Bridgette Loughnane – Finding Her Voice and Redefining Happiness

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Monday, September 9th, 2013

When Bridgette Loughnane and her husband decided to have a third child, they assumed their family would become a family of five. They never thought they would become the parents of four children, but when Bridgette was blessed with the arrival of twins, she saw it as one of life’s little surprise gifts.

“Our joke is that we wanted three children and God wanted four – and God won.” And from there, more of the unexpected came. Bridgette had been laid off from her job in pharmaceutical sales, and decided to stay at home with her first child. But after their second child was born, she began looking for work. While she loved being a stay at home mom, she and her husband knew they would have four kids to put through college. Something needed to change if they wanted to afford the best schools and all the family vacations that make life enjoyable. For Bridgette, it was the perfect opportunity to reexamine her life and seek out the inner strength of her own voice.

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Last summer, Bridgette’s cousin told her about the opportunity to start her own business as an Independent Consultant for Rodan + Fields® with excitement in her eyes. Her enthusiasm about the Company was contagious, and Bridgette signed up to be an R+F Independent Consultant with the hope that she would be able to earn a trip to a luxury resort. It isn’t often that a working mother of four can take a break, but she knew deep down that she really needed one. She decided to do what she needed to do to give herself that gift. She began to work in spare moments, giving up certain pleasures like nighttime television and naps with her kids so that she could focus on making her business grow. She determined to get the most out of it that she could, and soon earned a luxury vacation from the Company, which she describes as the best five days of her life. The vacation rekindled that inner voice that drove her to go after what she truly wanted. And she found out that not only could she have the life she wanted, but she could create it from her own will.

When you truly want something, whether it is a week’s vacation in a luxury resort or a better school for your child, you’ll do whatever it takes to get it. No one is going to come along and hand it to you, but you get there because a voice inside of you is urging you on. Even if you’re a mother who has sacrificed almost everything for your children, that voice is always there. It is the essence of you, and is yours alone. You may be a wife, a mother, and a daughter, but first you are you. And you deserve to be happy. You deserve to let your voice speak out, because it will tell you who you are how to get what you want, and what you need.

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Bridgette with her kids on a family trip

After that first rewarding break from her harried life as a busy mother of four, Bridgette has since been able to take more trips with her family, and says her goals have recently shifted. She still plans on getting a pool for her children to swim in, travelling to Europe, and other destinations. But she is now even more interested in empowering people. After years of devoting her time to a job she felt less than satisfied with, and putting her family’s needs above her own, she understands the need to find your own voice. Doing something that brings her personal fulfillment has made her realize how important that is, and she wants to see other people find that feeling as well.

“I want to help people find their voices, so they can get what they want out of this business.”

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Bridgette with her husband

In redefining her life and finding her own voice, Bridgette has found she finds great joy in her work. She is able to do something that benefits herself and her family, while helping others on her team get the most out of the business as well.

“This job brings me a kind of joy I never had before. Of course I have a huge amount of love and care for my family, but there was a small piece inside of me that was missing until I joined Rodan + Fields. And it was that little part of me that needed to have my hand on something just for me, and that brings me a lot of joy.”



7 responses to “Bridgette Loughnane – Finding Her Voice and Redefining Happiness”

  1. Janet - Washington, DC says:

    Bridgette from Danville is a JOY! I can’t imagine the world without her voice. I don’t even want to.

  2. Kathy -Texas says:

    I loved reading your story Bridgette! It is very important to remember those little things that are yours alone which bring each of us such joy.

  3. sandy stich says:

    Talk about contagious…Bridgette is contagious! Her enthusiasm, excitement & joy about helping others achieve success is admired & greatly appreciated! A true leader~xoxo

  4. Tiffany Ramirez says:

    Bridgette – truly inspiring!! From the day we met I knew if you could do this with 4 little ones then I could do this with 2. You ROCK! Plus you look fabulous ALL the time!

  5. Linda Novotny says:

    I’ve always believed that every Mom is a working Mom; but you truly redefine this Bridgette. We are so fortunate to have you on TEAM MABU and to witness you in action on a regular basis – it truly is inspiration! Thank you for all you do! L

  6. Ginni Simpson Burdt says:

    Bridgette is an inspiration to anyone who wonders if they have the time to accomplish their goals. She’s also an inspiration to everyone who meets her because he is a hard worker who manages to always shine a light of joy all around her. And she does all this while also being a great friend, mother and wife.

  7. X Miss Nat ~ says:

    X Miss ~
    Bridgette is Phenonimenal…
    Her Savvy and Passion Undeniable!
    Take Notes Everybody! Take Notes!

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