Cassie Stangler – Changing Today for a Better Tomorrow

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Wednesday, December 24th, 2014

Cassie Stangler is devoted to making the world a better place. She constantly looks for new and unique ways to make a positive impact. Right out of college, she became a fifth-grade teacher, hoping to touch the lives of her students by encouraging and empowering them to be their best, not only academically, but in all that they would do. A few years into her teaching career, Cassie married her husband and decided she would leave her career to stay home and care for their children.

For 15 years, Cassie stayed home and focused her efforts on impacting her own children’s lives by teaching them good morals and values. While she hadn’t anticipated returning to the workforce, with her kids growing up and soon heading off to college, she was receptive to the possibility. When a unique opportunity arose, she accepted a position that brought her back into the classroom. She loved teaching, and the job renewed her passion for impacting others.


Cassie’s business is her vehicle for change and provides her with a way to make a positive impact on those around her.

Unfortunately, after a few years, Cassie found that the job she had loved was changing. Decisions made by the school district’s administration restricted the educational system and Cassie was no longer able to make the same kind of positive impact that she prided herself on providing for her students.

During that time, Cassie and her husband worried about their finances. Both educators, they were concerned about the cost of sending their four children to college. “We had both dedicated our lives to the education of others, but when our own children’s education was in question, we didn’t know how we’d manage to cover it without burdening ourselves and our children with debt.”

Cassie Joe and Drs blog pic

Cassie and her husband, Joe, with the Doctors.

In the midst of it all, Cassie saw some before and after pictures that had been posted on Facebook. “I didn’t know what they were using that resulted in such a significant change in their skin, but I knew I needed it.” Cassie initially reached out to learn more about the products. However, when she heard about the Rodan + Fields® business opportunity, she decided she needed to get involved. “Not only did I see how the business could potentially help us with college tuition, but I was impressed with the Doctors’ focus on making a difference and enabling positive change. I knew that if I didn’t get involved, I would regret it.”

Cassie enrolled as an Independent Consultant and launched her business in May 2011. As she faced this new challenge, she found she was harboring a fear of failure. “As a teacher and parent, I always taught kids to never make a decision based on fear. There are always a lot of factors to consider, but fear should never get in the way. Yet, I wasn’t listening to that advice myself.”

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Cassie is grateful for the strong bonds and meaningful relationships she found within the R+F Community.

Confident in the Company and brand, Cassie was able to put her fear aside and focus on sharing the business. “I knew the timing of R+F was right. Not everyone had heard of the Company yet, but with the Doctors’ reputation and such effective products, at some point they would. The question was, would I be the one to tell them or would somebody else?”

Cassie worked hard over the summer, and her business grew. The solid foundation she built by working just 15-20 hours a week enabled Cassie to take a step back and not return to teaching the following September. In addition, Cassie was able to cover her children’s college tuitions using her R+F income.

Cassie Joe Lex

Cassie and Joe with her Lexus.

It was a pleasant surprise for her to see how quickly she connected with people in the R+F community. The friendships she has cultivated make her business a joy – both easier than she had anticipated and much more fun. “I wouldn’t be where I am without the supportive people in this business who helped me become a better version of myself by encouraging me to find strengths and cultivate them.”

Cassie loves finding people with a need or passion and helping them see how R+F can be their vehicle for change. “We could all have a completely different image of what having an impact means, but the beauty of R+F is that, if you have something that matters to you and you want to make a difference, your business can provide the option to do so.”

Cassie often feels as if she is back in the classroom when she is coaching others as they learn new skills and achieve their goals. “It’s so rewarding. I am more proud of helping others reach their goals than I am of reaching my own.”

Stangler family blog pic

Cassie’s business gives her a way to provide for her family in ways she couldn’t before.

Her business has shown Cassie that believing in herself is essential to her success. She is proud that, in spite of her fears, she followed her gut and never quit. “I think self-doubt is the biggest weakness anyone can have. It’s important to discipline that negative inner voice because it can get loud and be debilitating. If you have a vision and you stay focused on your mission, you can do anything and be anything. You are defined only by what you choose to be and the impact you choose to make.”

“We want our existence to make a difference. By keeping in mind how we want to do that, we can start working today in order to have a greater impact down the road.” Cassie’s vision is to develop dreams that will have a lasting impact, beyond her own lifetime, and she encourages her team to do the same. Everyone has the power to make a difference and change someone’s life, even if it’s as simple as bringing a smile to their face and brightening their day. “What we do has a lasting ripple effect. You can start now and start small. Every day we can all do something that makes a positive impact. What can you do today that will make the world a better place and become your legacy?”

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  1. Lexi Sidener says:

    Cassie is such a positive and fun leader!! So thankful for her!!

  2. Monica Leigh says:

    Awesome, Cassie! You are an amazing person, friend, coach, and spirit!

  3. So proud of you, Cassie, and cannot imagine this adventure without you. You make this company AND this world a better place! XO

  4. Julie Ellis says:

    I am so excited to be a part of Cassie’s R+F family. She truly has a heart for others and helps my team grow! She is leaving a beautiful legacy for her family! So grateful to be on her team! Cassie, you are all kinds of awesome, girl!!

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