Chelsea Logan Holtzman – Living Without Limitations
Friday, May 1, 2015

If you refuse to allow perceived limitations to hold you back, you can discover enlightening experiences that can change your entire outlook. When Chelsea Holtzman is excited about something, she goes for it, and nothing can stand in her way. That’s exactly how, at the age of 15, she ended up in Ghana.

“When I think about it now, it’s crazy that I jumped in and did that by myself at such a young age, but I was really passionate about taking that trip.” She spent her time there traveling around the country and volunteering at orphanages. Her journey inspired her to create a documentary film, which later spawned the creation of an International Film Festival for students around the globe. The larger purpose was translating her experience into something meaningful that would impact people on a larger scale. “I don’t want to just do something; I want to share my experiences and make them worthwhile.”


That same mentality allowed her to maintain an open mind as she considered an unexpected business opportunity. By following her gut, Chelsea discovered a way to share with others and acted on her belief that you can live a life beyond the limitations you may think are holding you back.

Constricted creativity

After graduating from NYU with a BFA in theatre in 2011, Chelsea moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. Despite not knowing anyone there, she had an exciting start and landed several roles in television shows and award-winning films. Then, the harsh reality of having to support herself in between acting jobs sank in. “I set a goal to fully support myself, but I had to figure out how to get a job in a place where everything is very competitive. It’s just as hard to get a waitressing or bartending job as it is to get an acting role—there is competition in everything. It was very limiting.”

It was difficult to find work that offered the flexible schedule necessary to be able to attend auditions at a moment’s notice. And the jobs she did find didn’t fuel her passion. “I was constantly trying out new things, but I always felt like I was just putting in hours somewhere to maintain a job that would pay my bills. It felt meaningless, like busywork.”


Chelsea now has more time to travel with her fiance, Brandon.

Chelsea eventually found more meaningful work, assisting young women who struggled with substance abuse and emotional trauma, which often required her to be away for several months at a time. “I usually stay with the person for awhile. There are all sorts of challenging situations awaiting someone newly sober when they arrive home from treatment. I help them navigate through all of it, whether it involves people or situations, all the while staving off the impulse to ‘pick up’ again. I help them with whatever they need during their recovery, providing them with some extra emotional support. You really never know what you’re walking into—you just get a call, and you go.” While Chelsea truly enjoys the impact she has, the time commitment is very difficult to balance alongside her career and her family life. “It’s fulfilling and important, and I absolutely love the work I do, but it’s challenging to build a life around that schedule.”

Stretching into the unknown

A little over a year ago, Chelsea noticed a friend’s Facebook posts about her Rodan + Fields® business. She was intrigued by her friend’s enthusiasm and by all of the fun she appeared to be having. “I had no idea what it was, but I kept seeing pictures of her at events or reading about how she had won an incentive trip. It didn’t even seem real at first. I didn’t know a company existed where you could earn amazing things for reaching goals.”

Chelsea reached out to her friend to discover what the business opportunity was all about and was excited by the potential she saw to build the life of her dreams. She decided to give it a try and enrolled as an Independent Consultant the next day. Right from the start, Chelsea found herself a part of an encouraging community. Knowing that, traditionally, entrepreneurial endeavors are often high-stress and competitive, Chelsea was pleased to discover that the R+F business model encouraged a supportive environment. “I started to see that this industry was nothing like what I thought it would be–you never know where the road will lead when you start something new, but there is a lot of empowerment in just being willing to say, ‘Okay, I’ll try it!’ Now, I have a team that is here to root me on, and there isn’t any competition. It’s a healthy, motivational atmosphere, and everyone is empowering you to be your best self. That enthusiasm is contagious, and that positive energy bleeds into the rest of my life.”


Chelsea loves the flexibility she has to travel home to New York City and spend time with her mother as they build their businesses together.

Interweaving her skills

Chelsea’s father taught her the importance of working smart, not hard, as well as the value of a long-term mentality. Her mother stressed the notion that one’s approach to life is constant across all facets, including friendships, career, and personal growth. Chelsea’s R+F business has given her a way to utilize both ideologies. “I’ve been able to mesh the two ways of thinking and put them into practice; having the discipline to establish a foundation with this business has given me the financial independence to support myself, while still allowing me the freedom to focus on my creative life and to pursue a career doing what I’ve always wanted to do.”

Chelsea’s mother has also joined her team as a Consultant, and it has been exciting for them to grow their businesses together. “It’s been absolutely life-changing to be able to do this with her. Now, when we talk, we get to share both personally and professionally. It’s so fun to discuss our business goals with each other.” The flexible schedule also gives Chelsea the ability to go home to New York to visit her family more often.

Breaking through restraints

Chelsea is excited that she can now audition more often and can choose which jobs she wants to take. “With acting, you have no control over anything, so you often find yourself assembling a team and writing and producing your own material to create work for yourself. I’ve found that R+F is similar in that respect—I get to establish a team, and we help each other get where we need to be. It’s given me a sense of control over my financial future and my earning potential.”

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 1.15.55 PM

Chelsea and her direct, Rachel Cannon, along with fellow group leaders, Jen Dede Kelly and Kelly Harrington.

Although Chelsea still loves her position assisting with recovery, she is enjoying the transition of being able to focus on her career as an actor as a result of the foundation she has built with her Rodan + Fields business. Recently engaged, she is now planning a wedding for this coming December. “I want to be able to focus more on my future family and being present for them. My business is giving me more options that will allow me to make the best decisions for my family and my career.”

Chelsea has also been able to concentrate more on another dream she hopes to pursue down the road—to build an organization that creates jobs to fund the work of artisans in foreign countries. “My experience in Ghana showed me that it’s not about giving a handout—it’s more effective to give a hand up.” Chelsea’s R+F business has been an extension of that mentality, and being a part of a culture that encourages the empowerment of others has inspired her to do more on a larger scale. Whether it’s an experience or a creative endeavor, Chelsea loves being able to share something that has the potential to make a meaningful impact on others.


Chelsea and Brandon.

Freedom beyond definition

Over the years, Chelsea has come to realize that, too often, people let fear get in the way of whatever it is they are trying to achieve. Especially when attempting something new, we often let our doubts convince us that we won’t succeed. “This business model is set up so you don’t have to worry about self-reservations—if you just show up, there is someone there to encourage you. It equips you with the tools and support you need to face and conquer your fears. It can be intimidating to do something new, but I believe that we can all follow our hearts and live the lives we want, as long as we have the courage to forge our own paths.  It’s exhilarating to realize that you don’t have to accept the limitations you once thought dictated your decisions—you can stray from that way of thinking and create your own way.”

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  1. Deborah Puette says:

    What a great story, Chelsea! Congratulations on all your successes. More to come!


    Inspiring story, awesome products from Rodan + Fields, and you are so beautiful! Great role model on all levels for all young women. Can’t wait to see where your journey takes you.

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