Claire Dutton – Determined to Grow

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Thursday, December 21st, 2017

As a passionate, full-time nurse anesthetist, Claire Dutton did not have time for another job. She had a lot on her plate, balancing 50-hour work weeks and two active children with busy extracurricular schedules. When Claire and her family moved to central Minnesota in November 2015, however, she found an opportunity to grow beyond her comfort zone and start a whole new life for her family.

Claire only knew one individual in her new home—Gwen Shaw, who ran a hair salon nearby. “I thought I’d go and get my hair styled by her because she’s the only person I knew in town. And while I never really needed good skincare before, I knew she had a skincare business, and I had started noticing signs that the aging process was finally getting to me. When she cut my hair for the first time in April 2016, we discussed Rodan + Fields. And that was about all it took!”

R+F Consultant Claire Dutton headshot

Shifting goals

Claire signed up as an Independent Consultant primarily to get the best deal on her new products. “My only goal in the beginning was to reach out once or twice a month. I had some reservations about sales, but what I loved was that I could do as little or as much as I wanted with this business. That idea really struck me!”

Soon after, her plan of doing a little shifted to wanting to do more. Claire was determined to participate more in her family’s daily activities and spend quality time with her kids. “I was tired of missing out on homework, having lunch with the kids at school, volunteering in the classroom, and making it to all of their games. And after four months of being a Consultant, I realized this was the perfect opportunity for me. R+F was the vehicle I needed to make the change I didn’t even know I wanted when I started my business.”

R+F Consultant Claire Dutton with her family

Claire with her husband, Ben and daughters, Lilly and Maya at their home

A blossoming belief

Motivated to really be there for her family, Claire worked her business 10 hours per week outside of her time in the operating room. Despite some initial nerves, her belief in herself grew slowly but surely. “In the beginning, I told my husband not to let me miss out on the 60-day return date because I assumed I wouldn’t stay in this business very long. Never once did I tell myself ‘I can do this.’ But I continued to do things that didn’t feel totally comfortable. And along the way I learned that uncomfortable situations actually bring the most growth!”

Claire’s eyes were finally opened to the possibilities her business might hold for her. She resolved to achieve Level V in time for her one-year anniversary with R+F, and in April 2017 she met that goal. “Over time, tidbits of encouragement from Stacey Thayer and other leaders helped me believe that I could achieve big things in this business.” Claire explains that her business growth was both fast and fun, and that she plans to continue working hard so that her initial momentum will continue.

R+F Consultant Claire Dutton with her team

Claire with some fellow Rodan and Fields leaders on a sunset boat cruise on Lake Minnewaska in Minnesota

New motivation

Now, after more than a year and a half as an Independent Consultant, Claire has started seeing the benefits of her hard work. “In the beginning, it seemed overwhelming to add a business on top of everything else I was doing, but it eventually lightened the load for me. I recently reduced my nursing workload to three days a week, and as the primary provider for my family, I wouldn’t have been able to make that change without my R+F business. I love my job as a nurse anesthetist and plan to keep doing it. My goal now is just to gain the flexibility it takes to work on my own terms.”

Claire is still motivated by her determination to spend more time at home, but she’s also found a new passion in personal development. “This is work that I want to do and that I look forward to doing every day! I’m a very determined person, and I think Rodan + Fields is good for me because I can challenge myself and continue to grow. There are always new milestones to reach and levels to achieve!”

R+F Consultant Claire Dutton and family in Alaska

Claire with her family while on a family vacation in Alaska

Growing into her future

As for the future, Claire is inspired by helping members of Team Aspire to “be more, rather than to have more. That’s the mantra we’ve always kept on our team page, and I want to help each of them grow in whatever way they choose. In my R+F life, I still feel strongly that I’m not about the sales aspect. It feels so much better to help somebody else achieve their goals! I want to be the change agent for these people—to give them the opportunity to find what they’re looking for.”

R+F Consultant Claire Dutton with leaders

A recent trip to Las Vegas for Rodan and Fields Convention. These leaders are the reason Claire has succeeded in this business (L-R: Gwen Shaw, Claire Dutton, Stacey Thayer, and Amy Stumler).

This journey has transformed Claire’s vision for her life. She dreams of taking more family trips as her work schedule relaxes, and is inspired to be a role model of determination and hard work for her two girls, Lilly and Maya. “This opportunity has really expanded how I perceive my potential in this world. Prior to Rodan + Fields, I saw myself as a successful advanced practice nurse, and thought that was good enough. Now I know I can be all that and a successful mom, wife, and business owner. I see so much more in my future now!”

To contact Claire about joining her team or purchasing products, connect with her here.


Tell Me More…

Favorite book? Go Pro by Eric Worre

Where do you draw your inspiration from in life? My husband and daughters—my goal is to spend as much time with them as possible.

Worst job you ever had? All of my jobs have had their negative aspects, but they have all helped me become the person I am today and for that I am grateful.

Favorite holiday tradition? New Year’s Day prime rib lunch with my in-laws followed by a big game of BINGO.

What is your favorite R+F memory? Amy Stumler’s Lexus party. I was brand new in the biz and felt so inspired by the leadership and friendships in the room.




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  1. I love your story! I’m a nurse as well and feel like I’m on a similar journey! So inspiring and I love your mantra!!

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