Becky Cox – Teaching Success the Simple Way
Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Becky Cox

Becky was leading a full and very busy life four years ago. A full time first grade teacher, she dedicated most of the time she wasn’t at school to her three grandchildren. Being a devoted grandmother, no one could blame her for wanting to keep as much of her schedule open for her grandchildren as she could. She had no interest in adding anything more to her plate, and certainly wasn’t interested in any extra work. Her life was complete just the way it was. Which is why, when an acquaintance phoned to share a business with her and her husband, she wanted to decline right away. She was apprehensive when her husband urged her to consider it, certain that she would never have the time to fit it into her life even if she wanted to. “I agreed to at least take a look at the website, but only so that I could tell her why I wasn’t interested.” Unexpectedly, however, as she browsed the Rodan + Fields® Company website, she became intrigued by all of the success stories. Later, after speaking again with her friend, Becky was convinced that she didn’t want to miss out on what could be a very exciting venture. Encouraged by the money back guarantee that came with the starter kit, (and with a little nudge from her husband), she placed her order.

“I was extremely impressed by our REVERSE products, because it literally erased all of the sun damage I had on my face within a matter of weeks.” Now that she felt confident in the products, she began gaining confidence in the Company and how she would work her business. She realized that being one of the first Independent Consultants in her area was exciting, but it was also going to mean a lot of hard work. “Frankly, it was a struggle the first two years. Things moved very slowly in the beginning, but I never once considered quitting. I knew that I had made a commitment to make this work, and I knew I would.” When she felt discouraged, she remembered what her husband had told her initially when he convinced her to sign up. He had assured her then that if she would just commit to this now, she’d see the rewards of the business. And she kept that in the back of her mind in these early days, when it all felt like an uphill climb.

Becky and family

Becky and family

Four years later, Becky has seen those rewards, and her schedule is still just as happily busy. She teaches her first grade class, spends just as much time with her grandchildren, and all the while she’s working at her very successful Rodan + Fields business part-time. When asked in a recent interview how she managed to grow a business she didn’t think she had time for and struggled with in the beginning, she is candid about how she made it work. “I honestly don’t have ten hours a week to work at it. I know that many Consultants devote ten or fifteen, but I have around five, and I live by the philosophy of making the most of my time, even if it’s only five hours week.” Naturally a sociable person, she uses that trait to strike up conversations with people everywhere. Whether she is at school or on vacation in a hotel lobby, she shares the business as often as possible. And it has gotten much easier over the years. “It’s just a natural part of my life now,” she explains. It helps that her husband can support her efforts, making calls for her while she’s at school and supporting and encouraging their team. In that way, it has become a family business.

Time with the grandkids

Time with the grandkids

Her advice to people considering the business for themselves is to approach it with confidence and determination. She emphasizes that being fully trained before starting is not important, because this business is simple, and improvement comes with time. “Even if you don’t know what you’re doing at first, it’s really okay to learn at your own pace. Jump right in, get out there, and start sharing this exciting opportunity, because we are building a legacy – a Company that will be here for generations to come.”


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12 responses to “Becky Cox – Teaching Success the Simple Way”

  1. Tammy Cordes says:

    Congratulations Becky and Ron on all of your success! Adore you two!!

  2. BECKY, I read every inspiring story… but yours touched me the most. I have a hard time finding the hours each week also but I keep plugging along with the faith that I’ll get there it will just be slower than everybody else. Thank you for sharing your story!

  3. Terry Resnick Lehman says:

    Your story is one I can relate to and am thrilled for your success! Thank you for sharing your journey.

  4. Carolyn Boughtman says:

    Love your story Becky! We always hear the stories of how fast people succeed which can be discouraging at times. Glad to see I am not the only one getting there at a slower pace.

  5. Hi Becky, thank you for your story and congrats on your success. I’m a year and a half in the biz and it has been slow for me as well. Right now I have to put my biz on hold due to parents who are both in poor health. My extra time right now is not my own because I spend it with them and their needs. I look forward to restarting after the first of the year!!!

  6. Elaine Merella says:

    Hi Becky I can relate to your story.You were the uplift I needed!Thanks for sharing.

  7. Michelle says:

    I just signed on with RF and I’m a first grade teacher. I have been frustrated to read of all the “fast and instant” success of people…I have not been successful yet. I’m glad to read some honesty that it took you a couple of years to get going. I hope that’s me!

  8. Kathryn Adams says:

    Hi Becky, I enjoyed talking with you on the phone. You and Ron look great. Congratulations on your Lexus and success in the business. I look forward to talking with you more soon. Kathryn

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