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Posted by Rodan + Fields on Wednesday, October 24th, 2018

Christine Bruno started her career as a registered dietitian, but she always felt called to be a stay-at-home mom. “I walked away from my job after my first child was born, and we have five children now — so as you can imagine it’s a busy life! My husband Jared works really hard and does well for our family, but with five children things became really tight financially. I remember one week having a really hard time affording the groceries we needed to feed our family. I was nervous. I just didn’t know how we were going to make this work.”

After a poignant moment with her oldest daughter, Christine realized it was time to make a change. “She was 12 at the time and came into my bedroom with her dramatic self, panicking that she needed new pointe shoes for her dance class. It might sound kind of silly; I had just been worried about affording groceries and that moment really broke me. This fear came over me. I had a brand new baby, a 21-month-old, and three older children to care for. And although I loved every bit of dietetics, I didn’t want to have to go back to work full time with five children at home. So I started praying really hard for something that I could do from home with my children.”

Rodan + Fields Consultant - Christine Bruno

Finding Rodan + Fields

The next thing Christine knew one of her best friends, Robin Stroud, started posting about Rodan + Fields on Facebook. “I’ve always loved skincare and actually sold a different brand for 15 years, but I wasn’t paying much attention to Rodan + Fields at the time. Still, when I won a REDEFINE Multi-Function Eye Cream after supporting her on Facebook, I decided to give it a try. I tried R+F on one eye and my previous eye cream on the other, and after about three weeks I really noticed a change in my skin’s appearance. My husband and my kids all pointed out that the Rodan + Fields side was looking better.”

At that point Christine’s interest was piqued, and Robin sent her a mini facial that really sealed the deal. “When I tried the Micro-Dermabrasion Paste I just could not believe how amazing it felt on my skin. I asked how much they cost. After that, I started looking into the Company and jumped on a call with Robin and her Sponsor. When we got off the phone, my heart was pounding out of my chest. I went to tell my husband I had to do this, and he said ‘Ok, honey! That’s cute. Whatever you want to do.’ I was thinking to myself, ‘You think it’s cute? Watch me. I’m going to blow this out of the water.’”

Rodan + Fields Consultant - Christine Bruno in Cancun

The 2018 Lead the Way trip to Cancun gaveChristine and Jared their first trip alone since their honeymoon.

Easing the stress

Christine jumped into working her Rodan + Fields business and made sure she was coachable from the start. “My Sponsor and her Sponsor both really helped me. They coached me, they led me along the way, and I did everything they said to do as far as reaching out to new people and really putting in the work with consistency. My first month was fantastic. After nine months of putting in about 20 hours per week, I achieved the answer to my prayer: I didn’t have to go back to work. That was my fear from the beginning, so getting to focus on my family was really fantastic for me.”

“Now for our family of seven, I no longer have to stress about groceries or pointe shoes or basketball or band or whatever it is that our kids are doing. My Rodan + Fields business has really taken a lot of stress off our family. It’s been such a blessing. And for me, R+F is not just about the financial gain. That’s wonderful, and we all need money to live. But now I have this team of individuals on Team Blessed who change my life every single day. I feel like they’re my little R+F family and we all work really closely together.”

Rodan + Fields Consultant - Christine Bruno & Family

Bruno family picture: Jenna-Kathryn, Jared, Andrew, Christine, Madeline, Samantha, and Beau.

Enjoying big moments

Christine and her team members attended R+F Convention 2018 in New Orleans, where she experienced one of her favorite moments so far. “I earned stage recognition for our team’s Premier Circle achievement. Standing backstage at Convention, the music was loud and my heart was pounding and all these things were going through my mind: don’t trip, have fun, smile! And above it all I knew I would not be here without my team and everything they did to pull together and make this happen. I really wanted to carry every single one of them with me up on the stage. As I returned to my seat and celebrated with my Sponsor and my first Level V leader, I heard my team members screaming my name. It was an emotional overload. That has to be the best moment I’ve experienced with R+F.”

Rodan + Fields Consultant - Christine Bruno at Convention

Team Blessed at their Convention 2018 Team Party.

Why R+F is worth it

Looking back, Christine feels incredibly grateful for the difference Rodan + Fields has made in her daily life and in her family’s future. “I love that I can work this business around my children. I love that I can be present with them and that I have the freedom to be at each one of their events. Where we couldn’t go on vacation before, I’ve been able to take my husband Jared on trips through R+F. He has been more than supportive in this business, and I have to give him a shout out because I couldn’t do this without him. We were also able to take our family to Disney World for the Level V Circle incentive trip. That was a beautiful moment for me as well.”

“I used to think the phrase ‘life-changing skincare’ sounded a bit cheesy, but I don’t think it’s cheesy anymore because this business has completely changed my life and my family’s life. It truly has. R+F has been such a gift, and the hardest part for me is when I speak to others about this opportunity and they don’t recognize the gift I’m offering them. But I’ve learned not to take it personally anymore. I know we have a gift to offer, and that some people will recognize it and some won’t. You never know who out there may be praying for this just like I was.”

Rodan + Fields Consultant - Christine Bruno at Home Office

Christine at the Home Office in July 2018 on her San Francisco/Napa Premier Trip.

Choosing to offer this gift

Christine is currently working toward even bigger goals and is dedicated to helping her team members change their own lives. “I want to offer this gift to other people because it’s been such a gift for me. I want everyone to know that Rodan + Fields offers something special and something different. If you’re looking for an opportunity, a gift, and something that can change your life, this can be your vehicle for change. This business has changed my life. I’ve watched it change other people’s lives. If you’re willing to work, go all in, and to be coachable, R+F has the potential to change your life as well. Don’t let fear hold you back. Just go for it.”

Rodan + Fields Consultant - Christine Bruno at Disney

The Bruno Family at Cinderella’s Castle on Christine’s Level V Circle trip.

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  1. Woow. Great. Your AMaizing. Thanks

  2. Danette says:

    Beautiful story I love your faith

  3. Sara Dwyer says:

    Christine: You are a wonderful mom, wife, and leader. So proud to partner with the best! Our company is a leader supporting us all to build wisely! Congrats are your achievements and continued blessings…

  4. Thank you all for your kind comments! What a gift that we have to share!

  5. Tiffany says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. Things can become overwhelming financially and stayed strong. Pushed forward and didn’t look back.

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    Love your success story❤️
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