Debbie Boyd – Personal Success Derived from Devotion to Others
Monday, October 20, 2014

As the mother of two working actors, Debbie Boyd spent much of the last 20 years making sure she was available for her kids and devoting her time to furthering their careers. Dedicated to their success, she never expected that, by helping them achieve their goals, she would discover an outlet for personal success.

In 2011, when Debbie’s daughter, Jenna, went to college, she experienced a case of cystic acne. “That doesn’t work well for an actor, so we were at the dermatologist on a bi-weekly basis for all sorts of treatments. It was intense and stressful. However, the potential of the acne affecting a life-long acting career added a bit more pressure.”

Debbie's favorite part of her business is sharing the vision with her daughter, Jenna.

Debbie’s favorite part of her business is sharing the vision with her daughter, Jenna.

Jenna experienced undesirable side effects from various prescribed medications and, frustrated that nothing was working, her career was put on hold while she waited for her skin to completely clear. Around that time, Debbie was invited to a Rodan + Fields® skincare event, hosted by Wendi Green, who was an acquaintance in the acting industry as well. Debbie attended with hopes there would be some relief for her daughter. “At the event, I honestly didn’t listen to anything about the business , but I recognized the Doctors and figured the products were worth a try.”

Debbie enrolled as an Independent Consultant and left the event with a business kit for the sole purpose of receiving the products at a discounted rate. She got the UNBLEMISH Regimen for Jenna and the REDEFINE Regimen for herself. “Back then, my anti-aging regimen was based on nothing more than using items that were free as part of a retail promotion. But I sent UNBLEMISH back to school with my daughter, and REDEFINE sat in the box until I got a call from Jenna two weeks later. That was the call that got my attention.

Debbie is so thankful for the support she has from her husband, Mike.

Debbie is so thankful for the support she has from her husband, Mike.

The products had started to clear up Jenna’s residual acne. At that point, Debbie started using her own products and was impressed. For a year, Debbie merely continued to use the products and virtually watched Wendi on Facebook. “It was evident that she was experiencing some sort of life-changing activity. So I privately researched the Company, and everything I found impressed me. That is when an open-mindedness developed.”

The business model, the Doctors’ success and Wendi’s personal growth were all especially interesting to Debbie as Jenna started interviewing for internships and post-graduation opportunities. There were concerns relating to whether or not corporate careers would allow Jenna the flexibility to be on location, working remotely, in the event of a film or television project. Debbie finally asked Wendi to meet with her and Jenna to see if the business  might be a fit. “I was concerned about Jenna’s vulnerability after so many conversations where she questioned how she might juggle her acting career with a more stable means of self-support, and I wanted to make sure the business model was strong. Not having experience in the network marketing industry myself, I wanted to protect my daughter. So I met with Wendi, prepared with a very specific list of questions.”

Wendi was completely transparent and painted a clear vision of where the Company was headed. Debbie was especially impressed with the plans for global expansion and the fact that the Doctors were so involved and committed to staying on the leading edge of dermatology. “I could see that the Doctors were in this for the long haul, and they were committed to coming out on top. Wendi’s honesty eased the remaining reservations I had.”

Debbie's daughter, Jenna, and son, Cayden, are a large part of what motivates her in her business.

Debbie’s daughter, Jenna, and son, Cayden, are a large part of what motivates her in her business.

Debbie and Jenna left their meeting feeling confident that they had the information needed to make a smart business decision. For Debbie, she quickly felt inspired to lead young adults toward options that might empower them with more control over their future. And, by using her business to help others gain independence, that is exactly what Debbie set out to do. “I wanted to show my daughter and other young professionals that they can achieve their dreams and manage their own business if they choose. Often, parents who have invested in their child’s education prefer a more traditional career choice, but it is wise to understand the options. I wanted professional, business-minded, goal-oriented women to see how it might be possible to stay home with their families if they wished. I mostly wanted my own adult children and others to understand there are options, and if I needed to be the one to first explore and follow through with THIS option in order to show that, I was willing.”

Three generations of R+F REDEFINE product users: Denise Cade, Debbie Boyd, and Jenna Boyd.

Three generations of R+F REDEFINE product users: Denise Cade, Debbie Boyd, and Jenna Boyd.

Through building her business and watching others achieve success, Debbie learned to utilize her skills for the most effective results, personalizing her leadership style. “I first realized the importance of finding the emotional middle ground to stabilize the ups and downs. Twenty years with kids in the acting industry had prepared me well for that task. There will be times of “yes” and times of “no,” and neither should take you all over the emotional map if you are committed to long term success. We should expect both as part of our daily business, and our daily efforts should be focused forward to the best of our ability.” Debbie found that her business has also helped to see the areas of her own life that need improvement. “It’s humbling to have the moments of achievement and recognition, but you will really only know you’re a leader when you look back to see that someone is following. I cannot command respect and trust from a team. That must be earned, and I take the leadership role more seriously than any other aspect of my business. It is a continuous struggle to grow and stretch myself, but it is so rewarding.”

As Debbie’s team expanded, she was surprised at how her business grew every month as well. Debbie set a goal to reach Level V in three months. With two days left to achieve her goal, she and Jenna checked the status together. “When I realized I’d done it, I was slightly overcome with emotion. I am a mom who has spent much of the last 20 years focused on my kids and their milestones and futures, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. But, it had been a long time since I had concentrated my efforts on my own potential. So, it was incredibly powerful to have that moment where my daughter and I saw that I had reached a very ambitious personal goal.”

Debbie with her daughter and Debbi Coder on the day she reached Level V.

Debbie with her daughter and Debbi Coder on the day she reached Level V.

“Now that Jenna has the vehicle for success, and I see the possibility of her juggling both of her careers, I have a much stronger sense of peace.” Debbie is looking forward to her own future now and is excited that her business is opening more doors for charitable giving as well.

She realizes that people need to find their own comfort level before embracing a challenge, and she encourages them to do that, but Debbie also realizes that faith is part of the process. “I’ve learned that self-doubt is often the biggest hurdle. And folks want a guarantee when taking on a challenge, but that’s impossible considering that 90% of the outcome will be up to their personal commitment. I have no way of knowing what that will look like through the ups and downs. No matter how quickly I can overcome an objection, there will always be a faith element required. That’s not naivety. That’s truth. Successful people are not paralyzed by the fear of failure. I communicate to my team continuously that they must visualize their daily activity like this: plant seeds everywhere and consistently revisit to water them. If you do that long enough and persistently enough, you can rest assured a harvest will come. Perhaps it will come on a day when you least expected it. It certainly did for me.”

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5 responses to “Debbie Boyd – Personal Success Derived from Devotion to Others”

  1. Alison Reinders Galvan says:

    What a wonderful article! So happy for you Boyds!!

  2. Carrie Sowell says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your story! You are an inspiration to me and I can’t wait to get to know you more on our CRUISE in January!!!!

  3. Debbie is a hard-working inspiration – and a great mentor! Thank you, Debbie!

  4. Sareda Schrammm says:

    I LOVE your story. Your statement about self-doubt literally slapped me in the face! Wow! Thank you for sharing your story♡

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