Courtney McLellan – Driven to Design a Successful Life
Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Courtney McLellan has always had a strong drive and an unwavering self-discipline. After years of training, she danced with a professional ballet company for some time but decided to pursue a different career path and eventually earned a Master’s degree. She went on to have a successful career as a stock trader. However, in 2009, she realized that she needed to do something more to stay ahead at her job.

Pregnant with her second child, Courtney enrolled in another graduate-level program while she continued to work full-time. Shortly after her son was born, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and Courtney decided to quit the graduate program and reconsider her career. “When something like that happens with your family, it makes you pause and look at your life. My career has always been extremely important to me and I knew that if I remained on the trajectory I was on, it would come at the cost of working more hours and not being available for my son.”


Courtney’s business not only enables her to be a mom and a professional, but allows her to follow her dreams and design the life that’s right for her as well.

In 2012, Courtney hired a career coach. For six months, she evaluated every aspect of her personal and professional life. A week after her coaching ended, she happened to see on Facebook that a colleague, whom Courtney admired professionally, had become an Independent Consultant for Rodan + Fields®. Trusting her friend’s career decisions, Courtney messaged her immediately and set up a meeting to learn more. “I had, of course, heard of the Doctors before, and with my financial background, I saw that there was tremendous potential with this opportunity, so I signed on that day.”

As Courtney built her business, she saw what a unique opportunity it truly was, and her experience quickly surpassed her expectations. “It has been more exciting than I ever imagined it would be. In finance, I thought if I worked hard, I would get ahead, but there were so many other factors that came into play. With R+F I don’t see that as a barrier. This is the vehicle I needed to be myself, to be motivated in a professional atmosphere, and to achieve success.”


Courtney with the Doctors in San Francisco.

When she attended her first Convention, she was amazed at what others were achieving with their businesses. “It showed me that this truly is an even playing field. No one is limiting me. If I don’t succeed, it’s on me.”

Courtney was equally impressed by the Company leaders. When she saw their professionalism and drive, she felt inspired by their passion. “I had never met a true business visionary before, but when I saw Amnon Rodan, I knew he was part of a team of incredible leaders who won’t stop until they go all the way.”

After a year of building her business through investing 10 to 15 hours a week, Courtney reached Level V. This past June, she turned in her resignation at her corporate job. “My career has always been a priority, but my business has shown me that I am capable of great things on my own. And now, ironically, I get to have a much more exciting career than I would have had before, and I get to design my schedule. It’s so rewarding to be my own boss. It’s a dream come true.”


Courtney with some of her business partners on the Level V Arrival Trip.

The realization that she could design her own life without being at the mercy of others was a pivotal point in Courtney’s career. However, the biggest surprises were the personal growth she experienced and the meaningful relationships she developed. She is now a more humble person and has developed into a stronger leader as well.

Coaching a team helps Courtney tune into the needs and gifts of others. Her business has shown her that everyone has specific talents, and it’s fun for her to help others use their unique skills to achieve their goals. She hopes to show other entrepreneurs that there is another way to succeed professionally without sacrificing time with family. She shares her business with others so that they can design their lives around their needs and desires–as she has. “Because of my choices and hard work, I am able to be there for my family, go on vacations, attend my kids’ extracurricular activities, and spend more quality time with them. Anyone who taps into their ambitions and uses their individual gifts can use this business as the vehicle that lets them be everything they were meant to be.”


Courtney with her husband, Andrew, their daughter Beatrice, and son Bryce.

Now that Courtney has the career of her dreams, she hopes to provide the same opportunity for her husband. “He is an architect and college professor, but his real love is poetry. He has now enrolled in a creative writing Master’s program, and my goal is to eventually give him the option to choose his career path, just like I have.”

Courtney’s journey has shown her that though we often try to do what society says we should, it’s when we listen to our intuition and stay true to ourselves that we fully become who we really are. “Even though I never expected to find myself in direct selling, by following my instincts, I am now able to be more of myself than I ever have before. My R+F business enables me to be a mom and a professional and lets me be the best I can be at both. You don’t have to settle. You can be all the things you want to be, and this opportunity allows you to follow your dreams and design the life that’s right for you.”

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