Catching Up With Jenna Boyd

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Tuesday, June 25th, 2019

Two years ago, we told the story of rising actress Jenna Boyd and her incredible journey with Rodan + Fields. Now in her third season on a hit tv series, Jenna continues to make her R+F business a priority despite her acting success. “Every day I go into work, I’m reminded of why I do this business. So many actors will take any job they can get and as soon as that job ends, they’re worried to death about where the next paycheck is coming from. I don’t feel like that.”

For Jenna, her business “fits so flawlessly into what I do. When I’m working, it’s often 15 to 17-hour days on set. [With my business], I can answer a team member’s question while I’m in the makeup chair or help a Customer in-between takes.” Apart from earning business milestones, Jenna says she’s proud of the work she’s put into her growth as a leader and the connections she’s fostered with her team. “You may feel like you aren’t moving forward, but if you’re doing the work, you absolutely are.”

Utilizing the value that her generation can bring to the table is especially important for her as she expands her team. “The conversation is changing … Young people like me – young women especially, are proving everybody wrong.” With her team, Jenna hosts virtual events on social media platforms like Instagram to generate conversation and expand her reach. For herself, she says this business has given her freedom in her career. “To have a business where I can approach each script that I read from a place of, ‘I don’t need to do this for money, so why would I want to do it?’ is super liberating. I’ll get to decide what my acting career looks like.”

Jenna celebrating on her Milestone 5 trip to Cabo San Lucas.


“This business has required more personal development than I realized I was signing up for. I have had to grow as a leader more than I ever anticipated. To have a healthy organization requires personal development, and you do have to grow [your mindset]. Do as much of it now because the wisdom you’ll accumulate will give you this amazing team, and you’ll like who you’ll become through this business as much as you may like the paycheck.”



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