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Posted by Rodan + Fields on Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

Finding our groove—our ‘one true calling in life,’ can be hard work. Many people never find it, but for those who do eventually find that perfect position, the rewards are worth the wait. Beth Ciovacco is a testament to this. She worked various jobs after leaving college, but never quite settled into her ideal niche until she discovered Rodan + Fields and realized her idea of a perfect career really did exist.

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A long search

Over the years, Beth held several jobs in marketing, but none of them were quite what she was looking for. “Either the people were great but the work wasn’t interesting or challenging, or the work was ideal, but the team dynamic was lacking.” Ten years ago, she found what she felt was the perfect job. She was marketing a new and exciting product, and the team around her was fun and friendly. But there was a hitch. She had just met her husband-to-be, Peter, and her job required her to travel regularly, meaning she was hardly ever at home to see him. She had to make the tough decision to change jobs in order to spend time with the man she loved.

Her new position did little to challenge or motivate her, so she ended up bouncing around between jobs again. After she had their first son she decided to make a stand, vowing to find something she was truly passionate about. She and her husband considered several options that would allow her to work and be at home with their baby. “Basically, I knew I needed a change, and it was time to find something totally new.” Then one day in April 2012, something came along that sparked an unparalleled enthusiasm in her.

Beth with her family

Beth with her family

An exciting and unplanned new direction

For months, Beth noticed her friend, Deena Aguado, posting on social media about Rodan + Fields, and it piqued her interest. After seeing a post about an Independent Consultant earning a Lexus as a reward for her work, she was convinced to sign up and give it a go. She had a four-month-old son, so she needed something she could do from home, but also wanted something that really excited her, and R+F sounded ideal. “I saw that this was something I could really be passionate about, and could allow me to control my own destiny.”

Early on, Beth worked her business “more like a hobby,” working about five hours a week. A year in, however, that changed when she went to the R+F Convention in Dallas. Seeing the success of the other Consultants made a strong impression on her, and kick started her motivation to achieve more. “It just felt like a class act, it was so sophisticated and fun. It was then that I saw the real opportunities this business could bring.” On returning home, she upped her hours to 15 per week, it soon started to pay off and her business began to flourish.

Beth celebrating Lexus with her team

Beth celebrating Lexus with her team

Personal development through business success

Beth and her husband now have three sons, and this summer the couple are embarking on a dream renovation on their home, thanks to the couple’s hard work. She is even prouder, though, of her own personal development since joining the Company. Once a shy and quiet individual, her experience running her own skincare business has helped her come out of her shell, and given her a newfound confidence in herself. “With R+F, I have to push myself out of my comfort zone. Even though it scares me sometimes, I persevere, both for myself and for my team.”

The positive feedback she receives when she speaks at presentations and corporate events gives her a boost and further buoys her spirits. “Being a successful businesswoman has also given me confidence in my everyday life—I am now more of a contributor, much more likely to pitch in on a conversation at a dinner party.”

Elite V trip - Beth and hubby Peter Ciovacco

Elite V trip – Beth and hubby Peter Ciovacco

Ice cream dreams

Looking to the future, Beth dreams of one day using her R+F income to accomplish something very special for her eldest son. His severe peanut allergy means they have to be very careful about eating out, and ice cream shops are particularly difficult. Beth’s dream is to someday open a nut-free ice cream shop in their town, so he and others with allergies can enjoy the treat to their heart’s content.

Beth is pleased to say that she has finally found her ‘Goldilocks’ career, one that is just the right fit for her and her family. “I’m challenged in my work, interactive with my team, and get to grow my own business, but I am also at home with my children every day.” After years of searching for her true vocation, she has finally found it and is loving every minute. “This is the full package. I love my work and my colleagues, I achieve my goals, and I truly believe in the business.”


Tell Me More…

Where do you draw your inspiration from in life? Experiences. Family. Kids.

Where would you most like to live? Near the ocean with my family.

Best concert you’ve ever seen? I’m a country girl—Kenny Chesney.

What is your best R+F experience? Arriving in Maui with my husband for the all-expense-paid Elite V trip.

What is your dream R+F trip destination? Italy. But honestly I could go anywhere—it’s the people that make the experience, not the actual destination.


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