Cindy Santi – Never Stop Dreaming
Friday, September 13, 2013

Do you remember what your dream was when you were a child? Maybe you wanted to be a famous actress, or an astronaut who explores vast, mysterious outer space. Did you ever dream of owning your own castle or perhaps an animal hospital, devoting your heart entirely to your menagerie? If we think back far enough, all of us had a childhood dream that we have since let slip away. As the years go by, we study hard to reach adulthood, and after high school there is college, work, and the process of forming our own families. Dreams can sometimes fade into the recesses of our memories, until eventually they are nothing more than faint voices, only calling to us when we allow our adult selves to daydream from time to time.Cindy Santi

Cindy Santi believes in the power of dreams. She has worked hard over the years, even once owning her own concierge business. She always wanted to be her own boss and a business owner, and she is one of the fortunate ones who never lost sight of her dream. But the interesting thing about dreams, is that they continue to evolve. As life experiences change us, we adapt, and shift our goals accordingly. But the heart of our dream remains the same. For Cindy, when her concierge business came to an end, she continued to pursue work in the related field of booking travel. Still, her ultimate desire to work for herself called to her.

Then, she discovered Rodan + Fields®, and a new opportunity to be self-employed presented itself.

Doctors Rodan + Fields were not unfamiliar to Cindy when she found out she could become an Independent Consultant in their Company. She had previously used their products before to clear up facial blemishes with amazing results, so the prospect of being able to work with them truly was a dream come true for her. Since signing up to become an Independent Consultant, she has since surpassed her original goal to simply work independently. She says it didn’t come easily in the beginning, but eventually, a team of Consultants blossomed.

“There are many ways this business opportunity has blessed our family, but probably the biggest blessing is to see how it changes others’ lives and gives them a chance to dream again.”

The lives Cindy has witnessed change are those members on the R+F team she says she is honored to be a part of. She has already watched as people have surpassed their goals and stopped existing in lives that stifle the voices of those long-forgotten dreams, and started living the lives they want. It is a team made up of mothers who now get to stay home with their kids, teachers who can finally take a vacation, and former corporate leaders who just want a change of pace. What all of these men and women have in common is that they took this business to shape their own happiness, and reclaim the right to start dreaming again.

Cindy with her family on a very happy day!

Cindy with her family on a very happy day!

Cindy believes that everyone deserves the chance to own their own business, and what she loves most about Rodan + Fields is that it gives people that chance. Instead of showing up at nine in the morning and leaving at six, having worked all day in a job you have no passion for, this is something that opens a door to personal happiness. And Cindy says that anyone can do this if they simply reach out for it.

“People just need a chance. They are willing to work hard, and be coached, and put in the effort. They just need to be given the chance to be able to do that on their own time. They need to allow themselves to dream again. When life takes over and the demands of everyday existence have gripped you in a vicious cycle, this business will give you the chance to dream again.”

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4 responses to “Cindy Santi – Never Stop Dreaming”


  2. Nancy Kay says:

    Thank you Cindi for being such a encourager and inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing your story. Rodan+Fields truly is a business that allows you to dream again.

  3. Cindy is an amazing & strong leader. I have known Cindy for many years, through serving in Children’s Ministry together. Most people do not know what a gifted artist she happens to be. I believe that her very unique skill set has helped her R+F business grow because she is soooo creative, she has a passion for helping others grow personally and professionally, and can think outside the box! She has made it clear from the time I joined her team that she longs for my success more than her own. I am so proud of you Cindy, and honored to call you ‘friend!’

  4. Lori Rannals says:

    Thank you, Cindy, for being so kind and caring and giving!
    You are an amazing leader!
    You have so much to share!

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