Britney Spees – Going Further Together
Friday, September 4, 2015

Britney Spees had always been a hard worker and was confident that, by utilizing her hard earned skills, she could accomplish anything that was set in front of her. As her career developed, she discovered that she truly enjoyed helping others succeed as well. She thrived on building relationships with coworkers and clients in order to determine what best fit their needs. After several years out of the workforce, Britney learned of a unique opportunity to start her own business. She was excited by the potential she saw to provide more for her family and expected that she would grow her business on her own. Instead, she found herself surrounded by other strong, talented, and like-minded individuals and realized that she was once again in a position to encourage and support others as they worked toward their goals. Impressed by the unique abilities of everyone around her, she began to shift her mindset. Acknowledging that while she could certainly work fast and be successful alone, if she embraced collaboration, being part of a team would take her so much further.

Britney with her husband and children.

Britney with her husband and children.

Working to keep the pace

After graduating from the University of Arkansas, Britney moved to Jackson, Wyoming, to take advantage of a unique opportunity working on a guest ranch. While there, she met her husband. In 2002, they moved to her hometown of Little Rock where they both began careers in the media industry. Britney worked in print, doing advertising and sales, and her husband took a job in broadcasting. They were married a year later and, in 2007, they welcomed their first son. In order for Britney to be able to quit her job and stay home with her son, she and her husband needed to make significant lifestyle changes and figure out a way to make a single income work for them.

In 2012, Britney’s mother called her to share the Rodan + Fields® business opportunity with her. “An acquaintance had shared the business with my mom, and she immediately considered me, thinking I would be good at it. I shot her down at first—I thought I was too busy, and I didn’t want to add more to my plate. But, she was persistent about it.”

A portion of Britney’s team of leaders at her Lexus Celebration.

A portion of Britney’s team of leaders at her Lexus Celebration.

Britney decided to learn more about the Company. When she realized it was not based on a “home party” model and that she could work the business around her own schedule, she figured she would give it a try and see what happened. “I jumped in at the busiest time of my life—I had two small boys and was in the middle of planning a big charity event—but I saw that it was a unique opportunity.”

Finding her stride

In April of 2012, Britney enrolled as an Independent Consultant, and her mother and sister immediately joined her in business, recognizing the opportunity for themselves as well. Together, they began building a strong organization together. At the time, Britney’s husband was in the midst of starting his own company and was skeptical of her business venture. But, Britney saw great potential with R+F, and knew that, if she worked hard, she could help their family financially while his startup took shape. The following May, working 15 hours a week, Britney achieved Level V, and currently, she earns double the income she’d made in her corporate career alongside her husband’s successful entrepreneurial business. “My parents instilled a strong work ethic in me, and I always knew I could do this, but it’s incredible to see it happening, especially now with my husband’s unwavering support. Knowing that I can work at my own pace while home with my children is the best part.”

Britney with her mom and sister.

Britney with her mom and sister.

Britney and her husband are currently planning to purchase a summer home in Jackson, where they met. “That is where our hearts are, and we’re so excited take our children there to create memories and start some new traditions as a family. We are so grateful because none of that would be possible without R+F.”

Britney also loves that her business enables her to give back on a much greater scale than she could before. In 2009, Britney’s sister lost her baby a few days before her due date. It was a devastating time for their family. A year later, to help ease their grief while also helping others dealing with similar tragedies, the sisters decided to start a nonprofit organization in memory of the baby. “A huge part of my heart is in the nonprofit, and for the past five years, I’ve given my time, but it’s been so rewarding to have the financial freedom to do more.”

Britney and her sister at a teammate's Lexus event where over $2,000 was raised benefitting their non-profit.

Britney and her sister at a teammate’s Lexus event where over $2,000 was raised benefitting their non-profit.

Gaining momentum with a team

Aside from the financial flexibility, Britney’s business provides a positive atmosphere. “R+F is a great fit for me. In my previous career, I always enjoyed taking the newbie out on sales calls and helping them learn. Now, that is exactly what I get to do with my team! The biggest differences are that R+F is on my own terms and my team and I have unlimited earning potential. I help them get their business off to a successful start, rather than trying to outdo one another—that way, we can focus on supporting one another so that we can all achieve our goals.”

Rather than attempting to do everything on her own, Britney’s business introduced her to a new way of working. While enjoying an all-expense-paid trip to Sonoma, shortly after achieving Level V, she recognized that she was surrounded by so many incredibly diverse and gifted individuals. “I looked around the room and saw all of these people who had so much to give on so many different levels—and who were all willing to support one another regardless of the team they were on. Seeing that camaraderie and selflessness opened my eyes to what we could do as a group and how we could all help each other grow.” Embracing this sense of teamwork, Britney refocused her efforts. She concentrated on coaching and training exercises that would develop her team into stronger leaders. “When they grow, it not only benefits them; it benefits the team as a whole.”

Britney with some of her business partners on an all-expense-paid trip to Sonoma and San Fransisco.

Britney with some of her business partners on an all-expense-paid trip to Sonoma and San Fransisco.

Power in numbers

Britney’s business has given her the opportunity to connect and work with people who have a similar outlook on life and who want to do more with their time and resources. “We are in business for ourselves, but we are not by ourselves. There is always someone to support you on your journey. We all have our own goals and we encourage each other along they way. I’m blown away by the heart I see in other Consultants—everyone is looking to give back and be more. They realize that life is bigger than just getting through the day; it’s finding a way to exist—but how we do that is up to us. My business allows me to feed my passion, and I love seeing how it empowers those around me to start dreaming again, too.” Britney loves encouraging others to use their talents and seeing people achieve things they didn’t think they could has also opened her up to the idea of dreaming bigger herself. “When I started my business, I thought I could do everything by myself, but R+F has shown me that on our own we can go fast, but together we can go far. And when we pool all of our talents—that’s when we become unstoppable.”

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