Ashley Massi – Taking Family Tradition in a Whole New Direction
Thursday, July 13, 2017

Experiences are invaluable and we all want to give our kids unforgettable memories to remember from their childhood. Thanks to her newfound business success, Ashley Massi is doing just that. 

R+F Consultant Ashley Massi headshot

An irrepressible motivation

Ashley studied public relations in college and by her late twenties was regularly working 70 to 80 hour weeks for a PR agency in her hometown. She thrived in the high-intensity environment, but when they had their first baby, she and her husband, Dominic, reassessed their situation. “We took a long look at our finances and decided that we would forego my income so I could become a stay-at-home mom.” And while she loved being home with her new baby, she soon found that it was not what she had expected. Having such a strong entrepreneurial spirit, she soon got restless for a new challenge. “I very quickly began to miss the adult interaction and the ability to contribute to my family’s bottom line.”

It didn’t take her long to find a project that she had a passion for, and within months she had started a new company, designing and distributing baby blankets. The company thrived, and by the time she closed up shop, her blankets were sold in fourteen stores across the U.S. The success, though, was hard-earned; the work was demanding and time-consuming, and the margins were narrow. “I was barely scraping by and investing too much time in it. It was straining me both personally and financially.”

Addison and Dominic Massi

Addison and Dominic Massi

An inherited talent

That experience didn’t put her off her search for the ideal business opportunity, though—in fact, it taught her a lot. She learned that it was possible to run a business from home, if one could just find the right balance. It was then that she heard the story of Kyla Mowrer, the wife of her husband’s friend. Kyla, an attorney with her own successful practice, was someone whom Ashley respected so when she heard that Kyla and her sister had gone into business as Independent Consultants with Rodan + Fields®, Ashley knew she wanted in on the action. “I asked myself: ‘What is a successful attorney doing selling skincare?’ And it clicked with me that this must really be something special.” On Valentine’s Day 2014, she signed up, and issued herself a personal challenge—to recoup the cost of her Business Kit within a month. Just 17 days later, Ashley had earned back more than her initial investment, and was the proud founder of a budding skincare business.

Ashley's team (the Good Life Group) on their first leadership retreat in Utah

Ashley’s team (the Good Life Group) on their first leadership retreat in Utah

Ashley attributes her success to an innate and uncontainable drive to achieve, something which she says comes naturally to her. “Most of my family are entrepreneurs. My dad runs his own business, and my mom has founded and run several different companies. It’s in my blood to be my own boss.” She is, however, quick to point out that building her business has taken real dedication. “I have built this business from the carpool line at school, from the sidelines of the tennis courts as my kids played, and even while on vacation. I don’t want to sugar-coat it, I have made sacrifices and it has been tough work.” But being her own boss has also been an incredibly rewarding experience for Ashley and her family. 

Ashley, Addison, Dominic & Dominic Massi on a Disney Cruise

Ashley, Addison, Dominic & Dominic Massi on a Disney Cruise

Passing on the rewards

Starting out, Ashley would work 5-10 hours a week, but as her team grew and her children started school, she increased her hours to 25 per week. She now has more than 300 team members, and just qualified for her Lexus. Working from home gives her the daily luxury of hanging out with her kids, as well as the ability to afford those special experiences with them. “We’re collecting moments, not things, because of R+F and for that I will be eternally grateful.”

But the greatest reward of all, she says, is the ability to give to good causes. Two years ago, while deciding what to give as Christmas presents to her team, she chose to ‘adopt’ a local family through an organization that supports abused women and children. And for the past year-and-a-half she has also taken charge of the food bank for a children’s cancer foundation. “It’s a huge project, much bigger than I imagined. I’m lucky to have a community of sponsors and donors who help with the funding.” To her delight, her R+F team also helps her out. “Just this morning some Consultants from my team came down and helped me load and unload the groceries. It feels so good to be able to help those in need—gifting really is my love language.”


Tell Me More…

Traits you most admire in others? Grit and loyalty.

Your biggest splurge? Hotel rooms!

Where would you most like to live? At the beach January to May, and in the mountains June to December.

What is your dream R+F trip destination? Asia. I can’t wait to travel the globe with Rodan + Fields.

What is your favorite R+F product? REVERSE Lightening Regimen, it changed my skin’s appearance and changed my life.


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