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Posted by Rodan + Fields on Friday, December 29th, 2017

As a stay-at-home mom, Chona Bernstein had almost everything she could ever want in life. She loved spending time with her two beautiful children, and was able to be there for them when her husband Rob, a business owner, was away on weekends. However, as her kids grew older, Chona became a bit more restless.

R+F Consultant Chona Bernstein

“I had been a stay-at-home mom since we started having our kids, and at that point I was really looking for something of my own. I knew I didn’t want to go back to working away from my family. We struggled having kids, so the thought of being away from them wasn’t an option for me. My husband and I were financially secure, but I still hated that I wasn’t contributing financially to my family—even though being a stay-at-home mom is hard enough!” In May 2016, Chona saw a post by Kerry Heiple about Rodan + Fields, and was instantly curious to learn more.

Following her curiosity

Inspired by Kerry’s newly-earned Lexus and her success in business, Chona started up a conversation immediately. “I’d never heard of R+F before, but I did some research and was impressed with the Doctors’ history. Their story really piqued my interest. Plus, at that time in my life I really wanted to do something for myself… something I could call my own that would allow me to contribute to my family while still staying home.”

Chona followed her instincts and became an Independent Consultant in July 2016. She enjoyed working from home as an entrepreneur, and fell in love with her new skincare products. “I’m a huge skincare junkie. I’ve tried almost all of the high-end skincare products you can think of. But one of the reasons I got so excited about R+F was that within a week it was making a difference in the appearance of my skin. I never looked back. Between that and the amazing business, I really wish I had started sooner!”

Chona Bernstein's team in Mexico

Having Fun in Mexico on their all-expense-paid trip.

Instant growth

Chona’s business bloomed quickly, fueled by her passionate nature. Working 12-15 hours per week, she achieved Level V two months into her Rodan + Fields journey. “I really love to push myself. I think one of the reasons I had a fast start is because the products really inspired me and I was so excited to share with everyone I knew! Four people joined me in business right after my first launch event, including my sister, and I didn’t know anything about what Level V meant. I just shared what I knew about the amazing products and business!”

Independent Consultant Chona Bernstein's team at Convention

Team Heart at their very first Las Vegas Convention together.

Within a few months, Chona realized she had welcomed more than 65 people into Team Heart that needed her help and support. “It’s always been my dream to really help people, and do everything from my heart. It’s so nice to work alongside my sister and all of our mutual friends. We help each other and push each other to do better, and that’s one thing that I really love about this business. People I didn’t know before became part of my amazing R+F family. There’s no other community out there like this one.”

Exciting new goals

Milestones along Chona’s business journey, including a Level V trip to Mexico and her first Las Vegas Convention, inspire her to work even harder on her business. She is aiming for Premier and Level V Circle in 2018, and dreams of giving her family an even more flexible lifestyle. “I want to make sure that my kids’ futures are set, and to use my own earnings to support my extended family in the Philippines. And my husband and I joke about him retiring soon—I doubt he would retire his business completely, but I’d love for him to travel less and be home with the kids more.”

Chona Bernstein's children

Chona’s WHY…Why she does what she does. “I never want to miss a moment with them.”

For Chona, the most rewarding part of working her R+F business is how it has already impacted her family. “I am happier now, and being able to work on my own time and be there for my family is something I always dreamed of. My husband Rob is so supportive, and since I started contributing to our future, I feel more empowered to enjoy our lifestyle without feeling guilty. It’s such a blessing to have this business. It also makes me so happy that my kids see me working, feeling excited, and helping my team. I love leading by example.”

Sharing with confidence

Seeing such an incredible difference between her life before and after her R+F business, Chona is determined to encourage others to get involved immediately. “When people hear about Rodan + Fields, they spend so much time thinking. Seriously, I would just say ‘just do it.’ I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if I had known about this opportunity sooner! I encourage everyone to change your perspective, and ask yourself, ‘Where do you see yourself in five years?’. Personally, since saying yes to my husband, this is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!”

R+F Consultant Chona Bernstein's family

Chona’s family. Her very supportive husband Rob and their two beautiful kids Logan (7) and Harper (4.5)

To contact Chona about joining her team or purchasing products, connect with her here.


Tell Me More…

Where do you draw your inspiration from in life? My kids—they really are my WHY and my inspiration for doing more and getting better every day.

What is your dream R+F trip destination? Any RFX Circle trip location!!

What hobby would you like to take up? I want to start golfing again with my husband like we used to before our lives got crazy.

Biggest phobia? Centipedes!

Best advice you’ve ever received? Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you!




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