Brooke Patterson – Searching for More
Monday, November 17, 2014

For ten years, Brooke Patterson has been practicing law as a tax attorney. She never anticipated adding more to her professional life, especially with three small children at home. Brooke’s experiences, however, have taught her that all circumstances have the potential to change. “No one should ever feel like their current job is the best they could hope for in life or the most they could ever desire to earn.” And with that mentality, Brooke remained open to opportunities that could improve her life and enable her to give more to her family.


Brooke loves that she was able to find professional fulfillment and an additional income with her business while still putting her family’s needs first.

In the Spring of 2013, Brooke started to experience breakouts, which she hadn’t seen in many years. She left the dermatologist with several prescriptions. While the prescriptions seemed to work, they also irritated her skin and caused redness and peeling. “I was not happy and I knew there had to be another solution.”

Brooke’s friend, Elizabeth, had recently started her Rodan + Fields® business. She suggested Brooke try the UNBLEMISH Regimen, and Brooke quickly fell in love with the products. “Within three weeks my skin looked better than it ever had. Not only was it clear, but I regained the healthy glow that the prescriptions had stripped away.”


Brooke’s children: Henry, Grant, and Grace.

After using the products for a few months, Brooke decided to look into the SOOTHE Regimen for her children’s sensitive skin. Elizabeth urged Brooke to enroll as an Independent Consultant for the product discount. Brooke was hesitant at first, as she was unfamiliar with the direct selling channel. “Seeing is believing and, after doing my own research on the Company, I quickly recognized that this is a legitimate and smart business model.”

So, that July, Brooke decided to enroll as an Independent Consultant, hoping to earn enough to pay for her skin care and to share the products with a few friends. Her friends started using the products. They were so impressed that they began spreading the word to their own networks as well, causing Brooke’s customer base and earnings to grow. “That’s when it really got my attention, and I realized I could build something so much bigger if I took it more seriously.”

By March, Brooke was able to use her R+F income to pay her mortgage. In July 2014, she achieved Level V. “At that point, I realized my business was turning into more than I ever dreamed. I never imagined that it would produce the income that I earn today.”


Brooke enjoys the time freedom she has to be present for her kids.

As Brooke continued to cultivate her team and expand her business, she recognized that the training she received from the Company not only made her a better businesswomen, but helped her develop as a person as well. She is now more aware of her strengths and weaknesses. She recognizes areas she can improve and she can see ways to make those necessary changes. “I’m more patient, more optimistic, more confident, and more excited than I have been in a long time. I love jumping out of bed each day and thinking about how I am going to work my R+F business.”

Brooke has found that her biggest strength is coaching and leading her team. “I love watching my teammates succeed and being there to support them as they reach for their goals. I’m looking forward to climbing the leadership ranks so I can help the people on my team do the same.”

family pic

Brooke sees her business as her way to give more to her family.

Brooke also enjoys watching her customers fall in love with the products as they notice the obvious changes in their skin. “I’m so thankful to get to be on this journey with them. Many of the people that I’ve met because of my business have become very close friends, and that makes it even more worthwhile.”

The time, freedom, and flexibility she has found with R+F instills in Brooke a sense of control that is incredibly empowering – it’s her way to give more to her family. Brooke loves that her business allows her to earn an income based on how much she has worked, as opposed to a set salary. “I love working hard, but I also love setting my own schedule and doing it on my time so I can be present for my three kids when they need me. The idea of giving them far more than I ever dreamed possible, leaving a legacy for my family, and having complete control of my schedule is amazing.”


Thanks to her R+F income, Brooke was able to take her family on a cruise to the Bahamas last Christmas.

As her business continues to grow, Brooke’s dreams expand with it. This past October she promoted to Premier V and she is looking forward to eventually walking away from her career in law so she can spend more time with her family. “I hope to give more, save more, and travel more. But, most of all, I look forward to fitting my work around my life rather than fitting my life around my work.”

In building her own business in an industry she never expected to find herself in, Brooke has learned how important it is never to settle. By branching out and searching for more, she unexpectedly found that R+F is the perfect fit for her. It gives her professional fulfillment and additional income, while still allowing her to put her family first. “You can’t ever assume that your current situation is the best life has to offer. You should never be afraid to hope for more and then go for it, because there are always greater things that you can achieve and more you can give.”

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3 responses to “Brooke Patterson – Searching for More”

  1. jeanie berna says:

    So proud of you, Brooke!!!

  2. Dinah Smith says:

    Love your story, Brooke!

  3. Shelia says:

    I am so proud of you. Love you!

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