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Posted by Rodan + Fields on Monday, November 11th, 2013

Ceci Bentler didn’t think she would become a stay-at-home mom when she became pregnant with her first child. She had a long and successful career as a public relations executive, and even though she took some time to work from home when her baby was born, she had always assumed she would return to work full-time. Six months later, however, things seemed different. She didn’t want to leave her newborn with someone else while she was working long hours, and her instincts told she needed to be at home. “Things change when a baby comes into your life. Your priorities change, and my priority since becoming a mother is to be a good mother to my children. Working long hours and traveling on weekends didn’t match the type of hands-on mom I wanted to be.” She made the decision to put her career aside, and went on to have four more children, and is now a mother five. “I love being a mother and I always have. But after my first child was born, I realized that giving up my career made me miss being needed outside of the home.”

ceci bentler

Ceci Bentler

Ceci was used to years of being an active leader in the business world, always having to meet deadlines, and being needed at work. When she left that world, she eventually found herself wanting more adult interaction, and began looking for something more. “I had chronic volunteer syndrome,” she jokes. “I couldn’t say no to anything, and became very involved in many different organizations, all of which were very rewarding.” She also discovered something that would help her continue her commitment to the causes she cares about when she discovered the Rodan + Fields® business opportunity. Ceci suffered from severe acne with her first pregnancy, and her doctor had suggested prescription medication, which she refused. “I wasn’t going to put my health in jeopardy during my childbearing years just because of my skin.” Ten years later and now in her forties, Ceci discovered that  Rodan + Fields had launched a successful anti-acne skincare line, and she was eager to try the products. Instead, she decided to sign up as an Independent Consultant after a respected friend announced that she was starting her own business. “This was a very business savvy lady, and since I already knew the products worked, my friend joining encouraged me even more.” Six months after signing up to become an Independent Consultant, Ceci achieved Level V status, and since then her business has served to support her in her numerous efforts to give back. She plays a very active role in supporting education, and has lobbied for an education bill in her state. She also supports local theater, hospitals, and other services in her community. Three years ago, she started a shoe drive that provides running shoes to kids who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford them. She coaches two cross country teams, and as a former college athlete, , enjoys sharing her knowledge of running and loves that any child can do it, regardless of their financial situation. “It isn’t always just about giving money. While I am grateful that I can give financially, I am equally thankful that I am able to give of my time. That is where my Rodan + Fields business has played a crucial role, because it gives me the flexibility to volunteer my time when I am needed.”

Bentler kids

Bentler kids

Ceci generously volunteers her time to numerous causes even while maintaining a very busy schedule with her family. Her children are active in sports, and she recently started a cross country club. “Being there for my children and being active in their lives is my number one priority.” Her Rodan + Fields business has given her the financial boost that lets her save for their education, and also to travel with them, and volunteer in her community. “I get to be there for my children and be there for my community, and that is a wonderful feeling and a great comfort. If I were working full-time, I wouldn’t be able to do this. It’s the stay-at-home moms who have the flexibility to show up somewhere when called upon, to drive to an event, or campaign in the middle of the day.”

After campaigning for a school funding bill and working toward providing better education for many children, she has seen the importance of being available, and being judicious with your time. She works her Rodan + Fields business into her life through effective time management, and is committed to growing her business, because by doing so she is simultaneously expanding the ways she is able to support her causes, and give back even more. “What this business allows me to do is simple: when I am asked to help with something, I can say yes, I can. And I believe if you can, you should.” Ceci has served as co-chair and chair of her area hospital’s big fundraiser, and this year’s funds went to Pediatric specialty care. The money that was raised will make it possible for children in Montana who are suffering from chronic illness or acute trauma to be able to stay closer to home, instead of being flown miles away. This effort has been especially meaningful to her, since her own child suffers from severe asthma, and no mother wants their child to have to be sent far from home.

Ceci Bentler

Ceci Saints Photo Front Page

All of this and more has been made possible through Ceci’s sustained commitment to just causes, and one of those causes is of course her own family. “The little family I hoped to have once we moved to Montana, is now a family of five beautiful active kids. I’m not only the mom I always dreamed I’d be, I’m their cross country and soccer coach, their violin, soccer, and ski team chauffeur, and biggest fan. Now I’m also a business owner and entrepreneur, and contributing to our bottom line in a way that’s meaningful to me.”



8 responses to “Ceci Bentler – Giving Her All”

  1. Nicole Cormany says:

    I’m so proud of all that you have accomplished Ceci! you are an inspiration my friend.

  2. Tracy Kruse says:

    How nice to see you recognized for everything you have accomplished, Ceci. You lead by example and I’m sure this is just the beginning of many great things ahead! I feel so blessed to be a part of your wonderful team!

  3. Amy Kilkenny says:

    How wonderful to be recognized for all your “awesomeness”!! You are a great leader and I love that I’m on your team!! Go Ceci!!

  4. Kelly Stewart says:

    Ceci Bentler is the bomb!! So proud of you and so happy Rodan + Fields recognizes your many many accomplishments Ceci!

  5. Holly ones says:

    A shining example for all of us to follow! I am inspired by you as a mother, entrepreneur, and volunteer.

  6. Jody Bennett says:

    So proud of you, Ceci! I’ll always be grateful that you shared R+F with me! Our team is incredibly lucky to have you—and the example you are of building an amazing business while keeping your family and passions front and center. So thrilled for your recognition–you rock!

  7. Janette Slusher says:

    Ceci, once again, you remind us that you can have it all! So proud of you and blessed to be part of your organization. You rock, girl!

  8. Kerri Fitzgerald says:

    That’s my girl, Ceci!! She rocks!

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