Charla Corn – Harvesting Dreams and Cultivating a Life of Giving

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Monday, June 8th, 2015

Every morning, regardless of how tired he may have been, Charla Corn’s father awoke in the early morning darkness to head to the field. Dedicated to his farming, he toiled out there for hours, tending to rows upon rows of crops, as the blistering Texas sun beat down on his back. As a young girl, Charla witnessed her father literally plant the seeds that would cultivate his business, and she would never forget this commitment. She consistently channeled his strong work ethic into her own endeavors, always striving to fully develop her pursuits to ensure success.


Charla Corn-Barrett, LV Leader

Tending the plot

Much like her father, Charla has gotten up before the sun every weekday for the past seven years, to co-host a Texas morning radio show. It all began in 2008, when she moved from Nashville and found herself back in her home state. She’d moved to “Music City, USA” right out of high school and had spent the next eight years pursuing a career in music. Ultimately, she decided to move back home to be closer to family. “I realized that there was a big enough music scene in Texas for me to still regionally pursue singing and songwriting, as well as tour on the weekends.”

Between Charla’s music and radio careers, two young children, and a husband who competes in national strongman competitions, her family’s schedule is pretty full. So, when a friend from Nashville shared the Rodan + Fields® business opportunity with Charla, she was excited about the products, but hesitant about adding more to her plate. “I had been using tons of home remedies on my skin, like baking soda mixtures or egg whites with coconut oil, in an attempt to avoid spending a lot of money on products. My friend told me that it was time to stop using groceries on my face,” Charla laughs.


Charla on the air with her co-host, Justin Frazell, at 95.9 The Ranch’s studio in downtown Fort Worth.

Charla began using the REDEFINE Regimen, and within the first three days, she fell in love with the products. “I was hooked on the amazing results I was seeing, but I didn’t want to sell anything. I told my friend I’d refer people to her, but I didn’t think the business was right for me.” Charla’s friend convinced her that her friends would probably prefer to purchase something from someone they knew directly, not just a referral, and asked her why she would walk away from an opportunity to earn money simply by sharing products she so clearly loved. “She was right, but at the time, I just wanted good skin. Little did I know how the business would change my life.”

Unearthing a new plan

After learning a little more about the business model, Charla decided to take her friend’s advice, and in April of 2014, she enrolled as an Independent Consultant. A few days later, she attended a Corporate meeting in Dallas. Listening to the Doctors speak, Charla suddenly realized the scope of what she’d gotten involved with. “My main reason for starting was to support my friend—I wanted to help her retire from her dead-end job and knew I could effectively do that by joining her team. But, once I learned how different this business model is and how the Doctors are reinventing this industry, my perception changed, and I saw immense potential for myself as well.”

Charla took copious notes at the meeting and left Dallas ready to share with others. She was surprised by how many people hadn’t heard about the Company yet, and she began working to open others’ eyes to the potential she saw. As a radio personality and performer, Charla decided to tap into her fan base as well. She began incorporating the products via her web channel, where she frequently shared beauty tips and tutorials. “Over time, I gained the trust of my viewers, and I was sending people to the drug store to buy the hairspray, nail polish, make-up, and shampoo that I used, but I never made a dime. When I was presented with the opportunity to earn an income by sharing Rodan + Fields, it was a no-brainer for me. I have worked very hard to build my ‘Charla Corn’ brand, and I would not attach my name to just any company. Joining forces with the Doctors was the smartest business move I’ve ever made.”

An unexpected harvest

By June, working 15 hours a week, Charla achieved Level V. “I really dove into my networks and kept finding that there were so many people who were either looking for quality skincare or interested in an opportunity to earn an extra income.” As she continued to grow her business, Charla discovered that there was a leader inside of her that she hadn’t previously recognized. “There was this hidden gift in me that I just never knew about because I’d never been given an outlet by which to utilize it.”

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Some of Charla’s ever growing team, including Charla’s best friend, Hannah Garber, pictured on her right.

As a performing artist, Charla’s focus had mainly been on her individual pursuits, but developing a team gave her the chance to lead and to help others gain confidence and achieve success. Working among such positive people and establishing an incredibly supportive environment motivates Charla to mentor and coach her business partners to find the fearless leader within each of them and to never be afraid to work for their goals. “Everyone brings something special to the table, and encouraging someone to use their skills to achieve more than they originally thought is far more rewarding than I could have imagined.”

Sowing greater seeds

Charla is extremely excited about the flexibility her business is providing. With the additional income she is earning, she can now be more selective about which gigs she accepts. “I don’t have to perform in smoky bars until 2a.m. anymore, and I can choose to do only fairs and festivals, if I want—it’s better for my health, and those performances work better with our family’s schedule. I can also fund my own music projects and, as an independent artist, don’t have to rely on fundraising for a record.”


Charla on stage at the largest Music Festival in Texas.

Charla hopes to eventually enable her husband to do even more with his Strongman endeavors and is thrilled that her enthusiasm and success have helped him see the Company vision as well. “He was definitely a skeptic at first, but his perspective changed after watching how this has grown. It’s great to have him on board, dreaming along with me.”

Charla and her husband are also looking forward to having the financial means to give more to those in need. They recently funded a vacation for a family that has been struggling due to a battle with cancer and plan to start an entire foundation dedicated solely to sending families dealing with illness and disability on get-aways to help relieve their daily stress. “This has allowed us to open our hearts and pocketbooks to help others do amazing things that we’d never imagined we’d be able to provide.”

Reaping the fruit of her labor

As a performer, Charla has been in the public eye for the majority of her life, but despite rejections or criticisms, she knows the power of persistence and hard work. “Things in life don’t just come easily—you have to work for them, but the payoff is always worth it. In everything I do, I make a commitment to do well, and then I go out there and make my opportunities happen for me, knowing that having big dreams and never giving up leads to great abundance in life.”

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Bryan and Charla Barrett and their two precious children.

Charla has also learned that life truly begins once you step outside of your comfort zone. “I was so set in how I did things, and I didn’t want to stray from that, but I’m so glad I did. I was happy before, but it wasn’t until I got involved with this amazing opportunity and could finally make a difference on a greater level that I truly felt like I was living. It takes a daily dedication to plant those seeds and harvest the growth you want to see, but once I took the focus off of myself and concentrated on helping others, I quickly saw the success I’d been hoping to cultivate.”

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  1. Jennifer Garr says:

    Love this! So blessed to be a part of Charla’s amazing team!

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    Charla is an incredible leader who leads by example. We have such a supportive and uplifting team. So proud to be on this wonderful team with an amazing upline!

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    So proud of my upline, Charla Barrett! She exudes commitment, work ethic, and determination all while helping others! Proud to be on your team, girl!!!!

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    Such a great story! I’ve been following her R+F experience for a while and she is so inspiring! Her energy and work ethic are contagious!

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    Charla is such an inspiration! Love her enthusiasm and her leadership! So happy to be a part of her team!

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    So proud of my upline leader! She continues to inspire and lead us daily!!

  7. What an amazing story! Charla is my team leader, and I cannot even begin to explain the limitless, God given talent this woman possesses!!! She is constantly encouraging others, and strives to help each person be the absolute best they can be. What an inspiration she has been for our team!!!

  8. Great story. Inspiring, to say the least.

  9. I love Charla’s heart for other people. I knew she was an incredible woman even before R+F and I love seeing how she uses this business to bless others!

  10. Judy says:

    Such an inspiring story! Hard work definitely pays off. So blessed to be part of Charla’s team.

  11. Lora Gandy says:

    Charla is a great leader and a perfect example. I have known her for 6 years now and she continues to impress me. So glad I decided to join her in this adventure.

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    Charla is an inspiration to all of us! Her hands-on leadership with her team is absolutely amazing!!!! This girl does it all and always has the most cheerful spirit!!!! So proud to call her a friend!!

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    So blessed to be on Charla’s CCB team!! She and the other fabulous ladies have brought out leadership qualities in me that I didn’t even know existed! R+F is so much more than skincare!!! It’s a business opportunity that is changing my life and giving me the opportunity to change the lives of many, many others!!!

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    Charla, that is an amazing testimony.

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    Charla is a great leader and an inspiration. I am so glad to be on her team.

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    It is such an honor to be on this amazing team and mentored by Charla. She is truly a shining light. I can’t believe I get to go on this journey with her and all the other amazing people on our Team. Thank you, Charla, for giving yourself so openly. I am absolutely on cloud nine that I get to do this with you. Love ya! Shea

  17. Jeri B says:

    Charla is a wonderful and supportive leader. So blessed to be part of this amazing team.

  18. Wonderful story and an inspiration to so many!

  19. Dinah says:

    Charla, congrats on harvesting your dream and finding balance for your family! I’ll have to check out your music!

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    Charla is a wonderful and supportive leader. So blessed to be part of this amazing team. I just Love her!

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    I have known Charla since she was a little girl and I am so proud of WHO she has become. She is an amazing leader for her CCB Team and I am proud to say that I am part of that team!!!

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    Congrats, Charla! You’re an awesome role model and leader! I am so thankful to be a part of your journey!!

  23. Laura Rasnick says:

    It has been such a blessing to know Charla and call her a friend! She is truly one of the busiest women I know and yet I know at any moment, if I have a question, concern, or just need encouragement… she will be right there! Her commitment to this business and to all of us on her Charla Corn Beauty team is AMAZING!!

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    What a wonderful story! I love this Company and the people in it!

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    I am so proud to be a part of Charla’s team. She keeps in touch with us, even with her packed schedule! She takes the time for you and makes you feel important. I hope to make the change in others’ lives as she has done for me.

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    Inspirational to me! I am so afraid of venturing out of my comfort zone! I have read your story 3 times! You go girl! Wishing you huge success!

  27. Carla says:

    How do you find a meeting in Fort Worth to become a Consultant?

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