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Posted by Rodan + Fields on Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

“Faith is carrying an umbrella, even when there is no rain in the forecast.” That is how Barbie Bassett defines faith on her blog, Barbie’s Forecasts and Faith. For the past seventeen years, Barbie’s familiar smile has appeared on television screens in living rooms in Tennessee and Mississippi. For most of those years, she graced the WLBT local news channel in Jackson, forecasting the weather and brightening the days of her fellow residents in ways that extend beyond meteorology. She writes about her spiritual journey on her blog, and talks about spiritual growth and personal goal setting at conferences and events around the southeast. She has also published two books on spirituality and faith. Her latest publication, Carry an Umbrella When There’s No Rain in the Forecast is a daily devotional about keeping faith during trying times.

Barbie Bassett

Barbie has held onto her faith during life’s storms. A few years ago, she miscarried a baby girl who would have been her second child. The enormity of such a loss can be emotionally crippling, and that is when it is most difficult to have faith that something good can come your way again. Barbie resolved to reach out to others instead of disappearing behind a great grey cloud of depression. She has always been active as a volunteer in her community and is very involved with her church. Because of her on-camera appearances everyday as a weather forecaster, she is visible to people who see her as a shining light during their dark and dreary days. Barbie shares stories of visiting hospital patients, and tells one particularly compelling story on her website about a young stroke victim whose family requested Barbie’s visit. Although he couldn’t speak, his eyes lit up when she entered the room. She shares, “You could see the life behind his eyes. When I got ready to leave I told him that I hoped he enjoyed our visit, and I knew he did because he squeezed my hand.” She believes in the importance of taking time out of your day to reach out to others. She says in a video interview, “You have these moments when you take five or ten minutes out of your day. And five or ten minutes is a long time for a working mother. But when you take the time out of your day to do something like that, and you walk away and think, this is what I was created to do.”

Barbie Bassett
A busy mother of three, Barbie has divided her days into home schooling all three of her children in the mornings, and forecasting the weather in the afternoon and evenings. She would never have wanted it any other way, but a few years ago she began to feel that she wanted to spread her wings a little more, and to find a way to be able to give more of her time helping others. She had a bigger vision than short visits to hospital rooms. She envisioned mission trips and financial donations to organizations she believed in. How she would reach her ambition was unknown to her, but she had faith that the extended forecast foretold her brightest days.

Barbie Bassett Family

In 2011, the winds of good fortune ushered in a new career opportunity for Barbie when a complete stranger introduced her to Rodan + Fields. She recalls not being able to get the opportunity out of her mind, and says, “I knew God was about to enlarge my territory.” A year later, she had already surpassed her television income and had earned a Level V status as an Independent Consultant for Rodan + Fields. She continues to be showered with success and earns a six figure income today that she says has helped her give in ways she never could before. She has since retired from her television career, though she still makes occasional appearances. Now she can devote more of her time to her family and church, and she embraces this new time in her life. “Seasons change,” she reflects. “They don’t last forever. And just as seasons change with the weather, seasons change in our lives as well.”

Barbie Bassett
Barbie understands that life can be unpredictable. Like weather patterns, our lives can suddenly change without warning, and a storm can surge from what we thought was only a drizzle of rain. There can be long dry spells, and times when we thirst for something good to happen to us, longing for the universe to shower us with happiness. Everyone wants to feel the complete carefree joy of dancing in the rain. But during a drought, it can be easy to lose faith that the heavens will open up for us again. That is why Barbie encourages everyone to carry an umbrella, to expect a shower of blessings even if there is no rain in the forecast.

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  1. Misty Jabour says:

    So extremely proud of you Barbie and even more proud to be apart of your team! Thanks for ALL your faith and encouragement you provide us daily! xoxo

  2. Margaret Ann Harrison says:

    God Bless You, Barbie!!

  3. Christy Connolly says:

    What a beautiful story Barbie! Rodan+Fields is so amazing and I am so proud to be a part of it. Continue to do your best work and to inspire others to do theirs!

  4. Dinah Smith says:

    Inspiring story ! So proud to be on Barbie’s team !

  5. Catina Mack says:

    Barbie – you are truly an inspiration to so many and I am looking forward to giving you a big hug in January!! God Bless You and your beautiful family!! xo

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I found it very inspiring. I am proud to be working with people like you!

  7. Thank you for coming to The Barn in Westerville, Ohio and telling us your story! We love you Barbie Basset!

  8. Barbie, I admire you and all that you do for others .
    Congratulations and wishing you much continued success.
    Suzanne Flynn

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