Christie Waechter – Setting the Stage for Success
Monday, August 12, 2013

Christie Waechter took a final bow, then stepped off the stage of her college theater and into the arms of the man she married. A theater major, she had already played many roles over the years, though none of them would compare to the most challenging but rewarding role she would play in life as a mother to five children.

For twelve years, Christie devoted all of her energy into being a wife and stay at home mom. Christie was someone’s wife, and someone’s mother, but a part of her still yearned for the spotlight, even though she didn’t realize it in the beginning. When she started looking for some work to do outside of the home, her motive was to help out with the family finances. She didn’t know that her search would lead her to step onto the stage again, but this time as a star in the business world.

Christie Waechter

Christie heard about a business opportunity with Rodan + Fields via an email sent to her by a friend. She became intrigued by the business because she knew her friend didn’t really need the money, yet seemed so enthusiastic about the Company. After visiting her and learning more about what made this consulting job different from all the others, Christie determined to make this a career of her own, and five years in, she is now a leading lady. Her husband Eric has also joined her, leaving behind his former career in the mortgage industry. Together they are a team of highly successful Consultants. More importantly, they are together. Eric is home with his wife and kids instead of always being away, and Christie confides that even though he was making more money at his old job, it wasn’t worth it because he was never home. “This is worth it”, she says.

When you have a dream, whether it’s to star in a Broadway show or start your own business, it takes time, practice, and a little bit of adaptation to reach your own potential. Christie laughs about the fact that, despite having a degree in theater, she was terrified of speaking in front of a large audience when she started out in this business. Now, she speaks and trains others at conventions. She says of the experience, “This has shown me I have gifts I never knew I had.” Those gifts reach beyond her former identity as a wife and mom, illuminating her as a whole person with many talents. She still soothes scratched knees and comforts nightmares, but she also trains people to be leaders in the business world.

How does a stay at home mother of twelve years with no background in business become a leading Consultant for a famous skincare Company? Moreover, in less than five years time? Christie’s answer is, “If your why is big enough, you’ll figure out the how.”  Her initial motivation was to help save the money to move her family from Tennessee where they had recently relocated, back to their home in Florida. She missed being near their family and the ocean, and she knew the move back home was right for her children. She used that mother’s determination to do anything for her children to persevere in her business. She said in an interview, “As a mom, nothing is going to stop you from protecting your kids. So you’ve got to go at it from that mindset. Approach your business with the frame of mind that nothing’s going to stop you from making this successful.”

True to her words, nothing has stopped Christie from making her business successful. She says she learned early on that “you can’t say the wrong thing to the right person, or the right thing to the wrong person.” It took time and calculated effort before she began to see results. But whether it takes two months or six years, Christie emphasizes that the only way to fail at this business is by giving up. “It’s about managing the lows that come with the highs. It doesn’t come with a magic wand. It’s a game of effort.” Christie’s efforts came from reaching deep inside herself, finding her own voice, and using it to go after the life she wanted for herself and her family.

The Waechter family eventually did find their way back to Florida, thanks to Christie’s achievements. This time, however, things are different, because  now Christie and Eric can both play with their children on the beach. And this time, Christie is much more than a mother and a wife, because she has eclipsed those roles. When the curtain closes on the end of each day, Christie Waechter is a shining star in her family’s eyes, and in her own, a woman who is living her dream.

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2 responses to “Christie Waechter – Setting the Stage for Success”

  1. Now we make FAR more than Eric made in the mortgage industry! When we made the choice for him to quit his job I wasn’t bringing in as much as he was but now that decision has paid off in a big way. We never could have achieved what we have now and what we continue to achieve in the mortgage industry. Such a blessing R+F has been for our family!

  2. I’m inspired by Christie’s story because I was a stay at home mom for 18 years raising 6 children, before I went to work for the Federal government. While my 40 hour work week brought in extra income, it also took some precious time away from my family. I can appreciate the fact that working from home enables one to create their own schedule and decide the amount of time they want to put into it.

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