Bridget Cavanaugh – Championing the Dreams of Others

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Wednesday, December 27th, 2017

According to Bridget Cavanaugh, Rodan + Fields came into her life at a really good time. She was at the top of her marketing career but feeling the strain. “I had a lot of fatigue and felt like a hamster on the corporate wheel. I didn’t know any other way until I had a single conversation with Romi Neustadt. That’s the power of our business!” Bridget met Romi over coffee to discuss the skincare business her friend had recently launched, and came away with an entirely new plan for her own future.

R+F Consultant Bridget Cavanaugh Headshot

A surprising path

For Bridget, the decision to sign up as an Independent Consultant was simple. “In that moment, all my other bosses and companies flashed before my eyes. I remembered all the ‘stars’ I’d hitched my wagon to, seeking prosperity and growth. I was instantly inspired by the Doctors’ track record and their vision of empowerment and independence. I joined that day!  September 15, 2009 is my Rodan-iversary, a day that will go down in history! Aside from family birthdays, it’s the most important moment of my life.”

Bridget wasted no time sharing her newfound business with all of the talented professionals in her network. “My mind was on fire with outright insomnia. I jumped into action right away. Changing careers in such a dramatic way meant that my own professional ego was the biggest challenge. I laugh about it now, but at the time it was a big shift for me to really accept that this was a powerful path that I was going down. Even so, I’m pretty sure I signed my first business partner before my kit arrived!”

R+F Consultant Bridget Cavanaugh with other leaders

Bridget, Romi and their power partners at Convention

Pursuing her passion

Ultra-motivated to keep pace with her friend Romi, Bridget poured energy into her team members and into learning what it took to be successful. However, she still felt like she had to hold on to her day job for a little longer in order to support her family. “I like to say I had an affair with my R+F business. I’d sneak off on my lunch hour, tuna sandwich in hand, because I loved the work so much. It became really clear to me at the one-year mark that every hour that I invested in my business could compound in interest over time. I was finally able to leave my coveted but constricting career 14 months into the business. That was a moment of total and complete freedom.”

With the support of her loving husband, Arnie Duncan, Bridget increased her efforts to 30 hours per week and started focusing more on activities she hadn’t previously had time for. “I diverted the hours I spent in the office to training others, developing as a leader, and focusing on personal development—while still being home when my ecstatically surprised kids got off the school bus.” Improved health and other personal passions became immediate priorities for this entrepreneur.

R+F Consultant Bridget Cavanaugh with her children

Bridget and her kids at home in Montana

Hard-earned success

It took four years of dedicated business building to fulfill Bridget’s dream of becoming an RFX Circle Achiever. “It was one of the few times in my life that I set a goal and didn’t meet it right away. But it taught me so much, and I always like to share this with people. It felt like I set my sights on the stars, landed on the moon, and the moon was awesome. I didn’t meet my goal in time to go to Bora Bora, but shooting for RFX got me to Elite and an all-expense paid trip to Maui. That’s the great thing about Rodan + Fields! You really can set big goals, because all of our programs work in tandem to support and reward you on the journey. I’ve leveraged every single one to the fullest.”

Bridget believes the additional income from her R+F business brought important changes to her life. “I sleep better at night. I don’t have to worry about Macy’s and Ryan’s college expenses. Through amazing excursions to Thailand, Australia, Paris, and London, I discovered a deep passion for travel, though I grew up thinking that travel and adventure were things that only other people did.” Today, a new interest in equestrian fills her free time and has Bridget learning how to be coachable in new ways, which she translates to becoming a better leader for her team. “It’s been a really great and energizing year! And all of those experiences have created a great, eye-opening resurgence of my excitement for where we’re going with R+F.”

R+F Consultant Bridget Cavanaugh riding her horse

Finding time for new-found passions

Setting new priorities

Bridget’s main inspiration comes from time spent championing others on Team Dreamatology (name credit lovingly given to her daughter, who created the word at age nine). “They mean the world to me, and I think of them as family. My team is maturing into leaders in their own magnificent ways. My mentality has always focused on leveraging the gifts and talents of the people around me, and as these leaders step into their own greatness I see a legacy taking shape before my eyes.”

Out of everything she’s achieved, Bridget is most proud of the heartfelt shift that she’s experienced in recent years. “To quote one of my business heroes, there’s leaderSHIP and there’s leaderSHIFTand I feel like I’ve definitely been through shifts in my style. Early on, I woke up every day focused on setting a fast pace and seeing who would follow. Now I wake up every morning, see the faces of my team members, and think about how I can help them first. I’m equally excited for the next Lexus owner on my team, the Level V who’s shooting for Elite, and the new Consultant reaching for her first promotion. The great thing is, in the beginning I was striving to be Romi’s equal, but she always saw me that way. Now I aim to do the same thing for my team.”

R+F Consultant Bridget Cavanaugh with her Australia team

Bridget in Melbourne, Australia with her growing team!

Advice for the journey

As she excitedly faces new leadership challenges, including her team’s international expansion, Bridget encourages everyone to pursue continual growth. “There’s no finish line in life, and there’s no finish line in Rodan + Fields. We all get a lot of enjoyment from business ownership, but it comes with a responsibility to work on yourself, finding activities that spark your passion. Be willing to put your heart into personal development first, and be the best leader you can be. Then, instead of wondering ‘Am I there yet?’ you can ask a far more interesting question: ‘How far can I go?’”

To contact Bridget about joining her team or purchasing products, connect with her here.


Tell Me More…

Have there been any especially significant people in your R+F journey? My mentor and partner, Romi Neustadt is a daily inspiration to me. Her work ethic and smarts are superhuman.

Favorite song? Landslide by Fleetwood Mac (and the Dixie Chicks cover).

Favorite TV show? In my next life, I want to be a TV critic. I love off-beat, non-mainstream TV series, but Game of Thrones has also captivated me.

What is your dream R+F trip destination? African safari. To be on safari with Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields would be an adventure of epic proportions, not to mention a huge fashion challenge!

What is the next Program you are running for? Oddly enough, I’m currently not running for anything personally. My mindset totally changed in 2017. I’m running for others now and it feels awesome!




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    A great article. I like the fact that she wrote about this experience about her new job. I know this is a great product, and now I know about her love for the work involved in a succesful job.

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