Dawn Biernat – Rekindling a Passion for Leadership

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Thursday, November 2nd, 2017

Dawn Biernat is not your typical teacher. Theatre and performance run in her blood, and she has always tried to inject as much music and creativity as possible into her 20 years of teaching. “It’s so cool to have a job where I can have fun and express myself, and help young people do the same. Once I close the door of the classroom, it can be wherever I want it to be, and I love that.” A passionate and cherished educator, Dawn is immensely proud to play a part in the formation and inspiration of young people.

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A dimming light

However, about five years ago, Dawn started to feel like she was losing her spark, and that her enthusiasm was waning. In an attempt to inject some excitement back into her career, she made the move from teaching elementary to middle school. In many ways, however, this had the opposite effect. It gave her a whole new set of responsibilities and a new curriculum to learn, an overwhelming burden that ended up leaving her feeling more dispirited than ever. “It was not a happy time for me. In October 2013, I had just started back and was overloaded with work.” And that feeling didn’t lessen over time. “Recent changes in education make for more bureaucracy and less actual teaching. It is easy for one’s passion to be crushed by the sheer size of one’s workload.”

R+F Consultant Dawn Biernat with Mary

Dawn with her dear friend and sponsor Mary Becker

One evening, an old colleague and friend, Mary Becker, invited her to an event. Dawn went along, eager to support her friend. Mary had recently signed up as an Independent Consultant with Rodan + Fields and was sharing her new business with her friends. Dawn admits that at the time she had no understanding of what the business was about. However, she was familiar with the Doctors Rodan and Fields. Over the following week her curiosity grew, and she began to research R+F on the internet. “I really couldn’t believe the success stories I saw. One that really stood out to me was Sarah Robbins. She was also a teacher, and I was blown away by her success with her R+F business.”

R+F Consultant Dawn Biernat with her kids

Dawn with her sons Bailey and Jalen

A flicker of possibility

Dawn was experiencing a time of crisis in her career. Even though she still loved teaching, she felt overwhelmed by the pressure she was under at work. “Teaching was literally sucking the energy out of me, I would come home after work like a wet noodle! I saw R+F as a possible escape path, and something exciting to bring back that passion that I was losing in my day job.” A week later, and much to Mary’s delight, Dawn rang her up and signed up to join her in business.

While many of the stories that Dawn had read described Consultants’ whirlwind rises to success, Dawn’s journey was not so immediate. “I had a slow start. My sponsor and I were totally new to the idea, and we didn’t really know what we were doing.” Dawn worked her R+F business alongside her full-time teaching career, which meant putting in time at lunch and in the evening while her sons did their homework. Although her success wasn’t immediate, she persevered and never gave up on her vision to make the business work for her. “My belief never wavered. I have always believed in the business, in the products, and in myself.” And that belief certainly paid off.

R+F Consultant Dawn Biernat with her husband

Dawn with her husband and #1 fan Keith

The warm glow of accomplishment

Dawn has grown her team, which includes many fellow teachers, to where they are now and she overflows with pride at their achievements. This year, working her business 10-15 hours per week, she herself reached Level V, which was a huge milestone in her journey. Most importantly, her R+F business has reignited her old spark. Dawn says that her work with Rodan + Fields makes great use of the skills she honed over the years. “I continue to use my talent as a teacher to train, guide, and mentor individuals, and to help them achieve their dreams.” She has also regained her enthusiasm for her day job as a teacher, and now has a stronger sense of control of her own destiny. That independence has benefitted her family too.

Her husband, Keith, a 25-year veteran police sergeant, has been hugely supportive as Dawn has built her business. The couple has treated themselves to some well-earned vacations together while still saving for the future. Dawn’s two sons, who were in high-school when she started her R+F journey, are about to head off to college this year. She brims with pride when talking about them, and the fact that her R+F earnings have given her the ability to pay their college expenses. “Being able to pay for my boys to go to college is one of the things for which I’m most grateful. I’m still paying off my own student debts, so I know how it feels, and I am so glad to help them, and hopefully one day they will pay it forward.”

To contact Dawn about joining her team or purchasing products, connect with her here.

Tell Me More…

Worst job you ever had? When I worked at a radiology facility during college. The boss was a monster!

Most memorable gift you’ve ever received? Being a mom!

What hobby would you like to take up? Photography. I love taking pictures and capturing life’s beauty and color.

What was the biggest R+F hurdle you overcame? In the first couple of years of my business, I had to figure things out on my own a lot. That was hard. Now, I think it was a blessing.


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