Cheri and John Leroy – Building Legacies
Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cheri and John Leroy have a passion for leadership. A dynamic couple, they both have a long history of management roles in the corporate world. Cheri has been a leader in business and product development for over fifteen years, while John has similarly led high tech corporations on a global scale. They never thought of or needed to explore the idea of changing careers and starting their own business, but in a recent interview, Cheri explained that even though they weren’t looking, “Rodan + Fields found us.”

Rodan + Fields found Cheri first, through a business colleague and friend. When she painted the picture for Cheri of what she could achieve by becoming an Independent Consultant, Cheri was inspired by the image of pioneering a new career for herself as an entrepreneur. She knew very little about skincare and direct sales, which only made the opportunity more exciting. Naturally self-driven, she learned quickly, and built a team of Consultants. Not surprisingly, Cherie excelled at the business, and within a year John decided to join her.

Cheri and John Leroy

What would make the VP of a global company leave his corporate career to join a skincare company? It may seem like an unlikely career move for a man with John’s background. I asked him that very question the day I spoke with him and Cheri from their northern California home. His answer was straight forward: “I saw the enormous financial potential of this business right away. I looked at the structure, the integrity and success of the Doctors behind it, and I knew this opportunity was huge.” John speaks from the experience behind more than twenty years of business strategy and a degree in economics, and is confident in his projection that this business will expand internationally. After talking with him, I believe that if anyone can make it happen, he will.  His genuine excitement about the future of Rodan + Fields is enough to convince anyone to follow his lead, if they haven’t already. Cheri articulates her husband’s approach to both business and life in general in asserting, “John is not the type of man to sit on his hands and wait for things to happen. He likes to make things happen.”

John and Cheri are both role models for making things happen, inspiring and supporting others to do the same. “I love showing people the life they can carve out for themselves,” Cheri says. She describes that life as a wealth of freedom, building your way up all on your own and at your own pace. And the best part is, according to Cheri, you don’t need any experience. “In my other careers, I couldn’t invite my sister or my daughter to join my company, because they didn’t have the necessary skills and experience. With this business, I can, because it’s something anyone can do regardless of their background.” John adds to that the appeal of how quickly you can get started as opposed to traditional business models. “You can literally sign up, get your web page online and call up your mother by the end of the day to tell her about your new business.” He also loves that in this business model he has the ability to coach people, which he compares to parenthood. “Coaching people and helping them grow in their business is like watching your children grow up, which is an amazing experience. It’s such a good feeling to see the people you’ve guided blossom.” Proud of the team they have built and nurtured over the years, their faces light up when mentioning the growing number of two thousand Consultants and Customers. One Consultant among that number is their own daughter, another point of pride for the Leroys.

The couple has two daughters, both adults with their own busy lives. Sadly, the Leroys lost their son over twenty years ago, but his memory is very much alive, and the family has set up a memorial scholarship in his name through the University of Washington. Over time, they have been able to add more money to the fund they started in his honor because of the success of their business. The scholarship exemplifies the legacy the Leroys would like to leave behind not just for their own children, but for other people’s children as well as their team continues to grow.

All of the  Consultants have reached their own personal level of success.  We are all humans with unique goals and needs. But the potential to be anything we desire, to do whatever we have determined to conquer, is inside all of us. Cheri and John believe that very strongly, which is why they are such great mentors. They are a beacon of hope, representing what people can achieve with the right amount of perseverance and direction. Like caring parents, they are there to guide, support, and lead their team members each to his or her own personal ambitions. Cheri is grateful to be able to help people in ways that reach beyond their career goals, and says, “This is a business that is so different from other sales jobs, because now I can help people in a career that touches their personal lives. It’s being able to reach people on a fundamental level that is most rewarding.”

Having reached more than two thousand people already, the Leroys continue to inspire, building their legacy as leaders and paving the way not only for their own children, but for yours too, should you choose to join them.

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3 responses to “Cheri and John Leroy – Building Legacies”

  1. Mom says:

    Dear Cheri & John,
    What a beautiful article the CO released.
    Loved it Loved it’s all true & more.
    I didn’t receive it as you have an old e-mail for me
    Debbie showed it to me today & I am so proud of
    both of you. Keep up the good work & continue to be the BEST LEADERS

  2. Cheri LeRoy says:

    Thank YOU MOM for ALL your Love, Support and Guidance!! You and Dad created a nurturing and loving family always inspiring us to “Reach for the Stars”…. and taught us “We could do anything as long as we put our mind and heart to it!” We just followed EXTRAORDINARY examples….You and Dad! Thank you for always loving us, inspiring us and leading by example.. Lucky US!! Xo

  3. Cheri and John,
    It was a true pleasure to meet you both at the Business Presentation in San Francisco in February. I became a consultant that evening. One of the reasons I decided to take the leap was because of the encouragement and support I felt from you both and others in the room.
    Thank you, for caring about others in such a tangible way. I hope to see you again in the near future!

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