Caitlin and Tim Hamlin – A Generation of Entrepreneurs

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Monday, December 30th, 2013

If you graduated from college after 2007, you probably remember how hard it was to find a good job during the economic crisis. Caitlin Hamlin and her husband, Tim, along with many others of their generation, graduated into a depressed economy and job market. They both had large student loans to pay off, and began the daunting task of finding employment within their fields.Eventually,Tim’s Master’s degree in Elementary Education allowed him to land his current job as an elementary school teacher, and Caitlin, who holds a Master’s degree in Health Administration, pursued her career in healthcare.

Caitlin And Tim- the Young Guns

Caitlin And Tim- the Young Guns

Having completed her Master’s at only twenty-three, she recalls feeling somewhat frustrated by the limitations she faced. “When I started my career in healthcare, I knew I wasn’t going to be the CEO at week one, but I was excited to offer new ideas and help institute change! However, I quickly realized I was twenty years and ten promotions away from really having a voice at the table.” Now twenty-six, she takes a more practical approach, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t begun to effect change. In 2011, she discovered Rodan + Fields®, and saw an opportunity to be her own boss and have the voice she wanted. She didn’t have any experience with direct sales or with skincare, neither of which concerned her. “I saw that with this Company, I could build a business for myself, and do what I wanted without having to go through a board for approval, or wait for a green light from someone else. I seized the opportunity to become an entrepreneur.”

Two years later, Caitlin still works in healthcare, but has matched her salary with her Rodan + Fields business. Tim, who at first played a supporting role, has since joined her in the business. Tim explains, “I saw over time as the business started to grow that if I took a more hands-on approach, we could do even more with it, and we have.” As a teacher, Tim’s experience in education makes him ideally suited for the training aspect of the business, and he is actively involved in that side of things. “I went into teaching because I enjoy helping my scholars reach their goals, and I take that same passion and apply it to Rodan + Fields, helping our team members achieve their goals.”

Go Gators!  Doing the Gator Chomp with Drs. Rodan and Fields.

Go Gators! Doing the Gator Chomp with Drs. Rodan and Fields.

Together, Caitlin and Tim have grown their business and created financial stability for themselves while pursuing what they both care about it. They are able to work the business in part-time hours around their full-time jobs, and are well on their way toward paying off the debt they accrued from higher education. Caitlin finds that their Rodan + Fields business is a great vehicle for getting her voice out there and finding ways to give. “I love healthcare, but with this business, I feel like I can do much more, and reach more people. I want to eventually be able to have the financial freedom to see a need somewhere, and be able to simply write a check. Tim and I are passionate about helping fund mission trips around the globe, and putting an end to human trafficking. This business is allowing us to invest in those causes.

Besides being able to make a real difference in other people’s lives, both Caitlin and Tim value the time flexibility that Rodan + Fields offers. They watched their parents’ generation work long hours with little time left for themselves, and she says that this gives back that time, allowing people to enjoy life. She doesn’t want to work into her seventies, and is confident that because of her decision to join Rodan + Fields, she won’t have to. “I don’t want to live to work; I want to work to live.” She welcomes every opportunity to share this business with others so that they can see that there is another option. “I feel like my generation values and appreciates careers that offer time freedom, even more than the generation before us. The job market is very different now, and a business that lets you be your own boss and control your own time is very intriguing to people my age. We are definitely a generation of entrepreneurs.””

Most of the people on her team are under thirty, and all have approached their businesses differently. Some have become Independent Consultants full-time, while others pursue the business around other careers. Caitlin explains that many of her peers who have no understanding of the industry find that it is easy to get started, thanks to the streamlined business model Rodan + Fields has in place. “They provide us with so much technology that you really can work your entire business from your cellphone, which is ideal for young people. We practically live on our phones, so this business fits into our lifestyle seamlessly.”


Cheers, Caitlin and Tim!

Caitlin and Tim plan to continue their careers in healthcare and education while expanding their Rodan + Fields business over the years, and they hope that it will allow them to retire at an earlier age than a typical corporate job would allow. They look forward to enjoying the years that stretch out before them as a couple who work to live, but who don’t have to live to work.



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  1. LOVE these two! Super proud to share their stories with my team and friends!

  2. I had the privilege of meeting Caitlin and Tim on our Sonoma Wine Country trip and they are a top notch Team! I am so proud of your success and paying it forward by helping others.

  3. Zoely Vera says:

    Go gators! I am another Gator consultant! Congrats on what you have built! Way to go!

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