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Posted by Rodan + Fields on Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

The following story recounts how this Independent Consultant utilized one of the many Rodan + Fields® Programs designed to motivate and incentivize dedicated Consultants who are working to grow their business.


Carrie Landau was always a career girl. After graduating with an MBA, she went on to become a successful national director for a worldwide company, until she eventually decided to go against the grain and invest in her family. “It wasn’t until we had our daughter that I realized what I really wanted—more than financial security—was a happy, healthy and rooted family.” In 2012, Carrie walked away from her six-figure corporate income and started looking for other options to fill the void.

Nicole Kuklok-Waldman, a sorority sister, and Sponsor Jena Kravitz introduced Carrie to the Rodan + Fields® business for the first time in February 2015. She was inspired by Jena’s achievements, and felt confident that she could follow in her footsteps. “This could potentially be my golden ticket to having it all: to being home with my babies, to being the mom I want to be and to finding financial security.” Carrie already had the drive, but on the way she discovered that R+F’s incentive programs were the best motivator to help her build her business from the ground up.

R+F Consultant Carrie Landau headshot

Starting to “Lead the Way”

When Carrie began working her R+F business, the Lead the Way Program helped her and her growing team learn the ropes. “I started running for LTW right away. I loved using the business-building basics to make sure I was on track every month and to measure my own success.”

Carrie appreciated the tangible rewards she earned from Lead the Way, “especially a Kate Spade wallet,” but she appreciated the recognition of her success even more. She found that celebrating her early successes, no matter how small, was an easy way to show others the potential rewards of joining her in business.

Now, as the leader of a steadily growing team, Carrie employs Lead the Way as a learning tool for others. “As a leader, I use Lead the Way to keep my team laser-focused on what they need to be doing to help grow their businesses. If they’re achieving Lead the Way miles, I know they’re business builders and are starting on the path toward success.”

R+F Consultant Carrie Landau and family

Carrie, Kirk, Cole (1), Kylie (5) and Chase (2)

The reward of building a team

As Carrie’s goals have grown, so has her drive to reach them. “There are so many people in this world who are on a treadmill, working hard without living a life that they love. I’ve made some difficult decisions to prioritize my family life over my career—and my goal with Team Empower is to allow others to do the same.”

Working 12-15 hours per week, she achieved Level V and was able to enjoy the Level V Circle incentive trip with her husband, Kirk. Their trip to Miami coincided perfectly with their 6th wedding anniversary, and Carrie was over the moon to earn an all-expenses-paid vacation because of her hard work. She also valued being able to share the reward with her husband, who has supported her along the journey. “This trip was a way for Kirk to get a little ‘thank you’ treat and a taste of what can come if we stay on this path.”

Carrie and her husband, Kirk

Carrie and her husband, Kirk

Staying on the #RFJourney

Carrie is passionate about the programs that have made her success possible. “I think the incentives are fabulous. If you’re a self-motivated entrepreneur, these goals will help to keep you engaged along the way.”

Now that her R+F career has progressed, Carrie still remains motivated by the goals before her. “Next to my vision board on my wall I’ve posted my target dates to qualify for the Premier V Program, Car Program, and RFx Circle. I guess I am a Program girl!” And, in the end, they have been the greatest motivator for this former corporate climber.

“The programs are a fabulous way to differentiate what we do from a corporate job. There, you go to work every day and you get a paycheck and maybe a pat on the back. But you’re not going to earn a necklace, a luxury handbag, or a trip for you and your spouse. The combination of tangibles and experiences is really well done.”

Carrie's reason WHY she works this business

Carrie’s reason WHY she works this business

Looking forward to leveling up

Through a strong belief in consistency, Carrie hopes to finish her qualification for Premier V and achieve her Lexus this year. To those starting out with R+F but who aren’t yet pursuing the programs, Carrie says, “Why not? Truly, there’s no reason not to. They’re designed to help keep you on track. You may think you’re running for a bracelet or a purse, but you’re really running for the success of your own business. Dig deep to discover your goals and your belief in yourself—as long as those things are on point, you can run like the wind toward these programs.”


Tell Me More…

Which R+F Program have you achieved, and what are you running for next? LV Circle, running for Premier V qualifications now!

What is your dream R+F trip destination? RFx Circle trip… anywhere in the world it takes us!

Best advice you’ve ever received? Follow your heart

Favorite TV show? The Bachelor

Your biggest splurge? I really don’t on myself… yet!


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