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Posted by Rodan + Fields on Thursday, September 14th, 2017

After years out of the working world and having children, it’s easy to settle into a familiar, familial rhythm. The hopes and ambitions of our family are prioritized over our own, and our professional aspirations are often moved aside. Sometimes, though, all we need is a burst of inspiration to kick-start that drive again. A new friendship was the spark which inspired Courtney Yount to rejoin the business world with a fresh enthusiasm that launched her career to new heights.

R+F Consultant Courtney Yount

Timing is everything

In the summer of 2011, Courtney and her family were on vacation in South Carolina when they met the DiVittorios at the beach one afternoon. “We hit it off right away. It turned out we were from the same area and our boys were the same age. We all quickly became fast friends.” Courtney and Jen DiVittorio stayed in touch, and they met up occasionally for kids’ play dates. At one of their meetings, Jen gave Courtney some products to try from her Rodan + Fields® skincare business, and Courtney immediately loved them. She began the REDEFINETM Regimen, with great results—and every time people complimented her on her skin, she referred them to Jen.

Courtney had left her career in sales and marketing six years earlier to have her son—something she was very happy to do. “I was glad to see the back of that career, I had had enough of corporate America and all that goes with it.” The couple had tried for another baby in the intervening years, but had struggled with secondary infertility. With their son now in school, Courtney had started to spin her wheels a bit at home. So, when Jen suggested that she sign up as an Independent Consultant with R+F, the timing was perfect, and Courtney jumped at the opportunity. “I needed something to get my mind off trying to have another child; something to be excited by.”

R+F Consultant Courtney Yount and family

Courtney with her husband Scott and sons Parker (age 12) and Pearson (age 4)

Inspiration from a kindred spirit

In January 2012, Courtney signed up with R+F, and began her new career. Jen’s story really inspired her to take the plunge. She looked at Jen, a woman who had so much in common with her—of a similar age, from the same area, a stay-at-home mom to an only son—who was also running a prosperous business. “Jen and I were so much alike, except that at the time she had just earned a trip to Hawaii and was in the running for her Lexus. I had never thought that kind of thing was possible for me, but then I had a shift of perspective. I truly thought that if she can do it, then so could I—especially with her help and guidance.”

R+F Consultant Courtney Yount with Jen DiVittorio

Courtney with her sponsor and BFF, Jen DiVittorio

Courtney got off to a great start, and she soon realized that there were more people out there just like her: stay-at-home parents who were craving a professional outlet. “I had thought I was the only one, but I was surprised by how many others were seeking something more, something of their own that they could do while their kids were at school.” She began to get really excited about her business, and her network grew quickly, with many of her friends and sorority sisters from college getting onboard. “We had IVF treatment coming up, and I said to my husband, ‘If it doesn’t work I’m going to be devastated, but at least I have this career to keep my mind off things.’ I have found something for me that I am truly passionate about.” As it turned out, the IVF was successful, and by the end of her first year with R+F, Courtney found herself with a newborn baby and a budding skincare business.

Becoming the inspiration

Five-and-a-half years on, Courtney is now an RFX and Lexus Achiever herself, and devotes 20-30 hours per week on her business. She has traveled all over the country with R+F, as well as earning trips to Australia and Hawaii because of her hard work. Her team spans the country, and over time her enthusiasm has evolved into a desire to see them accomplish the goals that they set for themselves. “At the point where I am now, my main priority is to help others achieve success. I’m proof that it can be done, and I strive to be an inspiration to others, as Jen was to me.”

R+F Consultant Courtney Yount and her team

Courtney and her team at her Lexus celebration

She is now able to put away money for her kids’ college funds, and the couple plan to one day buy a mountain getaway for the family to enjoy. Courtney can’t believe how much her life has changed in the past six years. “I can’t imagine not having met Jen at the beach that day. R+F has given me something back that I didn’t know I had been missing, but is exactly what I needed. It’s amazing what a bit of inspiration can do!”


Tell Me More…

• If you could meet anyone, who would it be? My grandparents on my mother’s side.

• What hobby would you like to take up? Tennis

• Biggest regret? No regrets!

• What is your best R+F experience? The arrival at the Level V trip to San Francisco and Napa. That trip proved to me that this company is amazing, and that I had joined something so special.

• What was the biggest R+F hurdle you overcame? I had to learn to stop comparing myself and my team to others.


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