interesting to see how far you’ve come from just wanting to get a discount on your own products. Thanks for sharing it.

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